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Discussion in 'Guild Discussion' started by Rari, Aug 8, 2009.

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    The purpose of the SoDWiki is to help players, and articles on guilds can help players locate a new guild or learn about the history of the game. So we've decided to let ya'll create pages about their guilds in the SoDWiki:Guild: namespace. Guild pages should be created by the leader or a specially appointed member. The intent of these articles is to document the existence of the guild, its philosophy, history, recruitment policy, notable achievements, and basic contact information for recruitment purposes. Of course, guild recruitment should still be handled on the forums, not the wiki, but it's another chance to get your name out there!

    If you're not familiar with the wiki, now would be an excellent time to check it out, don't you think? Our Community Portal page has a nice little "About" section, and links to our Policies, Projects and Formatting Guides. The not nice thing about this page is the Guild Websites section - it's super out of date. Boo. So let's get some guild pages up on the wiki and replace it with links to those instead!

    I've tried to make creating guild pages really simple. You don't need a degree in wiki code to do it, just an SoDwiki account (don't forget to verify your email address!) Of course, a little wiki markup knowledge will help, and there are some awesome guides in the help center (there's always link to it in the top navigation box on the left.) If you still seriously can't figure out wtf, just speak up here or you can almost always find me in #sod on our offical IRC server or just drop me a note at the bottom of my talk page.

    Normally image uploads are pretty restricted on the wiki, but I know several guilds have an image they like to use for promotion. So I'll work on getting any guild that gets a properly formatted page up this month an image uploaded for their guild page if they want one.

    This is the "example" page. Luckily, none of you are as terribly boring as I am, so I'm sure your pages will be way more fun. After you check that out, head to the Player guilds page and get started!
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    Question Rari,
    The Woldaf Fame stuff is that still through him joining the Fb page mentioning sod on youtube comments ETC or can any staff member do this? Saw the link on your Wikiharder link.

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