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    Transcript edited from discussion with Wiz in Haven of Lore.
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    Starts with wiz doing lore telling, questions, then a guest appearance.

    Wiz says,'The timline of the histories of Ikisith, the Old World and the New World has been compiled at the request of Brother Jelnez, Lorekeeper and Voice of Jayla, in the year of 44 according to the new calender. years are marked in the standard format of the new calender, with year 0 being the year of the fall.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx. 8000 B.F. - 7200 B.F. - Age of the Iksar begins. Foundation of the Old Iksar Empire and the Rule of the Warlords. The Iksar race spreads across the jungles of Ikisith, conquering and enslaving lesser races in its process. The great city of Ikild is founded.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx. 7200 - 5400 BF - Rule of the Elder Council. The Ikisith Empire changes into a theocracy with the discovery of sorcery. Highpoint of the Iksisith Empire with unrelenting expansion and growth. Iksar discover sailing, making cursory expeditions to many of the major landmasses.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 5900 BF - Iksar expeditionary force makes first known contact with Human Ancestor Tribes. Humans, along with many other races, are brought back to Ikisith as slaves.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 5420 BF - Several Iksar colonies on the Old World are destroyed by an alliance of Human tribes. The Ikisith Empire, torn by internal strife, abandons all further attempts to colonize the Old World.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 5370 BF - Founding of Freeport. Freeport (name at the time loosely translates to "Safe Trade") takes shape as a neutral trading and meeting ground between the Human Ancestor Tribes.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 5000 BF- 4940 BF - End of Old Ikisith. A series of natural disasters trigger a slave revolt that carves a bloody path across Ikisith for decades. After a desperate, outnumbered struggle, Orc slaves raze Ikild, ending Iksar rule of the continent.'

    Wiz says, 'Some Iksar flee across the sea, while others form small, hunted societies. Orc Clans rule Ikisith for centuries.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 4600 BF - Orc tribes migrate from Ikisith in mass for unknown reasons, settling in the lush regions of the Faydark, on the continent now known as the New World.'

    Wiz says, 'The Age of Turmoil begins.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 3100 BF - Start of the Old Calendar. The first King of Freeport is chosen by Human Tribal Chiefs, becoming the ruler of the Old Kingdom and effectively all of the Human race.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 3100 BF - 1700 BF - Time of the Old Kingdom. Records scarce. Human society changes entirely from tribal into city-centric, with nearly all humans living in major cities. Pursuit of magic common, and spells are used greatly in day-to-day life.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 2300 BF - A coup instigated by human sorcerers to overthrow the monarchy fails. Most of the instigating cabal are executed, but a few escape to found their own society. They name themselves the Erudites.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 1700 - 1100 BF - The Scattering. Changed by prolonged, constant exposure to magic, many children of the Human race are born with features and bodies not human at all. A civil war ensues, in which the demi-humans and their supporters are driven away from the cities, into the magically saturated southern lands. They eventually evolve into all the Younger Races - the Elves, the Greatkin and the Halfkin. The Young Races war between themselves for a while. In the end, they disperse all over the world.'

    Wiz says, 'Each race finding a home for itself, and many traveling across the seas to settle the New World, driving the Orcs before them.'

    Wiz says, 'Political strife ends the rule of Freeport around 1500 BF. Human society once again breaks up into tribes and indepdendent city-states that make war with each other and the Young Races.'

    Wiz says, 'Approx 1100 - 94 BF. Erandus Elthannar, the Conqueror, becomes the first High King of the Races. Subuding first the Human tribes, he eventually expands his rule to encompass all the races still living on the Old World. Highkeep is founded, becoming the new seat of power on the continent.'

    Wiz says, 'Peace and stability settles over the Old World.'

    Wiz says, '966 BF - First reliable date, established through yearly records from the Court of the High King.'

    Wiz says, '597 BF - Elven explorers discover the Iksar, at the time a primitive society carving a living out of the ruins of Ikisith.'

    Wiz says, '94 BF - Age of Kaezul begins. Iskar raiders, the soldiers of a new Iksar Empire founded by the Necromancer Kaezul, strike against isolated elven settlements around the New World. The High King dies suddenly in a mysterious accident, leaving no heirs and throwing the Old World into a squabble for power.'

    Wiz says, '92 BF - A combined fleet of Elven and Dwarven ships is crushed at the Battle of Goblin Coast by Iksar invaders. Defenders of the New World consolidate to their forts and cities and begin a drawn-out defensive campaign as they plead for aid from the Old World.'

    Wiz says, '90 BF - Kaladim falls to Iksar armies.'

    Wiz says, '71 BF - The Elven Cities fall to Iksar armies.'

    Wiz says, '70 BF - Baldakos the Betrayer unleashes a magical weapon on his own city of Nagthilian, wiping out most of the Dark Elven race. Of the remaining Dark Elves, more than half choose to follow him into service of Kaezul. A new High King is elected by an alliance of Humans, Halflings and Dark Elves. Freeport and the Greatkin refuse to join the alliance.'

    Wiz says, '69 BF - Rivervale is wiped out by the same weapon used on Nagthilian. Baldakos' Dark Elven army besieges King's Pass.'

    Wiz says, '58 BF - Battle of Underhill. Underhill, the last bastion of the New World, falls to Iksar armies.'

    Wiz says, '53 BF - Iksar troops land in Freeport with the sanction of its Ruling Council, believing themselves to be allied with Kaezul. Freeport is razed to the ground on the day of its Anniversary Celebration. Ihabitants are sacrificed or carried away in slave ships.'

    Wiz says, '50 BF - Oggok, home of the Greatkin, falls to the Iksar armies.'

    Wiz says, '49 BF - Iksar armies arrive to reinforce the Siege of King's Pass.'

    Wiz says, '47 BF - King's Pass and Highkeep fall to Iksar and Darl Elven armies. The High King, Eldenal Elthannar, is caught and murdered along with his entire family as he attempts to escape through magical means. All inhabitants are sacrificed.'

    Wiz says, '47 BF - 0 AF - Kaezul's armies consolidate their hold on the Old World as a handful of remaining bastions stoically refuse to surrender. Many flee across the seas or into the northern mountains.'

    Wiz says, '0 AF - The Fall. A series of aggressive campaigns overthrown the last pockets of resistance in the Old World. A handful of survivors escape, finding safe havens with earlier refugees in the isolated city of Erudin, and the inaccessible Great NOrth.'

    Wiz says, 'No further records from the Old World for 39 years.'

    Wiz says, '39 AF - The Return. Refugees begin returning to the Old World as Kaezulain forces withdraw from their campaigns, returning to Ikisith for unknown reasons. They find their homelands shattered and ruined, a place where undead creatures roam and the very earth itself is corrupted by twisted magic.'

    Wiz says, '40 AF - Founding of Newport. Indepedent groups of soldiers and merchants among the refugees build a new city on the southern edge of the Great Plains (The Badlands). The city is proclaimed to be 'A new Freeport, for all the races.' and is named Newport.'

    Wiz says, '44 AF - Writing of this Timeline.'

    Wiz says, '47 AF - Present Day.'

    Wiz says, 'It also lacks a lot of filling-in, especially after the Fall'

    Wiz says, 'but for now.'

    Padori says, 'What were the barbarians doin'? Had they formed Halas by that point?'

    Wiz says, 'The barbarians are the youngest race, and their ancestral home of Halas was mostly untouched by the Fall.'

    Jeric clears his throat, "Does anyone know if this weapon still exists?"

    Wiz says, 'The weapon is known to be the death-mist that currently holds Kelethin and Nagthilian in its grip.'
    Wiz says, 'From the recent destruction of Kelethin, it is safe to presume it still exists, though noone knows how it works or what it is.'

    Erin says, 'So, The Weapon exists, but is it still controlled by Baldakos the Betrayer, or was it taken by the invading armies?'

    Wiz says, 'Noone knows what the weapon is.'
    Wiz says, 'Except that it is a mist that kills to the touch.'
    Wiz says, 'Anything beyond that is pure conjecture.'

    Allielyn says, 'what about the giants? how did they fare? '

    Wiz says, 'Giant history is largely unknown, but it is believed that they are one of the Younger Races, who lost most of their intelligence in mutation.'
    Wiz says, 'Giants remained behind in the Old World, and doubtlessy many died or were corrupted.'
    Wiz says, 'Their history is a mystery, one they have refused to share.'

    Kiynia says, 'Aside from the 4 gods, is there any record of beings before the iksar?'

    Wiz says, 'None known, though some believe the Dragons precede the Iksar, and there are ancient structures in the world that seem to stem from no known era.'
    Wiz says, 'Most notably such are the giant spires of the Old World.'

    Juuke says, 'What of the Taldorians during the history you spoke of? Am I to assume 'Tenets of Malath' is what i should go by?'

    Wiz says, 'This is a timeline only of the Old World, New World and Ikisith.'
    Wiz says, 'I will talk about the lands of magic later.'

    Jeric takes a breath and speaks, "Have there been any races that we know of known as the Faski?"

    Wiz says, '(People, the faski thing was a bug.)'
    Wiz says, '(They are akhevans)'

    Tenshin says, 'Is there any known passage to Ikisith to date?'

    Wiz says, 'The continent is entirely controlled by Kaezul and his minions. No ship's crew would be insane enough to go there.'

    Siquros says, 'Wiz this is something I've been trying to research lately but to not much avail, and I'm not sure if there is much information about this, but do you know of anything concerning the population of Rivervale and the effect of this "weapon" in its relation to the strange going ons that occur there at night?'

    Wiz says, 'Very little is known, only what observation have been made. The mist made rivervale utterly inaccessible until a year or so ago'
    Wiz says, 'when suddenly the city changed.'
    Wiz says, 'Becoming empty at day, and a strange, warped place at night.'

    Allielyn says, 'you mentioned a theocracy in Iksith. Was this governed by followers of any or all of the gods we know, or were there others?'

    Wiz says, 'The theocracy of Ikisith, its shamans, mostly worshipped their ancestors, as well as Elael, the Sun.'
    Wiz says, 'There is no known worship of the elemental deities from the period.'

    Veruca says, 'Did places such as Fearstone Keep and the mansion that houses the Eldenal descendants survive the fall, or are they recent creations?'

    Wiz says, 'The Elthannar family has lived in their manse since before the time of the High Kings. They produced four successive High Kings, the first dynasty, as well as two further dynasties, the last of which ruled during the Fall. It is presumed that the survivors of the family fled back to their ancestral home when Highkeep was razed.'

    Ashcambel says, 'Is there any know way to get to the iskgars home city of ikisth?'

    Wiz says, 'I already answered the question about pasage to Ikisith.'

    Siquros says, 'You mentioned Oggok falling to the Iksar army, and this confused me slightly. Was there a city previously known as Oggok, and the current one was rebuilt or did the Greatkin reclaim their town?'

    Wiz says, 'Oggok was a city situated some distance from the current Oggok - where precisely is hard to judge.'
    Wiz says, 'The city fell, and no ruins have been discovered of it.'
    Wiz says, 'The returning Ogres and Trolls found only jungle.'
    Wiz says, 'They built a new city, carving it into the mountainside and calling it Oggok.'

    Narmarratuk says, 'will the Ikzars know anything on returning to their homelands?'
    Narmarratuk says, 'and how did we fit in to the society after causing so much devastation?'

    Wiz says, 'The player Iksar are refugees themselves - descendants of political opponents of Kaezul that fled his rule.'
    Wiz says, 'They wish to reclaim their homelands from him.'
    Wiz says, 'iksar are mistrusted by almost everyone, which is why they isolate themselves along with the trolls in Grobb.'

    Padori says, 'The ruins of the first city. Was it actually the first city, or the first on this continent? And how long have the ratmen infested it?'
    Padori says, 'Or, Erudin, I should say.'

    Wiz says, 'The First City was the first city of the Erudites. When the Erudites arrived in their new home, they used magic to dig a city underground, where they discovered a destitute lizardman race -- the Iksar who fled across the sea.'
    Wiz says, 'They took the race in as servants and protectors, and learned from them the magic of Thought.'
    Wiz says, 'The first city was destroyed in a cataclysm when an ancient portal to the Plane of FIre was discovered deep in the earth.'

    Erin says, 'Is there a danger that Kaezul could return and his armies sweep the land again? He left so suddenly and with little known reason...'

    Wiz says, 'Yes. Kaezul remains the greatest menace to all the other races in the world.'
    Wiz says, 'His general, Baldakos, has been discovered to be have been involved in a number of recent schemes all over the Old World.'

    Kabre says, 'What does Kaezul want?'

    Wiz says, 'A tricky question. From his expansionistic ways, one could presume he wants to dominate all races -- but on the other hand, he did not conquer the Old World, he simply razed it.'
    Wiz says, 'It's a highly debated topic among the Lorekeepers, but ultimately, only Kaezul himself knows.'

    Rabble says, 'If Kaezul's such a menace, shouldn't we be rallying a counter-attack? How strong could this army be after decades of war and returning to a home in ruins and overrun by the undead?'

    Wiz says, 'The truth is that, from the few accounts made, Kaezul's army is legion. As well as his core Iksar troops, he controls vast hordes of the reanimated citiziens of the old world, slave-races, and monstrosities.'
    Wiz says, 'It could presumably be possible to invade Ikisith, but who would lead it? Who would join it?'
    Wiz says, 'The world of today is a fractioned place.'

    Laurabel says, 'Is Wiz as old as Kaezul ?

    Wiz says, 'Wiz is beyond time.'

    Padori says, 'What of the orcs? You mentioned that they were an older race. Are they related to humans, at all, and what about their society?'

    Wiz says, 'The Orcs are known to be as least as old as the humans, and the Iksar made contact with them at the same time as the Human Ancestor Tribes. They proved very useful slaves, and became the principal servants of the Iksar for the length of their Empire.'
    Wiz says, 'After they migrated, most of the Orcs belonged to two tribes - the Dawn Tribe and the Bloodclaw Tribe - that settled the Faydark.'
    Wiz says, 'The elves drove the Orcs into the forest, and the Dawn tribe migrated once more to the Old World, fracturing into two -- those who held to the older tenets, the new Dawn tribe, and those who wished warfare and conquest -- the Dark Sun tribe.'
    Wiz says, 'The Bloodclaw's ancient home was taken over by the Frilakh, a lizardman race who seem to originate from the mountains of Steamfont.'
    Wiz says, 'It became Fearastone Keep.'
    Wiz says, 'Orc society varies wildly, the Dawn Tribe are noble savages, so to say, while the Bloodclaw are frenzied warriors and the Dark Sun are tireless raiders and scavengers.
    Wiz says, 'All orc societies elect their leaders by strength, a tradition going back who knows how long.'
    Wiz says, 'They keep no written records, and most of their verbal history has been lost.'

    Yaladwen says, 'Could you elaborate at all on the history of the high elves, or perhaps elvenkind in general? besides that they descend from humans.'

    Wiz says, 'I really couldn't go into all the racial histories tonight, it'd take four-five hours.'
    Wiz says, 'We'll have to save it for another time.'
    Wiz says, 'I'll explain the elves very briefly.'
    Wiz says, 'The Elves, originally the high elves, were the most human-like of the Young Races. They seeked to concile and integrate back into human society, but were met with blades and war magic. At the same time, other elves resigned themselves to their fate, to live outside the cities, cast away. They changed into the wood elves.'
    Wiz says, 'The high elves, after many years of being hated on by humans, chismed into one faction that wanted to war back, and one that wanted to leave the misguided humans and move somewhere else.'
    Wiz says, 'They struggled for power, but eventually, the latter faction left, along with the dwarves and wood elves.'
    Wiz says, 'As they were leaving, the first faction ambushed them, killing many.'
    Wiz says, 'The first faction stayed behind, and eventually became the dark elves, colored by their pride and betrayal.'
    Wiz says, 'Dark Elves refer themselves as 'Third Blood', to signify that they are the youngest, and in their minds, the ultimate product of the elven mutation.'

    Rhiann says, 'my question come from rumors of my homelands... being younger than most others in surefall glade I am left out of many discussions...however I've heard of a place known as jaggedpine forest....what can you tell me of this place and if it still exists '

    Wiz says, 'There is no known such place.'

    Ashcambel says, 'I was wondering how fogloks fit into this war?'

    Wiz says, 'Frogloks have their own history, they did not join the other races until after the Fall.'
    Wiz says, 'They originate from the Lands of Magic.'
    Wiz says, 'Or wait, do you mean the frogloks of the old world'
    Wiz says, 'or the taldorians?'
    Ashcambel says, 'of old '
    Wiz says, 'Aha.'
    Wiz says, 'The frogloks, presumed bastard cousins of the Taldorians, originate from sometime in the early Age of Turmoil. They were rarely seen in the early years, and it has been theorized that they are an intentional creation by some other, higher race.'
    Wiz says, 'The old-world frogloks are highly hostile to all other races, and attempts to capture and interrogate them has failed. They appear to have an exceptional hatred for the name 'Mielech''
    Wiz says, 'Yet they are known to refer to their home as the 'Halls of Mielech''
    Wiz says, 'A bit of an odd contradiction.'

    Veruca says, 'Concerning the alternate planes: are portals there permanent? Meaning, have they been known and lost in the past, and could they open or reopen in the future? '

    Wiz says, 'There is only a single known permanent portal, and all attempts to date it have failed.'
    Wiz says, 'It is presently inactive.'
    Wiz says, 'There is additionally a similar portal in Greenmist that appears to lead nowhere.'

    Narmarratuk says, 'what is known about the Tal'Yan, and why are they protecting Yaralith, and does Yaralith sleep has to do anything with the matter at hand?'

    Wiz says, 'The Tal'Yan, as discovered by questing shamans, are an old race that used to settle most of the area around Greenmist. Some monuments in the Obsidian Shard Mountains are presumed their work.'
    Wiz says, 'They were ruled by their shamans, and the greatest of their shamans was Yaralith. Yaralith was additionally the first known druid, the first who learned to tap the earth and plants for magic, as the shamans tap living beings.'
    Wiz says, 'In his quest for further powerwells, he discovered something that changed him and his acolytes into twisted, insane and powerful spawn. He was rendered into dreamless sleep as the last, desperate act of the unchanged Tal Yan shamans.'
    Wiz says, 'The Tal Yan sealed their city, waiting for their living god to awake, after killing the last few loyal to the shamans.'
    Wiz says, 'It is believed that he stirs and nears wakefulness, and that the Tal Yan have emerged to prepare his way.'

    Yaladwen says, 'Is there any evidence showing favor to Kaezul by gods or any high powers?'

    Wiz says, 'Marlow appears to have struck some kind of pact with Kaezul, and her priests and Shadowknights have been seen assisting him.'

    Juuke says, 'As you just said Marlow has struck a deal with Kaezul. How does that fit with the iksar of grobb since they are also followers of Marlow'

    Wiz says, 'Far from all, are, but I said she APPEARS to have. Noone knows anything more than that followers of Marlow have been assisting baldakos and Kaezul.'
    Wiz says, 'All shadowknights, regardless of race, are her Chosen.'

    Xykscyr says, 'What advise can you offer us for the future of Dalaya..and our hopes here?'

    Wiz says, 'I cannot really advise... you must make your own futures.'

    Veruca says, 'Is it known why the corruption that's consumed such areas as the Badlands and the Gorge of the One-Eye hasn't spread to areas such as the Faydark?'

    Wiz says, 'The New World was entirely in the grip of corruption during the Return. The first act of the Return was the cleansing of Faydark. The corruption was scourged from the land through the gathering and destroying of creatures that were its focal point.'
    Wiz says, 'Unfortunately, no such creatures have been found in other corrupted areas.'
    Wiz says, 'It is theorized that since the New World was corrupted first, whatever method did so was imperfect, flawed.'
    Wiz says, 'And such considerably easier to remove.'

    Veruca says, 'What, precisely, are the Halls of Misery?'

    Wiz says, 'The Halls of Misery used to be a prison, formally under the control of Freeport, where magical deviants such as necromancers and worshippers of the various dark gods were locked away. When the armies of Kaezul arrived, the inmates turned on their wardens, successfully siezing control of the prison. A single written record from a guard who was left alive retells how Kaezul first dispatched of the weakest of the inmates.'
    Wiz says, 'Then, he walked up to the core, the very worst, the most powerful and devious of heretics and sorcerers, and proclaimed that they would know their reward. He changed their bodies, turning them into shadows, insubstansive, cold.'
    Wiz says, 'With a wailing, the shadows dispersed, and the army moved on.'
    Wiz says, 'For what motive or reason, we can again, only guess.'

    Allielyn says, 'what do th histories show that Baldakos is after?'

    Wiz says, 'A few known and recorded conversations hint that he is utterly loyal to Kaezul, and that he believes that the 'Great Lord's actions are for the greater good of the world. Through baptisation of war shall the weakest be scourged, and only the strongest of races and invididuals shall survive to carry on.'
    Wiz says, 'In other words, he wants to weed out all weak beings in Dalaya, so that its future may be all the more glorious.'
    Wiz says, 'Wheter this is his personal philosophy or the adopted philosophy of Kaezul is unknown.'

    Padori says, 'I noticed something recently, with the introduction of the Prophet. Prophesy seems to be scarce, if it exists at all. Are there more prophets than just one, and is any there any recorded prophesy worth mentioning?'

    Wiz says, 'Prophecy has little known history on Dalaya. Shamans claim to be able to see possible futures through the eyes of their spirits.'
    Wiz says, 'But as for true prophecy... who can say if such a thing once existed? So much has been lost.'

    Rythmendir says, 'Is this information currently, or will it soon be, publically available, say on the website or in books that can be purchased for a nominal fee?'

    Wiz says, 'The log of this will be posted, and as much as I have time with will be moved into ingame books.'
    Wiz says, 'There is a lot, and I'm the only writer on the team.'

    Allielyn says, 'what can you tell about the history of Newport? Was it only recently established or does it date back to the human tribes?'

    Wiz says, 'I covered this in the timeline earlier. It was made seven years ago.'

    Allielyn says, 'Newport, was it established upon a completely before uninhabited area, or was there an older settlement before that?'

    Wiz says, 'Former.'
    Wiz says, 'The area previously held some fishing villages.'
    Wiz says, 'Nothing of size.

    Veruca says, 'Excuse me if this was answered, but what is the current, mm, head of Newport? The lawmakers and so forth.'

    Wiz says, 'Newport is ruled by its Merchant Council, which consists of the most important merchant families in town.'
    Wiz says, 'Among others, the Ironforge family, the Dawnpride family.'
    Wiz says, 'The commander of the guard also has a seat on the council.'
    Wiz says, 'The Council of Merchants has very strong ties of alliance to the Silver Crown.'

    Kiynia says,'As much as i hate to ask, i promised i would...The corrupted animals in the badlands, are these from Kaezuel's wreckage or is this caused from another source?'

    Wiz says, 'The corruption is presumed to be Kaezul's handiwork.'
    Wiz says, 'It seems to originate from Highkeep.'
    Wiz says, 'The closer you get to Higkeep, the more animals and creatures are corrupted.'

    Allielyn says, 'what do the dragons get by following Kaezul? Why have they chosen his side, so to speak?'

    Wiz says, 'The Dragons do not follow Kaezul, but they believe he will leave them alone if they leave him alone.'
    Wiz says, 'They hope that he will weaken or destroy the giants, allowing them to rule the Great North unchallenged.'

    Allielyn says, 'and the gods, where do they weigh in, if I may ask?'

    Wiz says, 'Who can say?'
    Wiz says, 'The gods are beyond our comprehension. They are far too alien to truly understand.'

    Wiz says, 'If we're done, I have one last tale to recite. I shall be right back.'

    Baldakos says, 'I hope you enjoyed my tales.'
    Iaeolan says, 'must... attack'
    Baldakos says, 'You would die. A meaningless death.'
    Baldakos says, 'I have told you a number of things today, that you may better understand the world, and eventually accept that which is inevitable.'
    Baldakos says, 'Your way of life is doomed. It is weak, soft, and cannot sustain itself.'
    Tenshin says, 'We do not fear you Baldakos!'
    Baldakos says, 'But you do. You fear what I represent. You shouldn't, really.'
    Baldakos says, 'It is all so much simpler than this chaos in which you thrice.'
    Baldakos says, 'If you would but bow down and accept the inevitable... things would be much, much, easier.'
    Baldakos says, 'But ah... I expect nothing.'
    Allielyn says, 'but if we bowed, Baldakos, would we not be the same as the weaklings you wish to destroy?'
    Baldakos says, 'Ah, Allielyn. The marked.'
    Padori says, 'You want to weed out the weak and the soft, and yet you ask us to bow? Is this a test?'
    Baldakos says, 'To bow before the inevitable is not weakness, it is strength.'
    Baldakos says, 'The weak is the one who refuses to accept reality.'
    Baldakos says, 'Sheltering in their own addled minds.'
    Tenshin says, 'The people of this continent make their own destiny, You do not control it !'
    Baldakos says, 'No, I do not. He does.'
    Ashcambel says, 'It is weak not to follow your own ideal and to bow before you now is to break though ideals'
    Baldakos says, 'I am merely his General.'
    Baldakos says, 'As I said, I do not expect you to agree with me or grasp the truth.'
    Baldakos says, 'I expect you to fight until the very last, just like the tiresome old people.'
    Baldakos says, 'Retreating again and again and again.'
    Baldakos says, 'Refusing to surrender to the new order, the new way, the new truth.'
    Baldakos says, 'And what did they all have for this?'
    Baldakos says, 'Death.'
    Allielyn says, 'the question remains, though . .what would the world be in your remaking? Would it be better to be dead? From what I have seen of your conquered lands . . .'
    Baldakos says, 'Death, and worse.'
    Ashcambel says, 'We shall not retreat this time just become more numerus '
    Baldakos says, 'But you are retreating. You have learned nothing from last time. You have no unity, no strength.'
    Baldakos says, 'Individually, you are skilled.'
    Baldakos says, 'But together... you achieve no unity.'
    Tenshin says, 'The people are more resolute than ever, You will find us a much harder foe than in past times...'
    Baldakos says, 'And that is why you will fail again.'
    Baldakos says, 'It might take a bit longer.'
    Baldakos says, 'A few hundred years, perhaps?'
    Rabble says, 'He's right... we need a king'
    Baldakos says, 'Who can say, but really, it's not important.'
    Martanthalis says, 'Look about you.'
    Martanthalis says, 'Races and professions of all kinds stand before you.'
    Baldakos says, 'I see a pack of people who could possibly be bothered to act against me now that I have dropped down on their doorstep.'
    Baldakos says, 'The moment I leave this room you will revert to your old, squabbling self.'
    Tenshin says, 'Baldakos you come before us unarmed, Do you really think that little of us?'
    Baldakos chuckles softly.
    Baldakos says, 'Yes, I do think that little of you.'
    Juuke speaks over the crowd, "Bakdakos you are a man knowledge are you not?"
    Baldakos says, 'I know more than your entire collection of useless races together.'
    Baldakos says, 'I have studied, preserved, and learned, while you squandered away, happy in ignorance.'
    Baldakos says, 'So yes, you could say so.'
    Baldakos says, 'The Great Lord will reshape the world into something better in the end.'
    Rabble says, 'You will fall. As does everything.'
    Baldakos says, 'And what of it? I will have fallen for a greater purpose.'
    Baldakos says, 'Even so, I will live far, far longer than any of you.'
    Baldakos says, 'Kaezul's graces bring many gifts.'
    Allielyn says, 'if you consider being raised by the necromantic arts becoming immortal, that is . . '
    Baldakos says, 'Perhaps I will take the mantle of the liche, by choice.'
    Baldakos says, 'If it allowed me to continue my purpose.'
    Baldakos says, 'Which of you could say the same?'
    Baldakos says, 'No. I did not think so.'
    Baldakos says, 'So, shall we continue these tiresome taunts?'
    Baldakos says, 'You and I know as well that you taunt only because you are powerless to do anything else.'
    Allielyn says, 'I will not fight you now, Baldakos. But I will not bow, either.'
    Baldakos says, 'No, fighting would be rather meaningless, you would die and be given new bodies.'
    Baldakos says, 'And what would that achieve?'
    Baldakos says, 'Yes, but I do not wish to convince those who are weak of mind and will not see the truth for its source.'
    Baldakos says, 'That is why I revealed myself.'
    Baldakos says, 'I do not intend to trick anyone into the right path.'
    Baldakos says, 'Such would be meaningless.'
    Baldakos says, 'Only those who are worthy will find it.'
    Baldakos says, 'And only those who are worth have a future.'
    Allielyn says, 'ha! You would force anyone by necromantic arts, but you will not "trick" us? Your humor is rich, sir. Rich indeed'
    Baldakos says, 'Your logic is addled.'
    Baldakos says, 'I have nothing against enslaving the weak.'
    Baldakos says, 'If they can serve a purpose, so much the better.'
    Juuke says, 'I am Taldorian of knowledge. I seek to learn more of the worlde Baldakos. Not conquer or destroy it. To do so would go against the teaching of Malath.'
    Baldakos says, 'But the purpose of today's lesson was to open a few minds to the realities of this world.'
    Tenshin says, 'How twisted some elves have become....'
    Baldakos smiles coldly at Tenshin.
    Baldakos says, 'I will take that as a compliment.'
    Baldakos says, 'I would not wish your pathetic, meaningless existance even if the alternative was death.'
    Kemper says, 'So Baldakos, are you done taunting us now? Or did you have a further purpose for this meeting?'
    Baldakos says, 'I will not speak for my master, only for myself.'
    Baldakos says, 'I will cleanse this world of all its weak. Those who are strong, those who understand, will join me.'
    Baldakos says, 'And from the remnant will new races spring forth, races that are not afraid to act, races that are not divided by petty bickering and selfish pursuits.'
    Juuke says, 'So speaks a betrayer of his own people. You treachery is even known to the Taldorians.'
    Baldakos says, 'I betrayed only the weak.'
    Tenshin says, 'You wish to cleanse the land with the blood of the innocent, the cycle continues again...'
    Baldakos says, 'Innocent? What defines an innocent, pray tell?'
    Siquros says, 'Who are you to determine those who are weak and worthy of being spared your malice?'
    Baldakos says, 'I am Baldakos. Called the Betrayer. Didn't we establish that already?'
    Tenshin says, 'The innocent are those who do not wish to dominate those weaker than themselves'
    Baldakos says, 'Oh, so the innocent are the meek?'
    Baldakos says, 'I was not aware the two words were interchangeable.'
    Baldakos says, 'Perhaps you should alert the scholars of this place to your ingenious new discovery in the realm of language.'
    Juuke says, 'Baldakos because of you and your weapons children were slaughtered.'
    Baldakos says, 'Unfortunate. But their parents were weak.'
    Baldakos says, 'They were likely to have grown up to be similar.'
    Tenshin says, 'Baldakos, the people will not sit idly by, while you desire nothing more than our extinction, Prepare your legions for a battle among battles'
    Baldakos says, 'Idle words.'
    Baldakos says, 'You will only battle if we invade.'
    Baldakos says, 'You are far too weak to ever strike back.'
    Baldakos says, 'In fact, there is no reason to invade, when you are presently weakening yourselves even further, without my help.'
    Baldakos says, 'We can bide our time until you are too fragmented to even put up curosry resist.'
    Allielyn says, 'can you hope to unite your own faction? What of Newport? And Erudin?'
    Baldakos says, 'Perhaps some of what I told you is actually sticking, little Allielyn.'
    Allielyn says, 'No Baldakos, I deny you! '
    Baldakos says, 'Really? And why is that?'
    Allielyn says, 'but if I can badger these useless, divided ones into something that can resist, then . .'
    Baldakos says, 'Then you'll fight a while longer before you all die?'
    Allielyn says, 'perhaps I can avoid the fate that I am sure you intend for all of us.'
    Baldakos says, 'A grand plan.'
    Tenshin says, 'Even if we die, our cause can never be killed'
    Baldakos says, 'Causes, in fact, die all the time.'
    Tenshin says, 'We are a cause unlike any you have ever seen'
    Baldakos says, 'I have seen a lot of causes.'
    Baldakos says, 'I have seen them all crumble beneath the weights of dissent and ego-centrism.'
    Baldakos says, 'All, but one.'
    Baldakos says, 'My people, my own Third Blood, had grown weak. Soft and complacent, we resigned to bickering with ourselves and fighting over what scraps of power the High King tossed us.'
    Baldakos says, 'A scourging was needed.'
    Baldakos says, 'If that is to betray, then betrayal is a noble thing indeed.'
    Baldakos says, 'Yes, I prey on the weak.'
    Baldakos says, 'Such is the natural order.'
    Tenshin says, 'You do not have the right to decide If others live or die'
    Baldakos says, 'And who does?'
    Jeric says, 'No one.'
    Baldakos says, 'The truth is that the right to decide if others live or die belongs to whoever has the power to take their life.'
    Allielyn says, 'the creator, perhaps. If He is aware of what he has created. .
    Baldakos says, 'Ideals are well and nice, but will ideals turn my blade when I slit your throat?'
    Baldakos says, 'Power is power.'
    Rythmendir says, 'And power, clearly corrupts.'
    Baldakos says, 'And in turn, who are you to decide what is corrupt and what is noble?'
    Baldakos says, 'There seems to be logical holes large enough for an army to march through in your precious ideology.'
    Baldakos says, 'The only way you could possible succeed is by shedding your weakness for strength.'
    Baldakos says, 'ANd if you do, you might as well join.'
    Baldakos says, 'I'm not interested in a challenge, really.'
    Baldakos says, 'I'm hoping a few of you poor souls will come to see the truth.'
    Kemper says, 'Hmm Baldakos the Recruiter then. You shall find no takers in this group.'
    Fennas says, 'If our strength surpases yours General, will you then turn your back on Kaezul and join us as you did to your own long ago?'
    Baldakos says, 'If you were to somehow gain a strength greater than his, a purpose greater than this - which is about as probable as this house jumping up and going for a vacation to the Storm Sea, mind you - then yes, I would have no qualms.'
    Baldakos says, 'I don't 'ask'. If you are interested in my offer, you will find a way to approach me. I offer purpose and strength, unity under Kaezul, and a new, glorious world for those strong enough to take it.'
    Baldakos says, 'I don't really much care if any of you accept.'
    Baldakos says, 'Of course, there is one among you who is mine already.'
    Baldakos says, 'She and her friends dealt with the wrong creature.'
    Baldakos says, 'Most of them are dead now.'
    Baldakos says, 'Truly dead.'
    Baldakos says, 'They were weak.'
    Jeric says, 'As are you betrayer.'
    Jeric says, 'As are you betrayer.'
    Baldakos says, 'Do you not tire of them eventualy?'
    Baldakos says, 'Are you hoping they will suddenly achieve some grand, unheard of effect?'
    Baldakos says, 'Or are you only lashing out in hopelessness?'
    Baldakos says, 'My marked one, show proper respect, will you now?'
    Allielyn kneels before Baldakos in humility and reverence.
    Baldakos says, 'Yes. Much better.'
    Baldakos says, 'Look at her, how she serves involuntarily.'
    Baldakos says, 'A rather miserable fate, is it not?'
    Baldakos says, 'In my mind, it is greater than your fates, for you are nothing.'
    Baldakos says, 'But consider that this is what you will achieve with your resistance.'
    Tenshin says, 'Allielyn, stand on your own legs, You need not this man to carry you'
    Allielyn twists her mouth in a grimace, unable to speak.
    Baldakos pats Allielyn on the head.
    Baldakos says, 'I'm afraid you're not really going to help her with words.'
    Allielyn remains on her knees, glaring at Baldakos.
    Baldakos says, 'You can stand.'
    Allielyn stands, disjointedly.
    Tenshin says, 'I will battle to free Allielyn from his wretched grasp'
    Baldakos says, 'How noble.'
    Baldakos says, 'Come then, and duel me for the key to her shackles.'
    Allielyn says, 'stand back! you can do nothing with your foolish show of force, Tenshin, except get yourself killed or serve as I do'
    Baldakos says, 'Show the strength of your 'association''
    Rabble says, 'Show him, Tenshin!'
    Baldakos says, 'Yes, show me, Tenshin.'
    Baldakos says, 'Try your weapons.'
    Baldakos says, 'I don't think your bard tricks are going to work.'
    Allielyn twists her lips in a rueful smile.
    Baldakos laughs slightly.
    Rabble says, 'He broke your weapon??'
    Tenshin says, 'Indeed'
    Baldakos touches the band lightly with a hand. A thin thread of mist starts swirling from it.
    Tenshin assumes a defensive combat stance.
    Baldakos holds the band up, as the mist starts coiling towards Tenshin.
    Baldakos hit Tenshin for 13200 points of non-melee damage.
    Baldakos has defeated Tenshin in a duel to the death!
    Tenshin has been slain by Baldakos!
    Baldakos laughs a slight, chill, laugh, the mist retracting back into the band.
    Baldakos says, 'We can kill for the final time, as well.'
    Baldakos says, 'It just takes a little more effort.'
    Baldakos says, 'I leave you now.'
    Baldakos says, 'Farewell, misguided ones. Perhaps I shall return to share some more of the lore you are ignorant of.'
    Baldakos says, 'And you.'
    Allielyn kneels before Baldakos in humility and reverence.
    Baldakos says, 'You have evaded my attention for some time. Matters have kept me occupied, I'm afraid. Rest assured that you will soon be running my errands again.'
    Baldakos says, 'You need not worry, they are far too weak to dispose of the known traitor.'
    Baldakos leers.
    Allielyn says, 'but why . . '
    Baldakos says, 'That you may have purpose, girl.'
    Allielyn nods glumly.
    Baldakos says, 'In fact, you should join these 'Bearers of Truth', was it?'
    Baldakos says, 'I'm sure they will attempt to save you, with many amusing debacles to follow.'
    Allielyn shakes her head in disbelief.
    Baldakos says, 'There! Perfect.'
    Baldakos says, 'Goodbye, all of you.'
    Baldakos says, 'I hope you miserable existances do not drag out for too long.'
    Baldakos says, 'After all, I an a compassionate man.'
    Allielyn sinks to her knees with exhaustion and weariness. Sweat streaks her face as she trembles.
    Kemper says, 'He was right though. Without the unity of the free people, we are doomed.'
  2. Bernat

    Bernat Dalayan Beginner

    Nov 28, 2004
    Thanks for the transcript. A pity I wasn't able to attend the event because I had to go and have some sleep :(.

    Let's say a little prayer for Tenshin, the only brave enough to face Baldakos. Well, there's only a step between bravery and madness, but I hope it's the former ;).
  3. Fangor||Sashik

    Fangor||Sashik Dalayan Beginner

    Sep 29, 2005
    I wish i was there, my brother Sashik and I, would have asked Baldakos to take us in as apprentices and join his army. If only the evil beings of these lands could join him . ..

    (OOC: Perhaps inplment a way to join the free side (good) and baldakos sides(evil), like a char flag or something. This could lead to good events like a war each side fighting and lke something changes on the game for a week then we war again it and goes back and forth. I want to be evil i dont want to be good, thats mostly the choice now. I would love a pvp war but you could have monsters/npcs in it too by giving the characters that are on the evil side positive faction with the npcs in the war and vice versa with the good side. Just a thought, but i dont want to be a good player i want to be evil, maybe some type of choice. Cause if i was at the lore telling i would of told everyone off and try to convince them to join baldakos and tryed helping him. just a thought,)
  4. Bernat

    Bernat Dalayan Beginner

    Nov 28, 2004
    Grommok takes a book titled "Histories of the Past" from his packpack and reads:

    "When Kaezul came, he made individual pacts of non-aggression with all the city-states there to prevent them from teaming up and slaughtered them one by one in quick succesion. Slaughtered - not conquered. He had no use for more lands or followers and it would just be a source of rebellion."

    He then remembers Baldakos words:

    "I will cleanse this world of all its weak. Those who are strong, those who understand, will join me."

    - Dis just history repeating?
  5. Allielyn

    Allielyn *Pony*

    Apr 29, 2005
    char flag

    Ah, my dear Fangor. If you would truly like to join Baldakos, He will find you, rest assured.

    (OOC: who needs a character flag? Work undercover! The horror of your betrayal is more complete that way.)
  6. Dadi

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    Sep 18, 2005
    What does "kill for the final time mean"? Taken with the other comment about getting new bodies(what normally happens when you die) does the second statement imply you would be permamently dead?
  7. Allielyn

    Allielyn *Pony*

    Apr 29, 2005
    permanently dead

    That is the implication, yes . . I was not the only one Marked and claimed by Baldakos . . and yet I never see the others. . .
  8. Darian Maliken

    Darian Maliken Dalayan Beginner

    Sep 19, 2005
    Very interesting, albeit disturbing, events when looked at from a calm detatched point of view. A pity at the time I couldn't make any of the points or ask any of the questions I'd actually wanted asked.
  9. glomobius

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    Jun 3, 2005
    Re: char flag

    [OOC: I like the sound of that! >:)]
  10. Fangor||Sashik

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    Sep 29, 2005
    I have talked with other people intereste din being on Kaezul's side, they will remain unname but be wary there are people i nthe bearers of truth who are for kaezul :)
  11. Bernat

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    Nov 28, 2004
    Me thinks da elvs were the first to ally wiz Kaezul.
  12. iaeolan

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    Jun 19, 2005
    WTB faction based pvp =D
    give kaezul chars the orange 'darkie' names
  13. neodiahs

    neodiahs Guest

    I must truly say that this bit of lore had me stunned and smiling the whole time i read it. Now this is the kind of stuff i like to read! I see tihis as proof of a great staff team that actually has passion for story and lore.
  14. iaeolan

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    Jun 19, 2005
    I would like to see some more event dates added to fill in between 47 and 53.
    Stuff to fill in the new crowd. Athica, The Hierophant, The Prophet, etc
  15. Vartenaal

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    Mar 6, 2008
    damn, awesome bit of lore folks, sure brightened up my day at work:) keep up the good work. but u know if we added some pie elements into this story it might make it even cooler, cause whats an evil villain that doesnt like pie?

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