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  1. Titanas

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    Jan 17, 2006
    Hey folks its that time again!

    My friend and I have a Classic content EQ server up with some custom changes. If you haven't played SOD in a while and are looking for an "Early SOD" experience come check out our server. It is Classic EQ content with a little bit of custom content in line with classic. A few extra world bosses some QOL improvements. You can find it on the EQEMU server list.

    A Quiet Place - Classic

    Server Features:

    We aim to deliver the Classic content with a little twist. This is the perfect server to play on as an EQ vet if you have a job, wife, kids. Also perfect for those of you that have friends that want to play classic EQ with you but are used to modern conveniences of new MMOs. Please provide any feedback and bugs so that we can deliver a quality experience for our player-base.

    NO EQ Hacks (ShowEQ, MQ) ECT

    The Client we support is Titanium other clients will have some issues
    Please download the spells_us.txt file to go along with our server
    We use old Nektulos, Lavastorm, and Arena zone files
    Starting Level 40
    Level cap 51
    2x exp
    Classic Content (Some custom raid content in line with classic)
    Start with Basic Gear
    Players have Trade skills set to 200 to craft their own gear
    AA's can be gained starting at level 51
    No corpse runs

    ------------------------ After Major Boss Kills
    Kunark open
    Level cap raised to 60

    -------------------------After Major Boss Kills
    Velious Open
    Maybe Custom content after Sleeper awakened

    Discord Server discord.gg/SxGEwmc

    --Owners Drty and Drehar--
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    Oct 4, 2008
    That sounds pretty cool.
    This post almost did that thing where the nostalgia meat hook flies into your back and drags you kicking and screaming to that awful folder on your computer that containers your everquest install .iso's to me.
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  3. cornelweezy

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    May 25, 2007
  4. Titanas

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    Jan 17, 2006
    Yeah Boxing is ok (6 Max). We are looking at solutions to cap boxing at 3 and making Velious raid content easier. Not sure of the approach to take for nerfing content. Having AA's will help a lot but the mob max damage and Max HP is still super high. Ideal is a raid of 3 groups 6 players total.

    I'm really trying to keep the spirit of Original EQ or even SOD in my project. the Pre Thaz content like the planer raids. I lack the skills to bring out the Bosses of SoD but I'll try to keep it interesting with Mob special attacks, perhaps a proc that is a -2000AC Debuff requiring a tank swamp, or Stacking AOE Debuffs that need to be dispelled.
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  5. Titanas

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    Jan 17, 2006
    We ran into an issue with AA's and Expansions and came up with a new way of handling AAs. Mobs now have a chance to drop a quest item that can be turned in for 1 AA. Based on mob level there is an increased chance to acquire these jewels. The server is still Classic Content with level 51 cap. Players are able to Grind AA's Jewels from any mob level 27+ (level 27 mobs have a .02% drop chance, Level 56+ Mobs have a 2% drop chance.

    The Jewels can be Traded to Alts/Other Players. This allows players to box several characters at once but focus AA's on a specific character if you needed. For instance you might box 4 (tank healer dps support) but when you raid with your friends some one else is the MT. You can spend all your AA's on your DPS and Healer.

    Currently there are a maximum of 98 AA's you can obtain at max level, we are going to add more in the near future.
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