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    Prestige is a casual raiding guild, currently just starting over. Our primary focus is not raiding, but to play SoD to have fun. If you're looking for a hard core guild, you're looking in the wrong place. We will raid, once we get a force. and will probably get scummed in for rots in raids once in a while, but not a PL gonna put you in T10 deal.

    Minimum requirements:

    - Level 55.
    - MQ in progress, or at least know what it is
    - SC, CoI or BS in progress (see above)
    - Pretty sure this incarnation will kill dragons. So yeah.

    If you are prone to drama, do us both a favor & don't bother to apply. There's been enough drama in the past, we don't want it in the future. I am the only drama queen allowed in this guild now (and even I don't have time right now). I don't care if you're an alt X, Y Z in another guild, as long as you keep the drama away from *this* guild and don't try to make it into a personal feeder guild. Yes, Xerokine, I mean you!

    Exactly what that says. I have a life, and I honestly don't play much (unless you count the hours spent on fishers while reading textbooks). If you feel you are officer or RL material, then I'll give you a shot. Recruit for us. There's a gap for low levels I'd love to fill again with the tag.

    If you're interested, contact a member in game, or PM. Forums are at Prestige boards.

    I'm usually lurking on Vischerly if you want to talk to me directly.

    Current openings

    See above

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