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May 30, 2013
    1. fxattack
      happy bday cyzaine. thanks for developing some of the most memorable content.
    2. Crynel
      happy birthday my missing frand. i hope things are going well with you! best wishes...Reinhardt.
    3. Crynel
      heya, just wanted to send ya a friendly reminder that im always down to help you test any stuff you are working on especially the tarhansar final event im dieing to do. im fairly sure you have alot on your plate but you can do it!.
    4. Elaith
      hello hello, i remember reading a suggestion topic about discouraging the use of high end ringers on low end encounters. Am i correct that it is no longer a consideration?
    5. partyboy01
      i'm having trouble logging in i used the sod patcher and it keeps trying to put me on soe launchpad then times me out or tells me i have an invalid acct. but i'm registered with you guys nvm figured it out sry bout that lol went all newbie on it
    6. fancypearl
      nvm - ill figure something out
    7. novakc46
      Yoo Cyzaine,

      This is Robella. Ive dicked around with the forums and couldnt find a place to delete Anguish's Recruitment Post. You able to manually delete it for me mate? One of my officers is going to set up a new post for us and keep track of it :). Thanks Bud
    8. Preost
    9. turkenlukz
      Thanks i appreciate it! I don't want to step on toes
    10. Cyzaine
      I don't honestly know off hand. I've forwarded it to our server guys, who should be able to get up a more definite answer, hopefully soon.
    11. turkenlukz
      I'm extremly sorry for sending a direct message to a dev. But I could not find a place that seemed like it related to this particulare question, and this messages is for the SoD staff and or particularly the hosting manager of the wiki, and website. I have made a guild website at in that webpage I have added a "wrapper" or in otherwords, I embedded the wiki within a page of the site, and I have embbeded the Fomelo page. If this is a problem i'll remove the embedded pages. I just wanted to check with you guys.
    12. Hukks
      hate to bother you but could you please let me know how i am able to recover an old account please?
    13. Curmudgen
      Hello sir!

      I am curmudgen and I believe I have won the lucky charm!!!!!

      GM-Trainee-Tao replied to my /petition and told me directions were to send you a PM logged in as I am now. I am also to type what my petition was. It is as follows...

      "I am curmudgen, number 48 !"

      I would like the charm for Kollo, my beastlord. Thanks for having a wonderful server, and for the wonderful lucky charm!
    14. fusionstorm
    15. blahmookow
      Tyrsell, have a few questions about Necro FD you may be able to help me with being that you play one. If you can, send me a PM.

    16. hooch
      Happy Birthday!
    17. MysticAngel7777
      I'm really glad you like your sig, sir! After christmas maybe we can discuss my payment? {:grin:}
    18. Tegerin
      thanks anywho.
    19. Cyzaine
      Gru... it appears I can not properly flag your account from work. You're unfortunately going to have to wait until a GM logs on. I'm sorry.
    20. Tegerin
      Thank you so much
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