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    Some information gathered from posts by Wiz. Keep in mind that not all information gathered may be up to date.


    AC directly translates into a % of potential damage reduction on hits. For example, 1500 AC is ~80% potential reduction. Then, a fourth of that is turned into certain reduction (meaning at 1500 AC you always reduce hits by at least 20%) and the rest is randomized for the true reduction number for a single hit (so reduction is anywhere from 20-80%, and on average 50%, at 1500 AC).

    There are three softcaps of AC, and they do not vary based on class. One at 100 (each point before 100 makes a much bigger difference, so that AC on lower levels is more useful), another at 250 (each point before 250 makes a much bigger difference, so that AC on lower levels is more useful), and finally at 500 (each point before 500 makes a bigger difference, same reason as above). After 500 all AC is the same.


    STA - hp (per sta point) is both level and class dependent

    Hidden strength (AA) makes:

    STR over the cap increase your damage.
    STA over the cap increase your mitigation.
    DEX over the cap increase your chance to hit.
    AGI over the cap increase your chance to avoid.
    CHA over the cap increase your chance of landing spells.

    It takes roughly 3 points over the cap to get the result that 1 point under the cap gives you.

    12 mana/int or wis up to 200 int/wis at level 65.
    6 mana/int or wis for int/wis 201+ at level 65.

    Dex does not affect proc chance (Procs are dependent on the individual weapon or buff, and a bard AA)


    The specializations are as follows:

    Blade/Strike Specialization - Improves your skill and damage with 1hs, 2hs, 1hp, 2hp and h2h.
    Blunt/Agility Specialization - Improves your skill and damage with 1hb and 2hb, as well as your combat avoidance.
    Sight/Warding Specialization - Improves your skill and damage with archery and throwing, as well as your ability to resist spells.
    Energy/Defense Specialization - Improves the damage of your damage spells, the healed amount of your healing spells and traps, and your mitigation.
    Focus/Mind Specialization - Improves your ability to bypass the resists of enemies, as well as your ability to conserve mana on casting.

    The overall gains will be at least 10% for maxed.
    The gains will be linear.

    65 levels * 10 points per level = 650
    300 AAs * 2 points per AA = 600

    Each specialization has a max of 250


    Rangers will now receive Triple Attack to the same extent monks do (when you start being able to double attack, you also start being able to triple attack with your mainhand, at a lower chance than double attack).

    essentially your max hit is your weapon's damage * derivative based on your ATK
    Since ATK raises with level, damage does too
    ATK isn't relevant to your hit chance. It determines how much the damage multiplier of your weapon's damage is

    There is a damage minimum though, so you can only hit for 1 if you have a 1 damage weapon or post-mitigation

    Dex + Weapon Skill + Offense determines chance to hit.
    ATK determines max damage on a successful hit.
    AC determines % of damage reduction.

    Our system is easier and more flexible. Whether you're hit is a % chance calculated by the following factors:

    Accuracy Styles
    Accuracy AAs
    Weapon Skill


    Avoidance Styles
    Avoidance AAs

    Damage cap doesn't exist anymore.

    If the mob is really really deep red like 7+ levels above you, then you basically will not be able to hit it, just like you will not be able to nuke it.

    Paladins/Warriors receive an innate crit chance against all mobs.


    There's 3 types of haste. Since we have no caps, "Overhaste" isn't really an accurate name.

    Type 1: Normal spell haste
    Type 2: Bard song haste, dawn shoulders, guardian of the forest, etc
    Type 3: Some AA abilities, enchanter illusion haste, Heavenly Wrath

    There are two types of bard haste. One is normal spell haste, and the Tribes line of songs have "song haste".


    Pets have a fixed delay
    pets have a set amount of attacks so making it wield two weapons is only good for increasing its amount of procs.
    Pets do not becomes rogues, wizards, etc. Water pet slows, fire pet does the most damage (even ds excluded), air pet stuns, earth pet roots. Fire is lowest hp, water and air identical in middle, earth highest.
    Pets have their own resists. Fire pets are resistant to fire, etc.
    Magician Water pet slow is fixed at 25%.

    Charmed pets have a max of 50% haste.


    1) You can no longer meditate in combat. In combat is defined as being on the aggro list of an NPC (unless all you have is proximity aggro), or being in a group with someone that is in combat.
    2) Meditate, when it is available, is MUCH MUCH faster.
    3) There are no more "fleeting" mana/hp regen caps. The caps are at 30 mana regen from spells, 20 mana regen from items, and 40 hp regen from items.
    4) Melee skill caps for int/wis caster classes have been severely increased.
    5) NPCs will remember you for a few minutes or as long as they are in combat if you zone/log out.


    Essentially, weakening effect works by adding up all the damage done to a mob by DoTs in a single tick. For the remainder of that tick, the mob directly deals less damage in melee based on how much DoT damage it is taking in proportion to its HP.

    This effect is intended to add a bit more viability for DoTs in the raid game, as even a percent or two of reduction is a lot on a top end raid mob, but it will also be beneficial in the EXP game and on lower levels, especially since DoTs can shave off quite a few percent of a mob's HP every tick.

    The max impact of DoTs are 10% direct melee damage reduction.


    DoTs can now crit following the same rules/AAs/focuses as DDs.
    Necros, NOT Wizards, get the innate chance to crit on DoTs that Wizards have on DDs.
    HoTs can now crit following the same rules/AAs/focuses as heals.
    Clerics get the innate chance to crit with HoTs AND heals.

    Monk weight limit is: 14 + lvl/10


    Area penalties (caused by any form of exp gain, levels, AAs, and tomes) reset at 30, 50 and 65. After 65 it resets based on total AA equivalent exp.

    It is now 50% for 3, 100% for 4, 150% for 5, 200% for 6 meaning that you always get the same amount exp in a group of 2-6 people.

    Like mob A gives 100 exp.

    2 players get 50 exp each.
    3 players get 150 exp - 50 exp each.
    4 players get 200 exp - 50 exp each.


    Shields give
    1) The AC it has
    2) The AC it has * 2 in block skill


    All mobs have a limit to how far their resists can be debuffed.
    Mobs have 30 debuff slots
    AEs crit less
    DoTs do not break root
    25 is the max you can get from skill mods. So the max you could ever have in a skill is 275.
    Flowing Thought and Recovery Items stack to the cap however item focuses do not.
    The highest level item focus takes effect.

    Dual-wielding classes:

    Non-dual wielding classes:
    shadow knight

    Humanoids = Frogloks and orcs are both humanoids. Generally, intelligent, bipedal creatures.

    Because of various things you can do to get AAs really fast in the 50s, we have an unspent cap so that you can't save up points for later-level skills. The cap is 21.

    Alignment isn't really race based here. Certain races tend more towards evil, yeah, but everyone starts neutral

    Being hungry or thirsty gives you a 25% penalty to your chance to score hits and avoid hits.

    Being both gives you a 50% penalty.
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    Nice collection of infos there Balthor! If someone can confirm it to be up to date (and after editing out what is not) I think It would make a nice sticky. :D
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    Moved to ToK.
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    I have a question not covered in this article which could be a nice addition. The focus effect 'Comapanion Health' how does that work exactly. I'm assuming that if you have a companion health item on when you summon a pet it will get the hitpoint boost from it. I also assume this means that if you take the campanion health item off of you then the pet still retains those hitpoints it gained and it doesn't work as a I right in that assumption?
  5. Garluk

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    Only the highest focus effect counts. If you are wearing a health 4 focus and 2 health 3 focii, only the 4 will get used. This applies to ALL focus effects.

    Each level of companion health increases your pets hp by 5%. This bonus is applied when the pet is created and each time you zone. So, if you remove your companion health focus item and then go linkdead, when you log back in your pet will not have the focus effect. Zoning w/out the focus equipped will result in the pet having this bonus removed.
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    I was wondering about this just last night! Thank you for the answer Garluk! <3
  7. Anonymous

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    Is this not stickied? This is one of the most helpful posts for new players to read before character creation.

    I sure wish I read it before creating casters w/ low cha. :)
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    ToK is the area where great posts go. More people should know about it. It seems overlooked.
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    Don't worry. You can't "break" a character because of starting stats.
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    How does potion haste fit in? I am assuming it is spell haste, but could we get a definite answer on it?
  11. Latten

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    May 16, 2005

    Will bards be abel to critt dots ?
  12. Allielyn

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    It IS spell haste. Therefore, it won't stack with other versions of Spell Haste (Enc/Shm haste) but does stack with Bard overhaste (Warchant).
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    I noticed when pets were mentioned that nothing was said about necro pets. i was wondering just where the necro pet stacks when compared to other class pets(since necro pets apparently have no element nor proc anything on their own, at least they didn't when I played...which's been awhile).
  14. Allielyn

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    Apr 29, 2005
    what do you mean by "stacks"?
    I thought the portion regarding pets was pretty clear, myself.
  15. Darian Maliken

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    I was simply wondering how undead pets fit into the pet's segment of the breakdown. Other than that small point, everything looks quite clear and well explained to me.
  16. Allielyn

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    It would be safe to assume that unless he's referring directly to fire/water/air/earth pets, he's referring to ALL pets.

    NOLORTAT Dalayan Beginner

    Apr 25, 2006
    only info i can offer on necro pets and this is from a low level necro is that they have/get what apears to be a life tap line. im not shore how big this get or how good as im to low level for the big pets but hope this helps. your shakka friendly necro of hason the warrior :dance: :dance:
  18. Darian Maliken

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    Sep 19, 2005
    Hmm, would be interesting, and quasi useful if necro pets proc life taps. However since I'm personally not sure thats the case I'll have to work under the assumption that necro pets have no special attributes other than what is common to all pets.
  19. Liam

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    Relic Necro pet procs a lifetap!
  20. antihelei

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    Nov 14, 2005
    Not only a lifetap but it heals you and everyone in your group that is close to your pet!

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