a mystic drake (Level 34 Adept Encounter in Surefall Glade)

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    Apr 19, 2012
    A high-ranking woman from the Newport Guard recently arrived in Surefall Glade wearing a worried look. Her intention was to follow up on rumors regarding a vicious drake that locals have seen wandering the wilderness beyond Newport, but the Surefall Glade guildmasters have turned her away, claiming "nature must take its course."

    With no one else to turn to, Emissary Judith needs your help. Will you answer the call, citizen?


    Judith's archnemesis, the mystic drake, is the newest adept encounter. This adept is designed for a maximum level of 34. Its combat script is strange, and the rewards are even stranger. So, if you find any bugs or have any balance concerns, please let me know either in this thread, forum PM, or Discord DM.​

    Good luck, adept enthusiasts! ;)

    P.S.: Fair warning -- as usual with new content, some of the loot may need to be tuned in the coming weeks. Also, don't expect all rewards to be equally cool.

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