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    After the latest update I read in the notes that "Faction-bound items will now correctly be destroyed if sufficient faction is lost". Well after logging in on Yaemz, I had a message about "Your Captain's Insignia of Althuna crumbles to dust..." which alarmed me until I checked my gear and I still had it. I zoned a few times with it still in my armor, so I figured it must be a message by mistake due to the last update...

    Now tonight I was playing and checking over my gear, and my diety aug is now gone... But my /cm stats says "
    Yaemz's alignment is LAWFUL GOOD [HIGHLY LAWFUL, COMPLETELY GOOD]" along with "Yaemz's alignment is perfectly matched with that of Althuna. Yaemz gains a 15% bonus to their specializations."

    Now I know I did take one accidental faction hit like 5 years ago or something, when I healed a player who it turned out had attacked an Althuna npc in town. But still, this seems a bit extreme.

    Also, my diety gate necklace is gone... I can only assume it crumbled too?

    So, is there anything that can be done? Can a GM restore it? Or for a Lore friendly way, maybe create a quest for simple faction repair with aug and gate neck restoration if I pay Althuna's Voice in Sea of Swords a 100kpp tribute?

    Yaemz Maktoum
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    Based on what you've said, it sounds to me like this should not have been possible. If some stranger were engaged in combat with a mob labeled (Althuna), then shouldn't spells cast on that stranger by an Althuna follower have given red text to the effect of "Your spell cannot affect this target"? This is what happens when a follower and non-follower attempt to use spells on each other in a plane. However, I peeked at Yaemz's faction and can see that you have worse faction with Althuna than with Emberflow mobs, for instance. Either I'm misunderstanding the engage rules when it comes to deity mobs, or there's a flaw in the system somewhere (possibly unique to Althuna due to faction overlap with PAL/CLR guilds).

    This is a permanent blemish on your character that can never be overcome, so I can understand your frustration. @Taryth is probably the best suited to figuring out the proper course of action.
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