Hazel the Shrew (Level 3 Adept Encounter in Athica A)

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    Have you ever wondered who keeps the water in Athica looking so clean and sparkly? That person is none other than Caynid Brightwater, the city's skilled yet pessimistic moat cleaner. However, the grunge under the bridge is beginning to build up to unhygienic levels these days, and Caynid seems to be avoiding the duty he normally takes great pride in doing.

    So, what's on Caynid's mind? Did an Athican noblewoman dump him at the bar? Did a visiting Ogre mistake the moat for a latrine again? The city guard seem to believe Caynid has lost his mind, noting that he mutters constantly to himself about a "brownie shrew" that picks on him — and only him — when nobody else is looking.

    Is this supposed brownie a figment of an overworked moat cleaner's imagination, or is there truly a new mischief-maker lurking somewhere in Athica?


    Hazel the Shrew is an adept encounter for characters level 3 and below. She calls for some rarely used tactics, so don't expect to be able to steamroll her with your trusty Mottled Beatstick or Surging Hammer. If you want the full story regarding her presence in Athica, seek out Caynid Brightwater in the city. He's probably taking shelter somewhere out of sight....

    Good luck!

    P.S.: Thanks to Kedrin, wiki documentation has already begun.
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