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Apr 11, 2018
Jun 13, 2007
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*The Only Real Life Girl Dev*

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Apr 11, 2018
    1. leka213
      Can I join in the beta testing? Or is it to late to join? If you say yes, how do I apply that stuff?
    2. Rinne
    3. Crynel
      Hello overlord of destruction! i just wish to remind you that i am still available to do some 3.0 beta work work if ya need more people still. im really curious how it is and would love to do things.
    4. ttime123
      Hi Slaariel does evade work in high keep, need to work on disarm traps. Or do you know, thanks
    5. Kelgrush
      Hi Slaar. I would be very interested in helping with testing sod 3.0. I have lots of QA testing experience, and would love to help.
    6. robots
      Hi Slaariel, not sure if my PM made it, but I am down for giving the beta a test if you want me. And if so, I would use 2 accounts to box.
    7. articbre
      Dearest Slaariel, may I please get an invite to the sod 3.0?

      Forever grateful,
    8. 1ND14N
      Failed to pm. /sigh
    9. Gedran
    10. Obscenitor
      Slaariel it says that you haven't made any friends yet... 24/M/MN...
    11. Lusions
      I would also be eager to help with Wiki tables, I just need a jump start on how to reform/change tlhings.
    12. Lusions
      I am an eager sharp mind that would keen the edge of SoD. Programming would be a ++ to get started in, not to be a programmer, to spark interest in. I have plenty of time and patience/focus, and pretty well organized. I would be able to dedicate at least 10hrs a week in game, more if necessary out of game. Time available, Currently in school 11-3, stepmom bogarts computer until about 7 so From 8 central to 12 central would be optimal. My schedule would be flexible depending on need. Thanks for the opportunity!!! Keep it real.
    13. Lusions
      My name is Bret.
      Lusions and Noisulli.
      Vast expanses of SoD I have yet to explore, I use to play live about 5 years ago and find that Sod is FULL of perfected content, though fletching/bakery need yet to refined. Grouping incentive has been well balanced and I enjoy the team player atmosphere. SoD and its knowledgable Dev team are firm with the rules and ingenious with their ideas.
      I would be an integral part in the Great Mind of Dev! I am Kinda saavy with the tables of sod, not much else though used a little of mysql. I am a thoughtful mind that could establish quest goals and text adventurer's yearn for. I feel that more solo/duo questing lvl 35/50 should be encouraged, though the exp balance/time it takes to level should not be interfered with. More mid level quest items should be encouraged to encourage interest.
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