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    Last night some people were having problems with the guild commands, and talking about previous failures, so I think some kind of complete reference is way overdue and might get me an explanation for things I can't get to work. I'm posting the commands from the game's /help that apply as guild commands as * not listed *, as the EQEMu /cm help is usually the command given to people looking for help. Props to Llano for telling me how to use most of these.

    Bracketed values are to be replaced with the described value and do not need the brackets in the command. - /guildinvite [charname] = /guildinvite Loxo not /guildinvite [Loxo].

    The value [charname] can be left blank if the intended character is targeted.

    The value [rank] is a value 0 - 5. Guild ranks are : Member(5, 4) / Officer (3, 2, 1)/ Leader (0)

    The values for [permission] are :
    HearGU (see guild chat),
    SpeakGU (speak in guild chat),
    Invite (invite characters to the guild),
    Remove (remove characters from the guild),
    Promote (promote characters in the guild),
    Demote (demote characters in the guild),
    MOTD (set the guildmotd),
    War/Peace (...)
    These permissions are available as a NO / YES for all ranks.

    The value [0/1] is 0 for NO or 1 for YES.

    So first, of the 34 options under the /cm help normal command, /cm guild help brings up these commands:

    * not listed * - /cm guild info - the command you need to use first to view your guilds # and ranking info/permissions.

    * not listed * - /guildleader - used as /guildleader [charname] this is the command to change the account the leader tag is attached to. Any character can be promoted to rank 0, but only one can have the account leader tag. For the character who has the tag, under /cm guild info, the account name will be listed as Guild Leader: [account name]. No other character in the guild recieves the Guild Leader: [account name] line. The character to be made guild leader must be rank 1.

    * not listed * - /guildstatus - used as /guildstatus [charname] this command will identify any character's guild, and their rank as member, officer, or leader.

    * not listed * - /guildinvite - used as /guildinvite [charname] this command presents a box to the intended character to select yes or no to join the guild. This command has to be used twice. The first time the selection will instantly disappear on the invitee's screen, and the inviter will recieve a message:

    Uknown response from [charname] to guild invite. (3).

    The second and following times it should present a selection to the invitee for a short time. Using this command on already guilded characters promotes them one rank each time the command is used.

    * not listed * - /guildremove - used as /guildremove [charname] this command removes the character from the guild. I do not know if a character can remove a higher ranked character, or the account tagged leader.

    * not listed * - /getguildmotd - this displays the current guild motd.

    /cm guild info guildnum - does not seem to work with the guild number or guild name.

    /cm guild promote rank [charname] - used as /cm guild promote [rank] [charname]. /guildinvite [charname] will promote an already guilded character one rank each time it's used. Any character with the permission to promote can promote anyone to their own rank.

    /cm guild demote rank [charname] - used as /cm guild demote [rank] [charname] this command works exactly like the promotion command. A character with rank 1, cannot demote a rank 0 to 1, but can demote a rank 0 to 2, 3, 4, or 5. If the demoted character has the account leader tag, they do not lose their permissions, and can promote themselves back to 0.

    /guildmotd [newmotd] (use 'none' to clear) - used as /guildmotd [newmotd]. none, 'none', [none], or a blank space as a value for [newmotd] do not clear it.

    /cm guild edit rank title newtitle - used as /cm guild edit [rank] title [newtitle]. Yes, you use the word 'title', it's not a value for the current title. (Thank you Llanoldar for decoding this one) [newtitle] can be multiple words.

    /cm guild edit rank permission 0/1 - used as /cm guild edit [rank] [permission] [0/1].

    /cm leader newleader (they must be rank 0) - used as /cm guild leader [charname].

    This one is really fun, so bear with me. If the intended character is rank 5-1, the current leader recieves the message:

    Uknown response from [charname] to guild invite. (3)

    A second attempt will give the invitee the guild invite selection window. If they accept they will rejoin the guild as rank 5.

    A third attempt will remove the invitee from the guild without a broadcast message to the guild, and give the leader the message:

    Uknown response from [charname] to guild invite. (10)

    The process of removing + unknown response (10) -> guild invite selection repeats from here until the characters zone.

    If the intended character is rank 0, the invitee recieves an invite to the guild. Accepting demotes them back to rank 5. Further attemps after promoting the invitee to 0 again, until zoning will give the invitee the message:

    Loxo has demoted you to regular membership.
    Error: You're already in a guild!

    If the invitee is not promoted back to 0, the removal + uknown response (10) -> invite loop happens.
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    This command works as intended, you can just only see the info for your own guild if you're a player.
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    zomg ty so much for this post, was confused as heck trying to figure all this out :)
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    Thanks for this, much needed information! I didn't know half these commands.

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