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    Coolest dudes.

    Its an odd unfortunate necessity that the only way to raid the most difficult / high end content in SoD is to guild hop. I know when I joined the top end guild, it was sort of the elite from a few t8/9 guilds + a few old high tier dudes joining together to form the early FWF LA.

    Normal progression guilds are great and we all have been there/loved them, they are sort of your gaming family, but as in most families there are slackers, inactive people, and as a family, you help those people to progress anyway. Unfortunately to really succeed at the high end of most MMOs (SOD Included), you need to group together like minded, active, skilled players, and only then can you defeat the strongest of monsters.

    And of course, when you do that, you form a new gaming family. Its different but special in a new way. Also, anyone that is super motivated, active, skilled, sort of just ends up here anyway. I know when I joined FWF LA a lot of people were mad at me, and it kind of sucked at first, but in the end, most of my best friends from my old guild ended up coming along anyway sooner or later.

    Just wanted to put that out there for anyone in the T10-12ish range, who is really driven to progress and kill the coolest things, but is being held back by a guild that inevitably has to endlessly back farm because people quit or you just have a bunch of dudes that only show up once a week, but still take loot/raid spots. Send a tell. Shining Force is actually over-full at the moment, and people have to sit, but there is always room for active, skilled, friendly, helpful people. Especially if you are willing to box in other characters as-needed to help the guild progress. I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who will do whatever is needed to help the guild progress, will eventually, with time, see their character helped to become uber as well.

    T134 raid content is like nothing before it, and is super challenging and fun. And contrary to what people may think, we haven't even beaten all of the available raid content. There are multiple 6man and raid monsters that we will be attempting and learning the strategy of in the near future, and there is truly nothing like defeating a monster, with 18 friends, that nobody else has ever killed, and you had to learn, practice, perfect the strategy all on your own.

    Anyone interested in joining, or just interested at all even if you don't want to join now, feel free to send solosolki (RIP) one of these officers a tell in game or discord.
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    Really surprised nobody has jumped all over the offer to join the most toxic Discord channel created. Anyone?
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    Recruiting bard/monk/beast/ranger/rogue/cleric. Raids are on sun/tues/thurs at 7:30 pm est

    It's strongly recommended that you are have a vah back and a supreme charm and know how to play your class sufficiently.

    I'm willing to give anyone a chance, including if you don't meet the above recommendations

    If you think you have what it takes to kill silent monsters and obtain their loot, we will give you a shot and attempt to usher you along to success.

    Like all things in life you have to learn by doing, so don't be intimidated by having to fight new scary things. We've all been there at one point.

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