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    May 4, 2016
    Having just finished up the Oggok Platemail quest chain(thanks Quaum!), I was hoping to pick the brains of the community as to comprable chains available for others!

    What counts: Quest Chains for those 30 and under which reward a full set of armor(or "almost" a full set? Oggok set is 6/8 visible(no bracers)).

    Its my personal and highly suspect opinion that the Oggok Platemail set constitues the best starting gear for War/Shd/Pal in game. What other fantastical newbie sets are out there for Bards? Or Rangers and Rogues? Or Clothies? Or Priests? Or Monks and Beastlords?
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    Apr 19, 2012
    I think the reason why the Oggok armor questlines don't give bracers is because the player is intended to get those from Warlord Garomm's quest and Warlord Zorg's quest in the same zone. Both bracers are good for a newbie, but they aren't [EXPABLE].

    Here are some of the better newbie quests spanning all or most classes:
    • Cargo Recovery in Sundered Mountains, which gives 3 random low-tier T5 augs and a range item with worn Ultravision.
    • Greenmist Ritual in Greenmist Jungle nets you an [EXPABLE] mask with a handy +20 magic resist.
    • Journey into the Cesspits will yield one of two [EXPABLE] weapons: a 1HB or a 1HS. (This quest might also yield some cool loot along the way, like a worn Illusion: Erudite mask that even works from the ammo slot or a 9% haste necklace/bracer.)
    • The McTerl Girl in Centaur Hills/Blackburrow grants a handy belt with 8% haste, +1% Aggression, and +1% Critical Strike; it can be worn by everyone except pure casters.
    • Sundered Rockworms in Sundered Mountains gives a bracer with worn ATK and regen.
    • Underhill Light Gems in Underhill is doable at level 1 in ~10 minutes (if you know the zone) and results in a very nice ring/range item with worn ATK and regen.

    Here are some of the better class-specific newbie questlines:
    • BRD
    • BST
      • Atavism in the Vah starting city, which ultimately yields an [EXPABLE] spear.
      • Wildkin Training in Halas, the end result of which is an [EXPABLE] 2HB. An early step in the quest also gives you two bracers that have high proc rates of Minor Healing that target the pet; this kind of proc is pretty rare in SoD, and it's fun to watch for when you're going up the levels.
    • CLR
      • Path of the Cult Priest is among the most enjoyable and memorable questlines in the game for me, and it yields several invaluable rewards for Chaotic and/or Evil Clerics, including an infinite-use Light Healing ammo clicky, a cool-looking and [EXPABLE] 2HB, a bracer with a fun proc and +1 critical strike, and even an [EXPABLE] robe that will port you directly to Newport Sewers at any time!
    • DRU
      • Glade Keeper's Armor will net the Druid several pieces of armor, finishing with a tunic that has Healing Increment II and +Tracking, though I've been told the portion of the quest that involve Forage is brutally tedious. (Better farm a Girdle of Leaves beforehand!)
    • ENC
      • Assembly Apprentice's Ring from Oggok will help you to not fizzle Alteration spells and comes with a free Minor Shield clicky so you'll never need to memorize that spell again.
      • The Newport Cup, which culminates in a robe with a rare focus effect. As a bonus, this is also one of the silliest quests in the game and is by far the most memorable iteration of the Newport Cup among the caster classes. When I think of Enchanter lore, this is the quest that comes to mind.
    • MAG
      • Assembly Apprentice's Ring from Oggok will help you to not fizzle Conjuration spells and comes with a free Minor Shield clicky so you'll never need to memorize that spell again.
      • Explosive Flame is the MAG version of the Newport Cup and finishes with a robe that will allow you to land crit heals on your pet and do 3% more nuke damage overall, among other small bonuses.
    • MNK
      • Windwoven Armor is a long North Newport questline that covers most slots, though even the final reward is lacking.
      • The Four Elements in Grobb is slightly more rewarding and will net you boots that proc, gloves with +1 elemental DMG to your fists, and a tunic with minor haste. Humans will most likely require an Iksar or Troll illusion to do these.
    • NEC
    • PAL
      • Guard Flipik's quests in Sadri Malath can give a few pieces of armor that the Oggok questline misses out on, though none of it is very impressive.
      • Training with Bonmig in Oggok, which you mention, is really the only solid progressive questline available to lowbie Paladins, though the [EXPABLE] rewards with handy bonuses to melee abilities are definitely worth their weight in gold.
    • RNG
      • Glademaster Training in Surefall culminates in a bow that'll help Human Rangers to see better. It's also not half bad DPS against corrupted enemies all across the Badlands.
      • Glory Days is the Kelethin equivalent, though the faster delay on the bow you get will eat up arrows pretty quickly.
      • Scoutmaster Forond's quests in Kelethin are the only progressive armor line available to Rangers, but the rewards are more tailored to a Rogue.
    • ROG
      • Anlir Bloodscalp's quests in North Newport ultimately gets you a respsectable hat with +10 Backstab, which I imagine is pretty handy for a leveling Rogue.
      • Martialism in the Vah starting city yields many pieces of armor and finalizes in a very nice [EXPABLE] rapier with a +1 melee crit and a poison proc.
      • Scoutmaster Forond's quests in Kelethin will yield some good armor with skill bonuses, including a tunic with +1 Backstab.
    • SHD
      • Dreadmaster Natzrii's quests in Grobb will give some good gear to a starting Shadowknight. Although the axe at the end is horrible (was this meant to be 1HS instead...?), the breastplate and other armor pieces are pretty nice.
      • Tavax Darkblood's quests in Oggok are a progressive weapon quest that ends with a decentish 1HS, though the ratio is worse than a plain mithril sword.
      • Terror Lord Cadrak's quests in Newport Sewers yield a fair number of armor pieces, an axe (which is once again worse than mithril), and -- most importantly -- a shield that will port you directly to the sewers.
      • Training with Bonmig in Oggok is once again one of the best questlines for this tank class.
    • SHM
      • Animism in the Vah starting city will not only get you many pieces of armor, but also a fairly powerful and [EXPABLE] 2HB with a free Counteract Disease clicky that'll be worth carrying around in your bags even at 65.
      • Spirit Talker Grekal's quests in Grobb start off with mediocre rewards, but the chestplate isn't half bad.
      • The Spiritwalkers questline in Halas will land you a full suit of armor (some of which is undocumented on the wiki) and an [EXPABLE] 1HB with Healing Increment II and a good ratio.
    • WAR
      • Training Master Vaela's quests are available for DWF and GNM Warriors and will ultimately earn you a ring with +3 Aggression and decent stats.
      • Training with Bonmig in Oggok, as mentioned by OP, is among the best questlines available to this class.
      • Warrior Spirit in Halas grants almost a full suit of armor, including boots that proc Yaulp, a chestplate with +2 regen on it, and your choice of an [EXPABLE] weapon: a 1HB or a 2HB. (And while you're in the area, you might as well quest a Ring of Battle for another piece of [EXPABLE] gear.)
      • Vigilance in the Vah starting city will give several pieces of armor and a very nice [EXPABLE] 2HS.
    • WIZ
      • Assembly Apprentice's Ring in Oggok will help you to not fizzle your Evocation spells and comes with a free Minor Shielding clicky so you never have to memorize that spell again.
      • Wizard Newport Cup (which doesn't have a very creative name) is the WIZ iteration of the Newport Cup questline and, as with ENC and MAG, finalizes with a robe that will lengthen your buffs, conserve your mana, improve your nuke damage, and reduce your casting time all in one focus effect.
    Also, while the following aren't questlines, many people consider these (very long) camps to be newbie rites of passage, and most of them are [EXPABLE] to boot:
    Last but not least, don't forget your class's Starfall quests once the above quest rewards begin to outlive their usefulness.

    Upon rereading your post, @Vhaast, it seems this reply is probably way more than you asked for. I hope it helps nevertheless. ;)
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    May 4, 2016
    Necro reply here but - what are some 'must-haves' from adepts for the aspiring leveling tank?

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