Beastlord 2H double/triple attacks

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  1. susurrus

    susurrus Dalayan Elder

    Nov 18, 2013
    Is there a reason why Bestial Frenzy only applies to the offhand? Is this intended or a coding issue?

    It seems to very heavily favor 1h weapon set up on beastlord if that is the case.

    I can get 1h data if that is helpful.
  2. Ovisha

    Ovisha Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 4, 2016
    I would imagine and this is just a guess.. The person who actually looked up the AA values at that point didn't realize that beastlords don't get double attack and being that for other classes melee mastery gives guaranteed success for MH swings they assumed it worked the same for beastlords. So like if other classes got the bestial frenzy AA they would already have guaranteed MH success but not guaranteed OH success, but beastlords don't get the skill so it just brings them close to where other classes are without AAs.
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  3. susurrus

    susurrus Dalayan Elder

    Nov 18, 2013
    Little more data:

    This is using 1h weapons of different types so I could separate mainhand and offhand swings easily:

    Same caveat applies, for mainhand swings, the number of double and triple attacks is skewed upwards due to not being able to remove ripostes easily:

    Single attack rounds: 24.0%
    Double attack rounds: 51.3%
    Triple attack rounds: 24.2%

    Single attack rounds: 25%
    Double attack rounds: 54.4%
    Triple attack rounds: 20.5%

    Just for a reference, this was my previous data with the 2H weapon:

    Single attack rounds: 45.2%
    Double attack rounds: 42.1%
    Triple attack rounds: 12.7%

    What stands out to me immediately is the amount of single attacks with the 2H is much higher than with the 1h weapon, either mainhand or offhand. It seems like something is being improperly applied, unless the AAs specifically favor 1h versus 2h set ups?

    I would really be interested to see if this is intentional / where it is coming from in the coding.
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  4. fuwok

    fuwok Dalayan Pious Diety

    May 16, 2008
    That very much jives with my experience 100 years ago susurrus.
  5. Swiftur

    Swiftur Dalayan Elder

    Aug 10, 2014
    I can't imagine that it was unintentional. It has worked that way for BST since at least 2008, which was when I made Swiftur. I do think it is weird that 2hb is affected negatively considering how many really good 2hb items have BST on them, kind of a kick in the teeth. Like myself, I believe most oldschool BSTs have known about it seeing as they itemise around it. I specifically passed on 3 or 4 spines to alts because the hit rate with 2hb on BST is abysmal compared to 1hb. That is a big reason Daenar got super excited when he got traek dagger when he already had a spine a few years back.
  6. j883376

    j883376 Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    As was mentioned earlier in this thread, the text seemed to have been changed in the 2.5 update but it is not accurate. Here's the text from the old client:

    "For most classes, this ability gives you an increased chance to perform a double attack with your primary hand, and at the third rank, your double attacks with the primary hand will no longer fail. For Beastlords, it instead grants the Beastlord a small chance to do an additional attack with their mainhand. This additional attack stacks with double attack."

    Only monks and rangers innately get triple attack. As the text implies here, none of the language regarding no-fail double attacks applies here. The AA instead grants beastlords some Triple Attack skill based on the rank.

    I'll update the text in the patcher to clarify this point a bit more.

    As a side note, it's worth mentioning that "double attack" and "triple attack" aren't the most descriptive terms for what is actually happening. You always have your main hand swing, then if you have Double Attack skill you have a chance to make another attack with your main hand (for monks and rangers this is 100%), and if you have Triple Attack skill you get another chance to make yet another attack. As a beastlord it is possible to successfully swing your main hand, fail your Double Attack chance, and succeed at your Triple Attack chance if you have the Melee Mastery AA. This would end up looking like 2 attacks even though your Triple Attack was the one that succeeded.
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