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Jun 29, 2018
Nov 24, 2004
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Aug 15, 1910 (Age: 109)

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Account Drive Mercedes in the Shop. Sep 25, 2014

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Jun 29, 2018
    1. Waldoff
      Account Drive Mercedes in the Shop.
    2. Teraptus
    3. articbre
      Happy Birthday Sir!
    4. ynnear
    5. Geraldcmurphy
      hey How Do i get into the Eq game i already got the accounts Down just need to know how to play
    6. Brym4n
      Hi Waldoff. Sorry for sending a Direct message, but its not like I can go in-game without fear of getting banned because the only char names I can get r random letters... Thats my question... is there a way to fix that? I have been on the forums FOREVER trying to figure it out! Please help =)
    7. blahmookow
      Wald, the solo ikisith quest zone is down, any chance of kickstarting it for us?
    8. silreth
      Hay Waldoff,
      Sorry for sending you a direct message but I was instructed to contact the server's administration. I am returing to sod after a long lay off and I had to have all my account passwords reset. After I finished reseting the passwords I get the error message:
      EQEMu Error: You have been BANISHED from *********. To contest this decision, please contact the server administration.
      This message only happens on my computer. I went over to two of my friends houses and tried to log in there with success on both comps. So I am thinking my IP address got banned for some reason, do you have any ideas what is going on?
    9. Efficio
      I was told to get in touch with you about a missing charm. I've petitioned but there's nothing the GM trainees can do for me. I started a thread to list some details. Any other questions you may have, just ask. Thank you in advance
    10. zach0
      im sorry what ???? and thank u for reposding
    11. Abelfaec
      hey, can you contact me on irc, or in forums tells about what happened to the accounts: wmcgrail, abelfaec, crimsun, xanthar2, and burnan?
    12. nandyen
    13. Deathrydar
      Hi. I was wondering if you could help me with a donation problem/question I have been having. I was told I should talk to you. My question is posted in the Techncial Forums under Donation Question.
    14. SyncMizer
      Waldo, are you the same Waldo as the one on the Darkstar Team?
    15. virtuous69
      Can you believe this? My suggestion post was trashed, I am being accused of being the guy that got banned, which I'm not him I'm his friend, and I'm getting called a creep? If anyone is the creep its Ikaa, looking up peoples I.P., broadcasting it and being overly dramatic. Like what "Slak" did REALLY caused any harm, besides the "possibility" of hurt feelings, and even that is a bit overboard regarding the story I recieved from Slak. No offense regarding your judgement, but do you really agree with Ikaa's conduct and behavior? This is quite rediculous. Slak feels like he is being harassed by staff more than he harassed 1 staff member, Ikaa.
    16. virtuous69
      Hey Waldoff, I was wondering if you could look at the ban appeals. I have a friend that got banned a few days ago and he sent an appeal in but he has not recieved a response. He said he is very sorry and what he did was very immature and spur of the moment. And between you and me only please, he has drug problems... EQ is all that will keep him straight and sober and since he got banned he's been really hard on himself, and i foresee this leading to a relapse. I pray he doesn't go down that road again, and I'm doing everything I can to keep him moving forward but I don't know how much longer it will last.
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    Aug 15, 1910 (Age: 109)