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    [Fri Sep 27 19:59:21 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Hello! We will be starting in a few minutes after I eat this taco. Get your questions ready.'
    [Fri Sep 27 19:59:25 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'That was not a euphemism.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:01:15 2013] You broadcast, 'I too am eating a taco'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:01:18 2013] You broadcast, 'What a coincidence'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:03:02 2013] GM-Nowaij BROADCASTS, '(In reality our admins are just one real person with a split personality, but don't tell them that I told you!)'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:12:59 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Okay this is how this is going to work!'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:13:05 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We have quite a few email questions.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:13:26 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you are in game and want a question, /join questions. That channel will be just for question asking'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:14:32 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Again, /join Questions if you want to ask a question! That channel will que things up. The questions can be about lore, game mechanics, future plans, or anything else.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:14:40 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The question will be asked and answered in broadcast.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:15:46 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'To ask a question, /join Questions and then simply ask your question. It will not be shown in the channel, but it will automatically queu up for us.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:17:47 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Took 4 questions for someone to ask about berserkers.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:17:51 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But we shall start from the top!'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:18:34 2013] You broadcast, 'Are there any plants to add bane damage to tier 13 items?'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:18:59 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Like a ficus?'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:19:07 2013] You broadcast, 'Plans or plants, either way'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:20:08 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'I won't go back over why we changed bane in general too much, but basically for those who do not know bane on equipment now increases all your damage to whatever race the bane is geared towards by a set &PCT;. At the moment it is set at 1&PCT; per level.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:20:34 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'When we were going through items to add the new bane to, we attempted as best as we can to add them to items that were lackluster or in places that were not often traveled to.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:20:58 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'That could not happen everywhere, but at the very least it was the attempt of it.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:21:44 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The latest tiers were extremely hard to find items that were within those categories, partly because the fact that the highest tiers are not fleshed out with as many mobs as those below it.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:22:19 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'So the answer is obviously 'yes', and there are also a few spots where we put them in upper tiers that are not found as of yet - albeit not many.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:22:38 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will the listsold system be replaced?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:01 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Possibly! This one is actually fun to answer, and the 2.5/3.0 team can chime in.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:24 2013] Dev-Taryth BROADCASTS, 'We think so, it's just a bit further down the priority list'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:36 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'With the new client, we have access to the bazaar window.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:51 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'I would very very much like to utilize the bazaar window itself in our system in some form.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:56 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'I prefer a good implementation of player merchants to the list system. This is my opinion. Signed, Admin-Slaar.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:23:59 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But that is a bit down the line.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:24:23 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yeah so I guess the answer is yes we want to replace it, but we have not hashed it out yet.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:25:11 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: How much damage absorb does STA overcap add?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:26:25 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'That is a tough one to answer succinctly because the Damage calculation formula is REALLY complicated. So many variables go into it that I cannot just give you one answer or even a meaningful range of answers SORRY! Signed, Admin-Slaar.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:27:11 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you want to post that one on the thread in the forums, we can likely give you a better answer. It is based on a lot of stuff.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:28:09 2013] You broadcast, 'What's the reasoning for Marza's content being nerfed?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:29:24 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Marza's content is not the only thing being nerfed and, in fact, much of it was made better. However, I will take the question directly and say that Marza's wonderful content (which I truly enjoy) did not fit with the 7 years of existing content. It would be perfect in a different game!'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:30:35 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'I have posted the answer to this question about 100 times so read the forums =) Signed, Admin-Slaar.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:30:51 2013] You broadcast, 'In regard to the whole Wer`zarad/Myr`zarad situation, what happened to the former and why was the latter locked away eons ago? Was this eons ago? And why are The Four still worried about this dragon?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:33:53 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Well, the two are the first """mortal""" thing created by The Four after the peace was signed in Thazeran's Tower. I put mortal in quotes because compared to the rest of the mortals put on the world, the first dragons had alot more power in their creation. Myr'Zarad and Wyr'Zarad are the first two dragons. They were made imperfectly but in a subtle way. The corruption in them spread slowly. Myr'Zarad was the first one to be created and quickly went insane with the knowledge of creation.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:34:37 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Wyr'Zarad dissappeared at the same time... his location is known only to a rare few.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:35:01 2013] GM-Nowaij BROADCASTS, 'Wer'Zarad, not Wyr'Zarad'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:35:34 2013] You broadcast, 'Are berserkers planned for 3.0?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:35:42 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'N O !'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:35:47 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'No. We have not ruled out making a new class, though.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:35:56 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But berserkers were not done well on live.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:36:07 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'In the staff's opinion.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:36:19 2013] You broadcast, 'There's already a lot of classes in the game and adding more to find into raid roles is difficult'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:37:20 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will we as players ever be able to clear out Nagthilian in the way Kelethin was freed from the mist?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:38:55 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Possibly! It is a huge undertaking from a logistical perspective. Also, we have only recently been pushing tons of newbie quests throughout the starting zones. Adding another one until we finish that project is not happening.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:39:07 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But the possibility of the zone returning as a dungeon or crawl... thats possible.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:39:58 2013] You broadcast, 'Is Baldakos in Prophet's Landing a raid mob who can be killed or is he only there to kill people?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:41:10 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'He is engagable, but I do not think anyone is going to kill him any time soon.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:41:26 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'He wil make a much bigger appearance in phase II.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:41:27 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Also he's not there to kill people he's there to check up on Prophet's Landing.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:41:38 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yeah I mean he is the prophet obv.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:42:11 2013] GM-Nowaij BROADCASTS, 'Killing people really is just kinda a hobby to him.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:42:51 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will there be soloable/groupable content for Skyfire?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:43:18 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'It's very rare that we actually plan for content to be soloable (except for rare instances) but people do find a way to manage.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:43:35 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Skyfire is also the third to last zone to be released in phase 2.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:46:15 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Who/what was Malath? We have plenty of elemental spirits playing god, but apparently he wasn't an elemental spirit yet he stilled played god, so what was he?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:47:56 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Malath is like the Demiurge figure in Gnostic philosophy. Imagine him as a Clockwork who actually figured out the secret and used his powers to create life rather than to make himself immortal.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:48:43 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'After he was powerful enough to shape creation, he made his own little place (The Lands of Magic). Then he figured out how to create life, and made the Ysthar, Akheva and Taldorians.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:48:55 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Until the four took notice of his growing power, and kaboom.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:51:01 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Will there be modifications to the Codex of Power?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:51:58 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'I hope so. We are still discussing what exactly we want to do, and we know that everyone has different opinions on what should be done. At the very least we are going to be modifying the exp slog to 65+++ in general. I think that will include CoP change, but at this point I am not as sure as I was.'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:54:05 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'What about Spell Descriptions? When / how will they be fixed?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:54:48 2013] You broadcast, 'Spell descriptions are fairly easy to add, however the difficult part is writing out a description for each spell and putting them all in. We have somebody who has offered to generate a bunch of descriptions and customize them to each spell line, but we aren't sure when they'll be done'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:55:48 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'How does invigorate and Acumen Affect warrior endurAnce since they provide sta regen and warriors generate stamina etc etc?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:56:29 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'That is not actually how stamina spells work.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:56:44 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'They do not regenerate stamina, they take a &PCT; off of each tick of stamina drained.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:56:54 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'So they make you lose stamina less quickly, which helps out everyone.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:57:51 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Actually that might not be the case for warriors.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:57:56 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Jumbers going to weigh in.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:58:12 2013] You broadcast, 'For warriors, stamina regeneration spells such as acumen increase the rate at which you gain endurance from combat, so having more will make your bar fill faster'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:58:40 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Seeing as the original EQ software is getting older and older and harder to find are there any plans to create a way for potential new players to better find their way to SoD?'

    [Fri Sep 27 20:59:26 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'You can use the F2P one right now and 3.0 will use a very modern client.'
    [Fri Sep 27 20:59:40 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Unless he meant once in the game.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:00:26 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'In which case a lot of effort has gone into making new newbie quests throughout the game. We also have a new starting guide that includes installation using the f2p installer, and starting area guides to show people exactly where stuff is.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:00:47 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We also are spending thousands on advertisements over the next few months.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:00:52 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will Thurgadin class-specific quest rewards become expable?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:00:53 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Which might help out.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:02:15 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Expable items are a tricky situation and I would like to keep their use reasonably limited. When we made Starfall items expable it was with the direct and plain assertion that it would not propogate to Thurg items. The ideal expable item is not-great with 0 exp and pretty-great with full exp.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:02:39 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'It's tough to sell a not-great item as a quest reward. It's like winning a lease on a car. '

    [Fri Sep 27 21:04:55 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Next question: Do you need dev/gm/admin help?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:06:15 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: Yes. Longer answer: You will probably not be a GM by applying, but Dev applications are always accepted. Make sure you include a write-up of proposed content along with your application and also realize that more Devs have quit after a week or than I care to count. It's a lot of work and the rewards you have to find for yourself!'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:06:33 2013] Monklin BROADCASTS, 'Will an item that has overcap tracking skill have any effect on tracking?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:06:55 2013] You broadcast, 'Also server team apps can be sent to me if you want to do cool stuff like web coding and whatnot'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:07:37 2013] You broadcast, 'Overcap tracking acts the same as normal points of track. Each additional point increases your tracking range by a number of units based on your class. Rangers see the farther, then druids, then bards'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:07:44 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Will you be able to fix the clipping issue with certain graphics cards?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:07:54 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Yes, 3.0 will address / fix these things.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:07:56 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yes!!!! 2.5 fixed that bug and more!'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:01 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, '3.0 will as well.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:11 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Is it out of the question to ever go to an EQEmu of P99 login server?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:21 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: 3.0 will probably be that situation.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:38 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Not at all. 2.5 will not allow us to, but 3.0 will give us that option. We will likely have two login servers, one our own and one the Eqemu community one.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:37 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Can we expect to see more tomes implemented in the future?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:44 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Asnwer: I hate tomes but yes probably.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:08:55 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Will we ever see LOIO again?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:09:00 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: Yes, it's part of Phase 2.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:09:15 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The LOIO concept is really cool, too.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:09:23 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Any timetable for the unfinished Deity Aug Quests?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:09:24 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'It is basically one big event that encompasses the entire zone.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:09:44 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: I have never seen a timetable for any content release ever in my entire life.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:10:20 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you want to submit ideas for deity quests, that would be awesome too.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:12:03 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Could you elaborate on the lore behind some of the phase 2 content?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:14:06 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Phase 1 of Ikisith is primarily the player journeying into a new land and establishing themselves in a very hostile environment. Staying under Kaezul's radar is essential, and the weapons he utilizes are overpowering. Phase 2 reverses that a little. It uncovers the truth behind Kaezul's power, and gives the player a quest to counteract the Kaezulian mist weapons. By the end of Phase 2, Kaezul is aware of the players presence and is pissed. That is what leads up to the final confrontation.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:14:54 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'There are Five raid zones in Phase 2. 4 in the major story arc, and 1 side zone.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:15:31 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Right now, we have two zones of Phase 2 nearly done. '
    [Fri Sep 27 21:15:42 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'And one raid zone half done.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:15:52 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Slaar could release the raid zone with one good weekend's effort.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:16:07 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will language skills ever be used?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:16:48 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Not in the way they were on live, because that was stupid. However, I would love to do something like the Fae language in the trees for the rest of the languages.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:17:04 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'But officially, no plans.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:20:29 2013] VPounder BROADCASTS, 'Is there an ETA for Ikky phase 2?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:22:47 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'There is no official Release Date for ikisith phase 2. There was one a million years ago but so much has happened between then and now so much content added and so many fundamental game changes... we fully intend to finish it, of course, but the amount of work that superceded it is staggering.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:22:56 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Also'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:23:04 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We did decide that we are doing it zone by zone.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:23:18 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Not one huge release. '

    [Fri Sep 27 21:24:51 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Is the Jyre Quest made only for Bango or can other people do the quest at some time also?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:25:47 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'While there's no getting around the fact that the quest had an initial audience of one man, the content is accessible by any of the proper class. I am personally interested in seeing another class do it so we can finalize the balance on the quest content so get to it, other people.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:26:28 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will the new tradeskill window be implemented, and if so, will anything be done to mitigate trivializing tradeskills in general?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:27:17 2013] You broadcast, 'The tradeskill window comes as part of the 2.5 or 3.0 client and we don't have any plans to remove it. It likely will require some serverside support so it may not make it into 2.5, but it will be in 3.0 for sure'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:27:32 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will there be new options for race / class combinations available in 2.5/3.0?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:27:45 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Not as far as combinations. We might add a new class in the future.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:28:03 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We will have access to a new race though, if we wanted to add them at some point.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:28:12 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But they are pretty generic..'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:29:03 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Any chance of replacing gate necks with some kind of gate hub?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:29:17 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'There is a gate hub it's called Mansion of Portals. (???)'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:29:30 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you mean like a central place where you go and then pick where to go from there, no plans as of yet.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:30:05 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Except... the Mansion of Portals...'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:30:46 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Will there ever be mounts like horses and elhasaurs?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:31:08 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Possibly. The new client gives us some awesome options.... but they will not be implemented like they were on live. We are not sure, to be honest.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:31:17 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But we do get a lot of new options with the new client in 2.5'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:31:26 2013] You broadcast, 'Also they require new models and the new models are gross'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:31:28 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Including this giant robotic boar with a curly que tail.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:33:27 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Have you ever thought of doing your own MMO outside of the EQ engine, maybe using Kickstarter for funding?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:33:32 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: Every nerd has that dream.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:33:49 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yes. Kickstarter is a hard one with all the game stuff it is spammed with.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:34:25 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: also bacon salad'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:34:31 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Answer: Bagel.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:34:40 2013] You broadcast, 'I'm not sure how to answer that one, but I approve'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:35:08 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Can the Q&A session be posted on the forums for people who missed it?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:35:15 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'It will be.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:35:26 2013] You broadcast, 'Yeah that was mentioned in the announcement also'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:37:24 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will alcohol tolerance skill ever be worked into a raid boss encounter? '

    [Fri Sep 27 21:37:39 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Possibly, but likely not. The whole drinking thing is highly client side.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:37:49 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Why does Grow work on Ogres but not Gnomes? Can you remedy this grave injustice?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:38:28 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'BECAUSE OF MATH. Grow adds 33&PCT; to a mob's size and gnomes are size '3' so that makes their result size 3.99 or as c++ calls it '3'.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:38:37 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'This is funny, but I should probably fix it.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:38:58 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to make PvP better? Also trade skills!?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:39:39 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'PVP is not a priority, but there are some cool ideas that have been tossed around. It would still take a ton of work. Basically it would need an entire different spell and melee system when you are targetting another player to be able to balance the classes.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:39:50 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Tradeskills absolutely. Tinkering for one, and better containers for another.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:40:56 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: Natives of Ikisith worship the sun, Elael. How come the super powerful and power hungry elemental gods of Dalaya allow them to follow their heathen ways?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:42:26 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'They do not really care to be honest. Ikisith is a backwater, and the races that were first placed there had very little in the way of communication with the rest of the world until Kaezul mobilized them for war. That means that they were separate from the races that truly knew about the gods like the Dragons and the Giants.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:42:36 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'So they decided to worship the Sun. '
    [Fri Sep 27 21:42:40 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Elael'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:43:07 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The elemental gods are real in a more visceral sense, but they do not care specifically about mortals other than when it suits them.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:43:19 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are things like unequiping a particular slot, or gear in general, as part of a raid boss encounter an option in general? If possible, is that something that could be considered for future raid development mechanics?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:43:39 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'That fight exists already sorta (more than once). Maybe you can find it????'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:44:04 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Any plans to implement the research tradeskill?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:44:13 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Not off the table, but not as of now.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:44:38 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'I have had 3 good ideas for reasearch but doing a full tradeskill from scratch is the biggest task in the world.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:46:10 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'When items or mechanics are nerfed, is the amount of time said things have existed considered in the nerf?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:48:31 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Yes, of course. But maybe not in the way you are meaning. First: Usually we hope that an Item is not as disruptive as it appears. Second, sometimes 1 or 2 people having an item is not really a problem so it flies under the radar, but with time and density eventually the problems become evident. Third: People who do content first just plain have an advantage somtimes. This is because doing new content first is REALLY ANNOYING FOR ALL INVOLVED. This question has been answered before.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:49:12 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'There also are real downsides to doing content first.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:47:50 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: What's the story behind the Elthannar family? How did they become vampires?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:50:37 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The Elthannar's were the kings of the old world. After Kaezul defeated Highkeep, the Elthannar's were buried or fled to their ancestrial home in the Lesser Faydark.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:51:32 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Tarlisha was the ancient vampire that Kaezul used to assasinate the king. It is her where the vampiric curse started.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:51:59 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will there be any new ways to enter Ikisith or changes to the existing methods to enter Ikisith? Is there any reasoning behind the solo entry quest as it stands or ways around this method?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:53:01 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'I don't think we're going to change the entry quest for Ikisith. It's a neat little thing that shouldn't give anyone much trouble after a few tries. It was annoying the first couple days when there was a line 20 poeple long but now that you can just walk up and do it, it's not that bad.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:53:23 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'It acts as an important cut scene, too..'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:53:52 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will 2.5 / 3.0 add new spells?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:02 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'imagine if i said no'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:24 2013] Dev-Taryth BROADCASTS, 'We certainly have that option, and more flexibility as to *what* we can do, too'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:27 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Well, there is another way to take the question! We do get access to a few new spell TYPES.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:33 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yeah Taryth said it.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:44 2013] You broadcast, 'We incrementally add spells all the time, but there's no plan to just release a whole bunch of spells at once when we switch over'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:54:47 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Also when you cast a port spell a ltieral portal literally shows up that you can literally see through them.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:55:13 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Also we get access to the bolt type spells of live.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:55:23 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to make pets more scalable?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:55:28 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Yes, we are going to allow the functionality to climb up your pet like a ladder.'
    [Fri Sep 27 21:57:03 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'For the pet question, we always try to do right by all the classes. Usually this is in fight design but rarely it involves adjustments to classes. So maybe?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:57:24 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to make more quests for level 65 characters? Such as daily quests in the theme of bounties?'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:58:46 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Yes, I have actually done like 80&PCT; of the work for tradeskill dailies but there is a lot of writing. I wouldn't mind doing a thing like a LDON (??) where you do a Daily Dungeon and then get an exp thing at the end.'

    [Fri Sep 27 21:59:41 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Is the sword 'Adversity' ever going to get a graphics update?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:02:02 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Sorry you do not like it but it does have a graphic!'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:03:49 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans on adding more adepts? Can aug slots be added to adept loots that lack them?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:04:44 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'There is one new adept that is very recent! I have another one that is actually all done that I am on the fence about putting in as well. If an adept loot is lacking an aug slot you should post that in the forums and we can take a look.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:05:20 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'You can also /bug or /petition loot that is missing aug slot or is otherwise bugged'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:07:29 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there plans to raise the content to t14-15 after 2.5 is released?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:08:56 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Well, first off there have been a lot of times in the servers history where people got to the highest tier without new ones being done. Right now we are focusing on the client, fixing bugs and improving the leveling experience. We absolutely want to add more raid content, and Phase 2 Ikisith will have a good mix of tier 11+ content, including higher tiers.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:09:09 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Also the new client opens up another 100 or so zones for us to use.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:09:22 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Which can mean very very different and exciting places to incorporate in the world.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:11:14 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Questions: Will shrouds ever be implemented?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:12:39 2013] You broadcast, 'Shrouds are essentially a way to temporarily delevel yourself with a separate inventory and set of spells, stats, etc. Shrouds are not currently planned. The main hurdle right now is that EQEmu hasn't managed to decode any of the packets used to implement the functionality, so it would all need to be reverse engineered. We would love to put this in eventually, but until it makes it into the EQEmu codebase it won't be possible'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:14:19 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you have a really good question, ask now. We are going to start winding down.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:14:27 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to fix the Prime Enchanter 1hb or replace it with a different clicky?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:14:29 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Not sure, you can post about this in Balancing Discussion.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:15:12 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'If a person wanted to apply as a Dev for tradeskills how would they go about it?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:16:27 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'Send me a message on the boards, include actual content ideas with your application. Realize that devving is more work than you think it is and doing tradeskill work is more aggravating and time-intensive than making raid fights. Also realize the other downsides of being a Dev before applying. Okay thank you.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:17:28 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Come Dev, it might be a headache sometimes, but also a lot of fun!'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:16:43 2013] You broadcast, 'Who are the Razad? What happened to the Ikisith 1.0 subtitle of "Secrets of the Razad"? Do they have any connection to the mobs in Runnyeye basement?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:18:15 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'First, there is no connection with Runnyeye. That was Dev-Thinkmeats going berserk and using all the cool models left unused in the game. As for the Razad, little is known about them. They are inhabitants of Ikisith, and are known to be very reclusive. Still, that might not explain the complete lack of any communication people have had with them. What happened to the Razad after Kaezul's rise to power in Ikisith is a very important question - and might be explained more in phase 2.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:18:54 2013] You broadcast, 'Question: how do i iksar'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:20:48 2013] You broadcast, 'Will there be more inventory space in 3.0 like larger bags?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:21:57 2013] Dev-Taryth BROADCASTS, 'Yes that is the plan. If not on initial release, it's on the short list'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:22:05 2013] Dev-Taryth BROADCASTS, 'We also get more bank slots :)'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:22:12 2013] You broadcast, 'Eight more in fact'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:22:47 2013] You broadcast, 'How is Wiz doing these days? Does he ever play SoD anymore?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:24:37 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Wiz is doing pretty damned good. He was definitely bummed that Dawntide did not happen how he wanted it to - but the economic downturn did not help him with his investors. Luckily though, he got a job with an awesome outfit that he was a huge fan of even before working there - Paradox Games.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:25:01 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'He stops in every once in a while, and he might play his player characters. He is otherwise hands off, though, with any of the server functions.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:23:38 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to revamp the monk combo system and / or class role?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:26:07 2013] Admin-Slaar BROADCASTS, 'I am not satisfied with the Monk Combo System so it will probably change in the future.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:29:04 2013] You broadcast, 'Is there any plan to have more regular lotteries?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:29:37 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We would like to! It is not a priority, but we like the idea and have a cool system in place now with the lotto masters.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:30:00 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Okay folks last question! I am sorry for those who did not get their questions answered. After two and a half hours we are burning out!'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:30:08 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'But we should do this more often. Maybe quarterly.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:31:00 2013] GM-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will there be any plans to revamp dreadfang spires or any other old world zones?'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:31:31 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Dreadfang there are plans, but they are low priority. We did just revamp Fearstone (woohoo olive) and the newbie zones with the new quests!'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:31:45 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'I would like to revamp some older zones into more group event type things, though.'

    [Fri Sep 27 22:32:15 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Okay folks. Thank you very much for listening to us ramble! I hope you enjoyed the back and forth.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:32:24 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Back to your regular scheduled non-spammy programming.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:32:41 2013] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'And thank Admin-Jumbers for making us all do it in the first place with his pushy pushiness.'
    [Fri Sep 27 22:32:56 2013] You broadcast, 'I'm glad I yelled enough to get it to happen'
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 29, 2013
  2. cian2

    cian2 Dalayan Master

    Sep 19, 2007

    I appreciate the input Woldo - maybe a better question to ask is: will bane damage be added to pre-existing tier 13 gear? this is pertinent because if the answer is no then people need to backgear to obtain relevant bane. However, if it was just an oversight and intended to be fixed within a reasonable timeframe, then I would think there's no reason to steal lower-tier mobs from on-tier guilds just for bane.

    I realize there isn't a ton of t13 items to spread them out on, but there's certainly some items that could be considered lackluster (taeshlin ring, eclipse, monstrous wing, strength of twisted nature, prime wardens enmity, shielding pendant, the strength of many, undying loyalty)
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2013
  3. Obscenitor

    Obscenitor Dalayan Elder

    Jan 20, 2006
    Here and there..
    I could not make it for question night -- nor had I planned on spending my friday night as such -- so I didn't get to ask my Relevant Question of the Ages or get a proxy to do it.

    Why are hot girls so hot?
  4. Krugz

    Krugz Dalayan Elder

    Mar 8, 2009
    The world will never know bango
  5. sheer1

    sheer1 Dalayan Elder

    Oct 9, 2008
    I have I guess a response about these two answers, and how they relate.

    Even though the xpable item question was directed specifically towards the Thurgadin quest rewards, from the answer it seems the approach towards xpable items would be the same through the game.

    It seems Tomes are not popular (or at least not with Slaar), but right now they do server a valuable purpose as something players can continue working on outside of raiding. Which is good since it keeps players busy and keeps them around. However one thing I think they do not do well, is provide a good base at which future items/content can be balanced. Since at this point a large population has 40+ tomes complete, that signifies an important jump in power over the typical Max AAs level 65 player which can not be reversed (outside of tomes themselves being altered)

    From a balancing perspective, it would seem that xpable items could not only provide the same amount of player sustainability as tomes do now, but it offer a tremendous amount of additional dev control over how much power an individual character has.

    Sure getting an item the same as or slightly worse than what you have now when killing a new raid boss isn't instantly gratifying, but now they not only have something to grind for, but that can get replaced in the future unlike tomes. In that way we won't have this strange divide for players geared to the highest level with 15 tomes, and those with 75. Tomes do add up, i mean there is a possibility for 8% additional damage for elemental spells when the entire line is complete. That is over roughly 2 or 3 of the last tiers (when opus begin to drop, i guess you can do the buy-able tomes before then), and over the entire buildup of raiding content to those last tiers, there isn't an elemental focus effect that hits 8%.

    I guess this is just my argument for xpable items over additional tomes, not really sure where i was going at first.

    thanks for reading
  6. Daffie

    Daffie Dalayan Pious Diety

    Sep 10, 2011
    This is a REALLY REALLY good point.
  7. DernipDaGnome

    DernipDaGnome Dalayan Adventurer

    Nov 7, 2011
    A puppy just died in a fire.
  8. Salarus

    Salarus Dalayan Master

    Jan 6, 2007

    Just to clarify, this refers to the clipping issue encounterd when using EQW for NVIDIA cards, or is it something different entirely?
  9. Furrygamer

    Furrygamer Dalayan Adventurer

    Oct 31, 2007
    EQW is not the cause of the nvidia graphic bug. The aged client is. New client does not have that problem.
    Salarus likes this.
  10. Salarus

    Salarus Dalayan Master

    Jan 6, 2007
    Awesome. Thank you.

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