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    Hey guys I got some raid strats. Hopefully this information can help some low tier guilds. Feel free to update the SoD wiki with the information
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    Plane of Valor B - Stronghold of Enthann, Tier 8

    General Info

    - To enter Valor B a key must be completed by combining tokens dropped by the four trials and the two Hero Shrine Guardians in the Plane of Valor
    - Mobs Are in a square (well the named are in zone)
    - ALL MOBS DESPAWN At 10% = WIN Chest pops in center of room!

    Trash info's

    An Elite Stronghold Guard

    - Some Rampage some reflect
    - Some devastate blow and some blink
    - More info is needed
    Resists on mobs. by the Color They glow. (confirmed)

    White = Magic
    Green = Poison
    Brown = Disease
    Blue = Cold
    Red = Fire

    An Elite Guardian predator (cats)

    - First - Flurry's and ? (nothing as far as we know so far)
    - Second - Flurry and Devastate blows (5.4k on Rat .. need more info)
    - Third- Flurry and Reflects

    Lord Enthann the Blade

    - The point of this fight is not to kill him but to outlive his attacks
    - He does an AE that stuns and damages, so everyone be in heal range all the time
    - All damage except damage shields are heavily reduced, so have max damage shield on the tank
    - You start the fight by just meleeing him.
    - At first he does nothing but the AE (which he always does)
    - Whirlwind
    o When he gets to “??%” he complete heals and starts whirlwind.
    o Everyone but the tank gets out of whirlwind range and be in heal range still.
    - Phantom Strike
    o When he then gets to “??%” he complete heals and starts phantom Striking
    o Everyone run in and be in group heal range.
    - Riposte
    o When he then reaches “??%” he complete heals and starts riposting everything from enrage every melee get on his back (except the tank).
    - Regen Mana
    o When he then reaches “??%” he depops and throws out a buff that regens mana have a buff slot open for this or it overwrites something.
    - Bears
    o Then 10 or so bears run towards the raid of which 1 named kill the named asap and kill all other bears except for 1.
    o Keep that 1 bear alive while the knight tanks it without a weapon and DS.
    o Everyone med during this period.
    - Ethanns
    o When the last bear gets killed 2 Enthanns will pop you need 2 tanks and get 1 of the 2 Enthanns to 80% asap then both will depop
    o Normal enthann will pop again and start devastating blowing
    o When he reaches “??%” he completely heals and starts reflecting all spells (all casters should have used up all mana during the double enthann part and the devastating blow part)
    - Loot
    o When he reaches “??%” he stops attacking and hands you the loot.

    Denos- Chosen of Ethann (back left) PALADIN

    - Paladin, back left
    - Tier 7
    - AE stun's
    - Must be in LoS
    - 50 range Stun (18secs - shout of agony) (avoidable with range) - Magic based -50 adjust
    - 9 second single target stun - Poison based -200 adjust
    - AE 2 sec stun 1700dmg (not avoidable with range) - Fire based -250 adjust
    - He casts his things so do anything to interrupt casts when you see him cast
    Place caster on start of 4th Square so you miss one AE and Get pot4

    Aken – Chosen of Enthann (front left) DRUID

    - Druid, front left
    - Tier 7
    - AE root =Aken's Earthan Embrace
    - An Earthian
    o Avengers do a single target 2100 nuke (not sure which resist)
    o Warders do an AE root 1200 dmg (not sure which resist)
    o Defenders don’t do any offensive magic (healers)
    - More information needed

    Tansa – Chosen of Enthann (back right) WIZARD

    - Wizard, back left
    - Tier 7
    - Almost all spells Reflected pure Melee fight
    - Use point Blank Ae's (Confirmed)
    - GET LEV huge knockback
    - Low DPS on Tank

    ]Anos – Chosen of Enthann (front right) ROGUE

    - At 80% he will de-spawn and spawn 2 adds (A Mirror Image)
    - Happens again at 60% 40% 20% (confirmed)
    - Kill 1 Add full DPS, then slowly kill other (use this time to regen mana ect…)
    - Adds de-pop at 60% health
    - He re-spawns Rinse repeat.
    - Be ready with fast heals
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    Prison of Admyrrza (Inner Sanctum), Tier 11

    Gongoerth the First Wyrm

    - Hits quite hard.
    - Throughout the fight will emote about glowing a certain color; casters must not nuke with the resist type relative to the one that he glows or he will rape the raid one of five different ways.
    - (lulz, Exodus removes their casters for this fight...)
    - Specific Strategy
    o Gongoerth has 2.8~ million hp (See: HUGE)
    o Gongo hits upwards to 5k
    o Gongo randomly decides to ramp (Paladin should engage with proximity aggro)
    o Gongo has a proc, it goes off near EVERY round, it hits the rampage target constantly too, it hits people who get riposted alot as well. At the beginning this proc is either attuned to poison or disease.
    o Gongoerth shifts elements, if you cast a cold nuke on him, gongoerth is now doing his cold proc until another shift occurs.
    o Under some circumstances gongoerth will unleash the magic he has absorbed.
     SEE: If you cast 20 moon comets on gongoerth, he is going to put 20 moon comets in your tanks anal cavity. The cause of this? Probably casting spells that are not attuned to his current element. You fix this by rigging your raid with melee dps and keeping only a mage/enchanter to help.
    o The procs: Type gongoerth into the spell parser, you lazy faggots. Over all you cannot have the cold proc or the magic proc going off, the magic proc will just slaughter your tanks aggro as the stun tends to last forever and everyone will pull aggro. Advice? Keep him on poison or disease and just ride it out. The resist checks are monstrous and it may not even be worth curing(See it comes back immediately)
    o Fucking shield. Your Warrior equips his targe of adjutants at some point in this fight, Preferably VERY(Exodus does it at 90%) early.
    o Everyone with a slow weapon should be auxing for the maintank.
    o If you do not slow gongoerth before 79% you may as well just wipe as your mana will not hold out, cotb considered.
    o Gongoerth talks alot, he is a old fuck dragon who dribbles on and on, his ramblings tend to hide the death touch warnings.
    - Update
    o GM’s changed the encounter
    o From what I gather during whirlwind he procs stuff including a complete heal during it
    o Supposedly was hard as it was, with Numinous healers running out of mana during regular fight
    o Now it’s insanely hard, just of the changes, the developers made it so melee stacking was not an option, added whirlwind I think? Now need wizards

    General - Dergath/Fonlen of Flame

    - Vague, may not be entirely correct
    - Refresh and then enchanter rune the whole raid so you can see when it wears off and re rune when it fades
    - The rune will block the knockback on the kiters, this is key!
    - DPS on Dergath first, then Fonlen (Fonlen takes longer to kill)
    - Dergath spawns lame adds that you need to kite around somehow, not sure about what Fonlen does.
    - Adds knockback (not too far apparently), and will spawn indefinitely at a fixed rate. You need to DPS Dergath fast to prevent hundreds of adds.
    - Phoenix Rising Strategy:
    o Warrior with shield on Dergath, Paladin on Fonlen
    o Kill Fonlen first. Kill Dergath second.
    o Tank them in the pillars. Put healers in their respective pillars with their tank in front of them. (The Generals will be facing the walls)
    o Fonlen spawns imps, Dergath spawns elementals
    o Mez the imps, kite the elementals
    o Win

    Eyes of the Father:

    - Everyone needs over 300 in poison/fire, UNBUFFED. Really aim for as HIGH AS YOU CAN GO.
    - Your two tanks NEED 400+ unbuffed magic resist.
    - Do not even engage if you are not close to these, you will be at your bind point in less then 10 seconds.
    - Immunities:
    o The eyes constantly change their immunity from melee and magic, There is no pattern.
    o The left eye begins immune to melee, the right immune to magic.
    o Do not fuck up tanks on this, Irresistable spells (See: Shadowknight terrors) DO NOT BYPASS THE SPELL IMMUNITY.
    - "Why do you need these resists, Aoes are tough yeah sure but we never had to regear our entire raid before." SHUT THE FUCK UP. Every 5 seconds you will be hit with a possible 6400~ in aoe damage , tanks can be hit for over 10k. There is no ifs or buts here, it will occur and you will die.
    - Eyes heal if they are not kept within 10% of each other.
    - Eyes have VERY LOW HP.
    o 80% Third eye , kill it. Adds will begin to spawn as long as it is up. and they spawn fast homes.
    o 70% hand
    o 60% hand
    - Mez these or splat.

    Master of the pack

    - Bring enchanters
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    Prison of Admyrrza (Inner), Tier 7 - 8

    General Notes

    - To get to IP, you need to kill Taeshlin in OP and loot the key, which turns into either an IP or OP port (your choice).
    - All IP named start out as a regular looking person, but once hailed the event begins and they turn into dragons.
    - All IP named are perma rooted, and most have a high resist/counterspell rate.

    Yashira, Keeper of Secrets

    - (From entrance last dragon to the right)
    - Tier 7
    - Spank N tank.
    - Stay within the box that the 4 puppets make!
    - Have wizards load disintegrate (both versions).
    - Yashira will spawn some pets that need to be wizard killed.
    - While they are up, Yashira is invulnerable! So kill them quick.
    - Long fight, use mod rods and all your potions early on so you can use them twice during the fight.
    - Casts an AE that scrambles text so don't expect to talk.

    Farguzhiar, Master of Ice

    - (From entrance first dragon to the right - also on map if you head left after deyranni there is a red square which is a drop down to farg room)
    - Spank N Tank.
    - At 90% 8 adds pop. Need an offtank or two to ae aggro them without doing dps, while having the messing squad hold them messed the whole fight.
    - Doesn't have alot of HP (Less than yashira..)
    - Adds depop when Farg gets to 10% hp

    - The Bane has always been our Crowd Control. The fight itself can be brought down to 2 parts:
    1) Disabling Adds and getting agro on tanks/melees
    2) Crowd Control

    - The Basics:
    o The adds hit ME for 420 HP max, and they do that maybe 30-40 % of the time. You could say they’re pretty easy to tank with someone above 1400 AC and with about 6-7k HP, if a healer gets assigned
    o The mobs seem to have a high magic resistance, so Tash is necessary if you want to keep mezzes up
    - Disabling adds
    o By disabling I mean getting them off the back of people who don’t really want to tank them. They don’t hit that hard, but the more the merrier.. You can use different approaches to this, depending on your classes.
    - First Approach
    o The easiest would be having a SK AE stun them. We saw the problems in that. That’s why the start of this is always an AE Taunt by our Main Tank (Warrior). It has a bigger range than the SK stun, and will immediately turn all mobs to Warrior. Once that happens, as AE taunt is instant, SK just waits until it is in, and then casts his stun. => that will give crowd control a lot of time to do their thing
    - Second Approach
    o Starts with an AE Taunt > crowd control close to Warrior, to immediately start doing their thing once the agro is on our MT (assuming we don’t have an AE agro tank close to Warrior for AE stuns, we need to be much faster here.
    - Third Approach
    o If we have no crowd control present, melees/tanks stand near Warrior to get the desired amount of mobs off of him, and onto them.
    - Crowd Control
    o Now we have to think crowd control. There are conventional methods like chanters, bards and necros, but even without them it’s doable. The damage output of the adds, as been stated before, isn’t that high, but a few on you will change that dramatically, especially if you’re not supposed to be tanking.
    o Now chanters/bards/necros focus on getting as much mezzed as possible. I truly believe that 1 or 2 chanters can handle it, but it’s not going to ruin our fight if we assign too many crowd controllers. Chain mezzing sounds good, but also make it a priority to tash the adds. They have a very high resistance and every fail can mean a wipe. Once you have 4 mezzed (just an example) and tashed, its going to be a lot easier. It’s also better to have 3 mezzed and tashed, and 1 hitting on some offtank, then having 4 mezzed.
    o Assuming you don’t have conventional crowd control, them summoning means we can’t off root. We CAN offtank though, a geared up Beastlord can take at least 2 by himself, and I’m guessing at least 4 for a caliber like a good ShadowKnight. But even a monk can easily tank 1. I am very sure I could get a sure agro on my mob within 30 seconds, then move back to the named to DPS him. It’s also very safe to say I can just pick a mob off of Warrior when he’s AE taunted before. For someone with agro spells this is even easier.
    o This may be pretty unrealistic, but think about it as a filler when we are low on conventional crowd control sometimes. I’ve been tanking multiples for a long time with my monk, and i got a feeling for it. I know the point where I got too many heals and need to get some more agro on my mob(s). That being said, we got a lot of people who are capable of this, and have a lot of experience in this game, and are even better tanks than me. We have to use this bonus. You can just keep 3 mezzed by a chanter, have the rest offtanked and still do good dps on the main mob, if you do it right.
    - Thanks for reading this lil strategies of mine. Keep in mind, the core of this strats is having AE Taunt the moment the adds spawn, and over heal if needed. Can’t suck more mana than a chanter being perma quick healed by 2 druids, bottom line. We should think of CC as a bonus, not a requirement on this fight. Or better yet, reinvent the term of "crowd control" and let people who are just usually bored as hell (or permaclicking flying kick, as me) make this whole fight easier for us.

    Deyranni, Vessel of Corruption

    - First dragon on the left
    - Spank N Tank.
    - Dey casts festering curse on MT (Necro dot that increase dmg per tick) so have a bard in MT group singing cure disease of a shaman on permanent purification duty (or both!)
    - Very resistant to spells and has reflect ability (your spell gets thrown back on you booo) so melee dps ftw on this fight. (Casters get your melee up gawsh!)

    Gharantosh, Shaper of Flesh
    - (Second to last dragon on the left)
    - Spank N Tank.
    - ?? 2-3 adds?? pop an need to be mezd/offtanked...
    - Will add when i do it again and remember the strat.

    Ulazzarria, Child of the Devine

    - Last dragon on the left
    - Spank N Tank.
    - Get your fear resistance up and alcohol tolerance.
    - Tanks stand near named, Casters stand to the right of the wall thing/golem is, Healers stand behind the wall thing (Need Range Increment items healers!)
    - Through fight be ready for the main tank to get feared so get ready to heal the other tanks.
    - At 30?% or 20% he does an effect will write it it when I remember it
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    Prison of Admyrrza (Outer), Tier 5 - 7

    Note - Found more strats on this, added, not my strats though, please keep confidential. Very detailed now.

    First Thing

    Taeshlin required to get to 50% for door key. Spawns the key on the ground

    Pulling notes

    o Use LoS to pull.

    Phase Golems
    o Carefully peek around the corner and use LoS to pull singles.
    o Make sure to have see invis.

    o Buff DR. Use 1 puller 1 tagger. Puller runs 2 drakes and drops off the stairs tagger at the opposite wall

    Past the initial 4 Sundrakes
    o Assign targets / off tank. Eyes Kill. don't get near


    - Required to get to 50% for door key
    - Spawns a key on the ground
    - Resistant to fire
    - Non KOS so skippable if you have key

    A Granite Senteniel
    - Straight Melee
    - Hit slow and move slow
    - MAX HIT 1200
    - 130k+ HP

    A Basalt Sentential
    - Straight Melee
    - Hit Slow and move slow
    - MAX HIT – 1400
    - 100k+ HP

    Vandathian chaplain
    - AE stun + dd for about 750 damage
    - They must be DISPELLED! (they have a death save)
    - They also need to be mana drained because they heal themselves, but they can be stunned.
    - Hit for around 600.

    Vandathian Curator
    - Straight Melee
    - Move very fast
    - Hit for about 600

    Vandathian Chosen
    - Counter spell and AE stun for 201pt of damage
    - Must be dispelled on engage because of death save
    - Hits for about 600

    A Phase Golem
    - Straight Melee
    - MAX HIT – 850
    - 120k+ HP
    - AE "Phase Wave" every 15 seconds(buff MR -50 adjust)

    A Sundrake
    - Melee
    - MAX HIT – 650
    - 100k+ HP
    - AE "Foul Breath" (buff DR - 100 adjust)

    A Ward Wyrm
    - Straight Melee
    - MAX HIT – 1200
    - 100k+ HP
    - Rampages

    Mini Bosses

    - All Red Con

    Chipped blackrock statue
    - MUST attack from the front or you get hit with AE
    - 4500pt rear AE
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1150 (averages 400 – 900)
    - HP: > 200k
    - DPS on MA: 570 - Ratkon
    Specials: 4500pt rear AE
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot: Shard

    Phasestone keeper
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1450
    - HP: > 195k
    - DPS on MA: 615 - (mid)
    - Specials:
    o (Every 40 seconds) Fades, comes back and does AE that does as much dmg as you have mana.
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Strategy
    o Hide healers. Casters must hide when mob disappears.
    o "You are caught in the phase surge"
    o Fades, comes back from depop with a 1500pt mana drain + DD for about 1.5x your mana.
    o Does 1300+ dps - this guy is a pain in the ass, need to annouce fades and stop CHes and pads so we dont go OOM
    o Healers hide while it's tanked in the corner, and casters dps / hybrids HIDE when he depops (run in the entrance tunnel, don't stop right at the beginning in order not to block other people
    - Loot: Shard

    An obsidian juggernaut
    - Straight melee, low HP but needs alot of padders (spamming their Fast heals).
    - His pull requires puller hug walls and stay away from doors with full pop or they add. Tricky.
    - Either that or clear hallway (AE stunners in rooms)
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1000
    - HP: > 65k
    - DPS on MA: 1100 - (HIGH)
    o Other Reports of 1700dps
    - Specials: NONE
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot: Shard

    Truthseeker Es`Tarel
    - Do him last so don't have to move the raid twice.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1050
    - HP: > 215k
    - DPS on MA: 470
    - Specials
    o counterspells, then nukes MT for 2000, stuns
    o Higher version of a Paladin Stun
    o Other report of 1000+ dps
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot: Shard

    Boss Mobs

    Master of the Gates

    - The Key
    o Prior to every fight a key needs to be assembled. Drops the key too MANI gate.
    o Collect 8 gems. 4 from ground spawns. 4 from nameds. combine in forge
    o Gems for the key to kill MotG
    o Collect orbs from the miniboss’s and ground spawns. Flop a monk around to get ground spawns ahead of raid to save time. Place the 8 orbs in the forge to make an item that dispels motg’s invulnerability.
    - Master of the Gate
    - Tier 5
    - MaxHIT: ~ 950
    - HP: > 450k
    - DPS on MA: 760 (Ratkon)
    - Specials: Single target poison. Initial 629DD
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Strategy
    o His single target poisons the MT, use bard or resists to keep off MT.
    o Pretty straight forward fight. No special abilities or combat effects that affect the raid.
    o Just keep a proper chain & pads on this guy and he’s a goner!
    - Loot:
    o Eternal Ring of Fortitude
    o Jagged Emerald Staff of Evisceration
    o Mask of Pallor Reflections
    o Quiet Band of the Solace
    o Sun-Forged Focusing Ruby

    MOTG pulling strat:

    - Tash/2 Entrance mobs named: chipped black rock statue
    - Roaming caster
    o wait for it at the first left stairs (after he is dead can get the upstairs shard - watch for other roamer)
    - Statues to the MANI and roamer in the hallway to the phase guy and jugo and the solo caster in the room on the right with shard ground spawn.
    - Named: phase guy
    o Make sure to have invulnerability stance you will probably need it. Hug the wall to avoid adds.
    - While people med split the forge room.
    o The way it is done is to have a tagger who has invulnerability FD in the closest corner that next to the forge doorway. THROW something at the dude that is right by the forge. Move behind the wall and as soon as you are hit FD. If tagger sees a single mob he gets his ass up and runs invulnerable to the gate.
    - Named: jugo
    o invulnerability is a must on this pull or you will get adds. Agro the jugo, run him from his spawn to the first corner that goes towards the hallway with doors. As the mob gets close hit invulnerability and walk his ass to the door hallway so it doesn't warp into the adjacent room with mobs. Then hug left wall as you train him to the raid and make sure he follows you straight down the hall.
    - Move raid to the forge room killing the solo guy in there.
    - Pull statue by the Truthseeker to the forge room. Then move raid to the Truthseeker and have them kill it while you get the rest of the ground spawns.
    - Meet up with raid by MANI gate with already made orb. Kill traps on the way to MOTG and win.
    - Note
    o Meteor golems (from Taeshlin fight) are charmable. Very useful if you want your own meteor golem to die fast.

    Manifestations of Elements

    - NOTES: Each one activates upon the death of the previous mani, the event starts after hailing Teashlin.
    - 4 mobs standing around a pool. when entering the room they are:
    o Earth (front left)
    o Fire (back left)
    o Water (back right)
    o Air (front right)
    - Strategy
    o Buff MR - FR – CR
    - They activate one by one upon the death of the previous manifestation from stone to magma to ice to vapor, the event starts after hailing Taeshlin.
    - During the fight light blue elementals spawn that die easy, assign mages and wizards to ae them down. Have two tanks alternating tanking the mobs as they pop (so both tanks end up tanking 2 mobs each).
    - Some manifestations ae, so get some group heals ready.
    - Ruin spoil tactic from SoD forum :
    o Place raid at the magma manifestation area, use the wall to avoid ae
    o Each manifestation comes alive after the one before dies
    o Stone has large magic dot ae, avoid the first tick than send melee in. pull stone on top of magma, use 2 tanks to pull manifestations on top of each other to save moving the raid.
    o Magma has huge 2k fire ae. As magma is dying set up ST and his healers at vapor manifestation and pull the ice manifestation on top of vapor. Ice has cold ae.
    o When ice dies vapor will ae knock forward/root the raid in los, use the water fountain to avoid the ae casters. The raid should all be setup on vapor from killing ice there and be in range although rooted to kill vapor.

    Mirror Golem(s)

    - MaxHIT: 1300
    - HP: > 125k
    - DPS on Main tanks: 480 DPS taken / 700 DPS taken
    - Specials: NONE
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: ???
    - Strategy
    - I believe you have to talk with Taeshlin before you can start this fight, reportedly if Taeshlin is down the mirror golems may be invulnerable. Not sure.
    o DPS left to 50%, then switch and Kill right.
    o MA for right uses shield/fishing poll so does MA for left at 50%
    o NO Damage Shield / No pets
    o No resist needed. NO ONE should have a damage shield (except maybe Left golem's tank until golem gets to 50%) and NO ONE should have a pet attacking on this fight. Use no Necro curse.
    o Two golems that have to be tanked at the same time , usually it'll be all assist Warrior first on left golem ; zerg it until it gets close to 50% - it does NOT go below 50% at all cost or both will CH & it's wipe.
    o Around 60% stop dots ; 55% stop DD's ; 52% back off all melee except specified one or two that will damage it until he emotes (Mirror Golem "shimmers") and Main Tank should switch to shield and mainhand non-weapon, then everyone must back off and wait for the right golem to drop at 49% to zerg it down.
    o Use a SK (maybe pally) tank for the right golem , without a weapon so no riposte, until it drops to 49% then you can equip a usual primary. Aggro on knight shouldn't be a problem at all at this point.
    o Main hand non weapon should be either a fishing pole, gem of shielding crystals from Thurgadin B render named, Euriskos urn from Sepulcher, Ocy's mug from Western Wastes or resist gem from Cmal quest. Or whatever else that is primary useable and not have a dmg/delay.
    - Loot:
    o Akzalk, Shard of the Mirror
    o Sash of Protective Crystals
    o Reflective Plate of Confoundment
    o Klazka, the Mirror Blade
    o Crystal-Shard Band

    Taeshlin the Guardian

    - MaxHIT: 2050
    - HP: > 675k
    - DPS on MA: 580 DPS (mid)
    - Specials:
    o Meteor Flames - Decrease Hitpoints by 1998 (-150FR) 50 Range(AE) - when he spawns golems
    o Taeshlin's Greater Inferno - Decrease Hitpoints by 6005(-250FR) 50 Range(AE) - at 20% health?
    - Slowable: YES
    - Resists: MR(9) FR Immune (11) CR (9) PR (9) DR (9)
    - Strategy
    o Buff FR - bard must have, melody of the shield
    o Fire dragon and fire elementals "a meteor golem", all immune to fire.
    o He roots the tank removing the root only when he flees
    o Also spawns a meteor golem in batches of 2 for a total of 6. Spawns them at intervals after engage 2.11 / 5.33 / 10.11.
    o Meteor golem
     MaxHIT: 350 and low hp. Raid has 60 seconds to kill them before Taesh comes back. They are charmable.
    o At 23% health everyone but MA / Bard and a few designated healers have to hide from upcoming AE behind the gate to his room.
    o At 20 % he starts a countdown for 30 secs iirc , after those 30 secs he AoE for 6k RESISTIBLE - this is when bard switches to Melody of the Shield, no more adds come after this huge ae. The adds some fire AE too.
    o Hail Taeshlin for event to start, turns into a dragon. The tank has to hit the mob FACING the raid cause Taeshlin has a frontal root. Dps hard.
    o After a certain amount of time Taesh flies away and 6 adds (2 at a time a few seconds apart pop). Have a Tank AE aggro them and have casters AE them down - they're mezzable (maybe even charmable).
    o Taesh will fly back a few minutes after flies away, so have Main Tank standing rdy the whole time. At 30% he no longer flies so thats the goal once he gets back. Taeshlin returns regardless of the meteor golems being dead or not and continues killing the main tank on his return.
    o Taeshlin The Guardian
    o NOTES: He roots the tank removing the root only when he flees.Also spawns a meteor golem in batches of 2 for a total of 6.
    o Spawns them at intervals after engage 2.11 / 5.33 / 10.11. a meteor golem MaxHIT: 350 and low hp.
    o Raid has 60 seconds to kill them before Taesh comes back.
    o They are charmable. At 23% health everyone but MA / Bard and a few designated healers have to hide from upcoming AE behind the gate to his room.
  6. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Red Sun Peaks


    - Near the Wizard portal at lava pool that borders the edge of the map
    - Tier 2
    - Has fire AE destructive breath
    o Easily resistible, AE can do around 1500?
    - Hits for around 400ish
    - Easy
  7. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Sepulcher of Darkness, Tier 5 - 6

    General Notes

    - Long Spawn time, perhaps 2 hours
    - Can¡¦t wall split this zone
    - Dark Scribing Destroy Subject spell drops often, it is for Ritualist Vagarn Fight in Caverns of Darkness, used to destroy "undisposed subjects" that spawn and can wipe the raid
    - Detect Weakness song dropped, bard only for encounter later
    - Magic resist needed for this zone, bring potions
    - The secret to success in this zone is group healers, bring druids, every single group needs a group healer, plus you need a shaman for slow and a cleric for main tank heal, bosses AE here and it is unavoidable, group heals are the key


    Casket Watchers
    o Mez, turn you into a casket when mezzed, off tank needs to take agro
    o AE Stun as well

    Sentry at entry way
    o Entry way ones Rampage
    o Ones near the Teacher Whirlwind
    o Some do a 400 AC Debuff

    o Enrage
    o Some Whirlwind

    Ritual Scribe
    o very nasty, has AE nuke for 1010 damage, Skin seared by blazing flames you have taken 1010 damage
    o Counterspells

    Dark Teacher
    o forces a feign death AE
    o Always brings 2x adds, Dark Apprentice, Kill Apprentices first

    Dark Apprentice
    o Single Targets AE
    o Very low HP, Take out first
    o forces single target FD
    o Always come with their Dark Teachers, 2x adds

    Dark Sentinels (near crossroads)
    o Hit very hard

    Lingering Apparitions
    o Hit for 200 ¡V 800 and have a nuke that does 2475 damage

    Dark Communers
    o are spank and tank, multiple pulls, low hit points

    Sepulcher Ritualist
    o 6 of them together in one part of the zone, one the way to Disciple of the One
    o They con blue but avg hit around 500
    o They cannot be split. You have to kill them all at once, or they re-spawn, it's a strategy fight use mez, and tanks on each.. get targets ahead of time, one per tank, one per mezzer if you are able. It¡¦s not easy but can be done.

    Dark Fanatics
    - Two armor debuffs, totaling 800 AC
    - Sunder and Sundering Cleave
    - They hit very hard because of the armor debuff
    - They are splittable
    - They enrage


    Scribe Azthos

    o T5
    - Decent HP
    o AOE Fire based nuke (LOS) for around 875.
    o Hits HARD (around 1,000 on Kakos)
    o Triples
    o Single target nuke on MT (I think)
    o Fight in his little cubby, casters on opposite side of the room (room must be 100% clear)
    o Healers directly outside his wall. Need a lot of healing power here. One AE healer per group preferred, two clerics for Kakos
    - Again, group healers are key for this fight, every group needs a group healer, and raid needs a cleric totally focused on tank

    Magus Xavau

    - Has 9 adds with him, all with a ton of hit points
    - This fight is about crowd control and dps
    - Don't even bother trying to kill the adds, they have too many hit points
    - Optimum strat is to send in SK to mez stance adds, and then main tank engages named and we burn it down as quickly as possible.
    - Every 10% health of the main guy an add disappears, so the faster we burn down the main guy the better
    - Have bards/chanters/necro ready to mez the adds when mez stance wears off
    - Named guy hits hard, need aux tanking, 1100 with not aux tanks, 700s with people in front of mob.
    - Think he does a DD as well for about 1000, need to confirm
    - He is resistant to slow, chanter couldn't land magic slow and shaman took a while to land disease. Scent him/malo him.
    - looks like he drops a piece for late vah quest (Blood contract), to be confirmed.

    Fasal and Vadra Janir

    - Have to separate the two as Vadra will heal Fasal
    - Have to kill Fasal first because otherwise he will rez up Vadra
    - Fasal does an AE cold based DD for 900 points
    - Vadra does an AE silence (didn’t do it right away)
    - Strat
    o One tank tanks Vadra where she is, healers hide in room before that so they avoid the line of sight AE silence, if SK tanking he should harm touch to keep agro through silence
    o Other tank pulls Fasal out past the middle room with casters into back room so that AE won’t hit anyone
    o Kill Fasal, then kill Vadra
    o Tricky part is engage, Vadra has some line of sight issues, so if monk can kind of pull them to one side of the room the tanks can hit their targets with spells more easily then move them into position
    - We wiped.. but really this fight is easy peasy
    - They both hit for 500ish
    - Not bad to heal, resistant to slow, Malo needed

    Shade of Eurikos

    - T6
    - He’s a shade with a bunch of dead bodies around him
    - Every so often bodies will re-animate and will attack the raid
    - Need second tank to grab the adds quickly before they go after people
    - Adds hit fairly hard, not a joke
    - First one was at 10 percent, then at 80, then 60, 40, 20
    - Kill each add then go back to the named
    - He also does an AE, need group healers as well, love druids
    - Need to put healers in middle out of line of sight of AE's
    - Shade will disappear throughout the fight and then take over the body of one of the dead bodies around him.
    - Order went like this - Back, Middle, Back, In his Room, and Back
    - Mob in his room was named Anos and reanimated at 40%

    Disciple of the one

    - T6
    - This is a strategy fight, for every named that has killed in the Zone the disciple will spawn more adds, for example remains of azithos, so it is best to do him if there is a full pop in the zone
    - First part of fight there are 6 adds in room before him that will attack disciple and help you out, these are the captives
    - Talk to each captive to begin event, they will run into middle of room, once last one is talked to the event starts
    - Adds come in waves and will attack the captives
    - The more captives you can keep up the more loot drops Disciple will drop, one for each that is up. He always drops at least one drop.
    - The Disciple will spawn into the room we are in and will still be invulnerable for the first 3 - 4 waves

    - Might be able to use two spells to help out, that drop in the zone
    o Dark Scribing Destroy subject apparently destroys some of the adds (tried on some and did not work)
    o Another Dark Scribing spell that drops in zone can heal the captives (also not verified)

    - Once the named is able to be engaged tank must grab him and bring him into one of the small cubbies where the captives were. This is because he has a gravity
    flux that messes things up
    - Tank be careful, any aggro earlier is wiped and your target is wiped as well when he goes into active mode, so you have to quickly re-target and then aggro as quickly as possible, messed up Kakos for a second last time
    - He hits hard, for over 1000, warrior to shield is helpful on this fight
    - He also blinds (believe it's AE blind)
    - In the fight he will spawn adds, am told that the number of adds that spawn depends on how many named mobs we killed in zone. If we killed more, we will get more adds, this is where remains of azithos spawned since the scribe was killed.
    - Adds cannot be mezzed stunned or charmed
    - Once he is killed he drops Key to Caverns of Darkness, supposedly 3 keys actually.
  8. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Southern Wastes of Tarhyl

    Ancient Wind Torrent

    - Spawns north corner of zone
    - Do a long pull to a cubby on right hand side, used to avoid knockback and another cubby close by for healers to hide
    - Whirlwinds, if you’re a melee with low HP don’t bother trying to melee dps, you’ll just die
    - He has an AE range debuff, and also does an AoE knockback
    - Range debuff is a 50% debuf, If you get too close you get hit by the debuff and have to be closer to him to cast on him and to heal tank
    - Hide your healers, casters stay in open but as far away behind him as they can, move in to cast, then move out
    - He’s highly magic resistant use cold and fire based nukes
  9. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009

    Underhill Defense Prototype IV

    - Hits for 100 to 397
    - At 20% hits for 1300, AE Damage
    - Supposedly Whirlwinds, but did not last time
    - Whirlwinds when he gets low, and if you wipe then he whirlwinds at 100% next fight
    - Uses Lockdown, knockback and root, and dot
    - Tank in Deep Cog to Avoid
  10. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Storm's Eye, Tier 3 - 5

    General Notes

    - Every trash mob has a nasty damage shield, must have someone dispell and Malo quickly
    - After dispel and malo, shaman then slows, disease slow works great
    - If you are low hit point melee, don't engage until you see it dispelled, you will die

    Aglak of the Frozen

    - Tank and spank
    - Spawns in the middle when you first come into main area of SE
    - Lots of mobs to clear to get to him
    - Devastating Blows for 5K
    - Easy fight
    - Can Devastating Blow at the very start of the fight while pulling
    - Call out growls in vent for healers

    Monkunz the Agitator

    - He charms different people of raid
    - The charm is short, and he basically unloads spell bar, after he is done he’ll charm someone else
    - If you have any spells that can really mess up the raid, might want to unmem if you don’t need for the fight, shout of agony for example
    - Don’t bother to melee the charmed person, it’s real short and he’ll just charm someone else
    - He spawns upstairs, middle of back pathway
    - Drops awesome caster ring, crystallized Band of Thought

    Baladan of the Frozen

    - Spawns on left side when coming into main area
    - Harm Touches for about 750
    - Hits hard and quads
    - Have to split two adds, use wall
    - Also front cone dispel, turn him from casters, tank will be totally dispelled by end of fight so watch heals as it goes further and SB buffs huge on this
    - Slowable, but a bit resistant (disease) 2 or 3 tries
    - Drops nice 2hs

    Gertoz of the Frozen

    - Spawns on right hand side
    - Whirlwinds, range dps needed
    - At end of fight we had to sacrifice a couple of melee due to oom
    - Has 2 adds, just like left hand side, use wall to split
    - Drops awesome tank shield, Aegis of the Frozen

    Grand Librarian Helsag

    - He’s deep in, normally last mob we do
    - He cast’s a 99% slow, SK is the best tank for this for agro (spells)
    - He’s really tough to pull because he has this root that lasts forever (It is really annoying)
    - Warriors can help aux tank and shield SK if SK not geared up
    - Slow is called Touch of the Ancient, and is also a root that lasts 5 minutes
    - He hits for 300 - 400


    - In his own room upstairs
    - Has two adds that can’t be hurt and complete heal him
    - The adds need to be stunned constantly
    - This encounter needs at least one bard, two bards better to stun the adds
    - Strategy with enchanter, loads all 4 of their stuns, chain casts them starting with lowest to the highest. Put another enchanter or bard on the other
    - He hits hard and fast 800ish
    - But does not have a ton of hit points
    - He is NOT slowable, don't waste AA slow on this Bitch
    - He's perma rooted, means you can tash/malo the adds without being killed by the named (will enter combat mode though)
    - Drops Vault key
    - Right elemental casts less stuns

    Reglek Hammerhand

    - Has devastating blow for 5441, make sure tank is up on emote
    - COTH random people to him every so often and then stuns them for 10 seconds, watch healing when that happens
    - He is slowable (disease)


    Trash mobs

    Guardian of the vaults

    - Guard the basement area after you go through door
    - Two of them, they are not spitable
    - Do about 400dps

    Keeper of the Shojar
    - Singles
    - Spank and tank


    Manifestation of Shojar

    - Water Elemental
    - Has 2 adds that need to be burned down before you kill him
    o Can’t remember if they heal him, or if you just can’t kill him without killing adds
    - Manifestation has frontal AE for 1K, need to turn him and burn down the adds away from him
    - AE is cold resist based, when tank turns him, healers need to be in range for heals or he will die
    - Bard elemental chorus will help the melee for this fight (cold resist)
    - His hits avg 400s for Kakos, max hit was 639
    - He is not rooted, unlike Dergalak

    Dergalak the Ice Lord

    - Tier 5
    - Has two healer adds that are behind him
    - Dergalak is rooted, so when you go to pull him the healers will warp/bug right on top of raid and Dergalak won’t move
    - Strategy is for one of the off tanks to get close enough to Derg so his adds come
    - Two off tanks keep the two Acolytes busy
    - Shaman(s), focus on getting adds slowed, crippled whatever
    - Once adds gimped out, slow Dergalak and then main tank engage him
    - Burn down Dergalak, the healers don’t heal him in this fight (unlike Faralak)
    - If you kill healers they just respawn, so don’t bother until after Dergalak is dead
    - Dergalak can hit hard, up to 1000ish at first, settled down to around 500dps
    - He is slowable (disease)
    - The adds quaded but max hit was 455
    - Dergalak does summon, so if whipe might be difficult to shake agro for rez urn
    - Secret of this fight is to get control of adds first before engaging Dergalak
    - Downed him succefully with this strat, worked like a charm
  11. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Stormkeep, Tier 1 - 3

    General Notes

    - Need 200 Forst Giant heads to get to ally dragon once max faction through killing alone (indifferent)
    - Storm Giant Heads are worth 5 Frost Giant heads in both platinum and faction.
    - King is always closely watched on his timer and is very hard to get before other guilds take him out (Leaking timer means we miss out out uber aug).

    King Rymaz Sunbane

    - Splitting him is tough
    - Tier 3
    - Spawn timer is approximately 4 days and 12 hours (Xen info was wrong)
    - He is basically tank and spank, doesn't hit too bad, could probably 2 group him
    - Last killed around 1pm Wednesday May 20, 2009
    - Drops head for Augment quest, nice bp, and nice bow
    - Update, last killed 11:25am Saturday May 30
    - Update, last killed 5pm PST, Monday October 12 (by us!)
    - Update, was up by Saturday October 17 at 8:30am (4 days 15.5 hours). killed by 9:30 am roughly
    - Update, spawned on Wednesday, October 21 at 10:30pm (4 days 13 hours), killed by Ringo & others by 11:00pm.

    Enforcer Husrag

    - Red to 65, NW of Bank
    - Rampages, around 700
    - Tank and spank
    - Drops bracer that summons magic arrows (Ranger)

    High Priest Coralsha

    - Tough part is splitting adds to get to her, use wall
    - Pretty much tank and spank, I believe she stunned
    - Turn mob for casters

    Taval The Fluxator

    - Slowable
    - Stuns/Stuns/Stuns
    - Flux’s too

    Arena Master Ugalf

    - Easy kill

    Arzog the Champion

    - Believe he dropped the ancient
    - Easy kill
  12. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Tasineth, Land of Bliss (Plane of Air), Tier 2 - 6

    General Info

    - Phoenix-like trash whirlwinds
    - Armors & Djinnis pretty much all enrage
    - Djinnis are mezzable
    - All mephits warp on you upon agro
    - Pacify does work for splitting adds
    - Can also avoid a lot of trash by travelling halls but avoiding going near any doors, i.e. hug wall opposite door
    - 4pull has 4 white con mephits that need to be tanked out of LoS from healers as they sometimes depop & repop while mana draining (tanks don't panic on depop, just hit autoattack without moving around, and upon respawn make sure to step back to face mob ; DON'T go anywhere while mob depops)

    Livia the Lustful

    - Head right down first 4 way to get to where she spawns
    - She is guarded by a boat load of mobs, but they don¡¦t hit hard
    - Tank goes in and tanks her while rest of raid kills off initial adds
    - One strat is if mana low after taking out mobs guarding her to wipe but have monk parked with rez urn to rez up so we can reengage solo
    - She is listed as Tier 2, but I think that is an under con, she is a tough fight
    - Do not let Livia get to 80% until initial mobs are dead as she will start spawning more adds
    o She spawns 2 adds every 10 percent that are unmezzable slowable
    o The adds, a Lesser Mantash, hit for low 100¡¦s
    o Adds start at 80% and end at 20%
    o When adds start spawning over heal tank as he may have agro on them at first. Get Pally/Tanks to pull them off and then burn them down quickly
    o After adds burn down then continue burning her down
    - She is unslowable
    - At first hits kinda slow for 300 to 400, but later she starts quading for 600 to 700 (because did not kill adds quick enough)
    - We wiped last night, but had the following problems, too many boxed healers, so they would miss a heal when boxing dps to go after adds, and we just didn¡¦t seem to have the dps last night. The adds seem to take a long time to go down. The adds hit for very little, but the main mob does hurt and if slow to burn down mana will be an issue later in fight
    - The key to this fight is burning down the adds quickly, the longer the adds stay up, the harder she hits

    High Scholar Dalish

    - Has 2 guards that are splitable, so can do him by himself
    - Casters hide from AOE Nuke at the side alcove
    - Immune to poison
    - Has an AoE Nuke
    - Tier 2
    - Wizard


    - Has 2 adds, kill them first during encounter
    - He has a ton of HP
    - Hits 300 – 400ish
    - Tier 2
    - Flurries
    - Seems to be immune to Fire and Magic
    - Adds are not bad, kill them first because he takes so long to kill
    - They can be mezzed but don’t recommend it, mezzed will have to last a long time and they are highly magic resistant, easier to kill them


    - Kill elemental in pool to spawn Windrider
    - low HP
    - big magic based AE, 750dd
    - watch the spawned elementals in 3rd person view to avoid being ported to Nbadlands
    - Elementals move a few steps, stop and explode taking everyone with them
    - Rampages
    - Is slowable
    - Spread out to avoid everyone getting hit by an elemental
    low HP
    - Weak Random AoE DD, 300 - 800 Damage, Random Range on AoE
    - Hits kako for 200 to 300
    - Current spawned near pool and ported tank back, Doesnt always happens.

    Arch Sultan Radriz

    - Tier 5
    - Watch emote & HIDE for huge AE - 4k+ Damage Line of Sight
    - He always mezzes the tank, when mezzed second tank pick up aggro
    - When second tank gets mezzed, first tank picks him up again
    - Switches targets alot.

    Rakladja the Seductress

    - Tier 5
    - She hits for 80 to 800s
    - Quads, average hit 500, she's nasty
    - Had 13 adds, they hit 200s
    - New Strat on adds - no more wiping
    - Have Bard go in with divine aura song and use bard speed, he gets summoned but aggros all the adds and runs out quickly into hallway, Pally and other tanks pick up adds. So much easier.
    - She summons as soon as you get close, can still cast agro spell before getting summoned, do it as stun will cause you to lose aggro if you don't
    - She has a very nasty damage shield that you have to keep dispelling, but she emotes before she does it
    - Emote: She takes on an empathic glamour
    - Fight with just aggro spells, that way tank doesn't EAT DS
    - Also stun seems to be frontal, so turn her
    - Tough part keeping aggro on her at first, because she stuns
    - Trash
    o White cons AE rather hard
    o Yellow cons are straight melee;
    - Pally needs to ae aggro
    - bard dispels her huge DS,
    - mana drainable
    - Need to have female illusion or something happens (charm?)
    - rooted

    Arbiter of Air

    - Tier 6 mob
    o Two unslowable & iirc linked guardians to kill before getting to Arbiter
    - single debuff must be dispelled,
    - it¡¦s an AE port to Nbad,
    - lot of HP,
    - AE dispells,
    - mana drains,
    - rooted

    High Lady Athuai

    - Tier 5 mob
    - Building is a pain in the ass to pull as trashes charm, mez, poison dot or AE hard like white cons in Sultan/Seductress building; leet pally adds pulling.
    - Then need a charm sacrifice & need to engage JUST after toon is charmed;
    - Pull Strat, two adds, through a mez sacrifice in, get an enchanter to "control" one add and another bard pull back yellow con to tank
    - Don¡¦t use rains or AEs as you will kill the charmed toon and she's gonna remez the highest on aggro list !!!
    - Counterspells hard (think Yashira rate)
    - AE dispells 2 buffs (need to have first two buffslots filled with crap buff
    - Sbliss and Predator or resist buff
    - perma rooted
    - enrages around 20

    Vansiathi the Blissful

    - Tier 6 mob
    - We failed the attempt but found interesting stuff
    - First she has red emotes to say when she's invulnerable to melee damage, or spell damage. So casters hold dps when she emotes.
    - Bump MR skyhigh

    - She does two spells

    o Storm of Divine Rage - targeted AE MR based with -25 adjust ; 400DD + 4sec stun with 25 range (spreading out might help)

    o Deathbolt- Single MR based with -40 adjust; 3600DD

    - In addition to that she summoned about 4 adds, pleasurers of Shihitri, that are apparently unmezzable and hit for about 400. I guess they need to be tanked and probably killed as we could damage them, but not confirmed.
    - The named's melee DPS are sucky (about 200/300 dmg) but the spells & adds make it a fight comparable to Strength in Valor A it seems. I suspect she has other tricks, but we took her down to 95 so
    - Didn't have Jayla's insight to mana drain but she must have mana.
    - Might as well watch enrage
  13. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Thazeran Tower Augments, Tier 8 - 10

    Thaz Augments

    - Thaz armor has two augment slots:
    - One regular one, and another specific one, the type 7 aug - or 'Thaz aug' - this is the one which will be discussed in this thread. Thaz augs usually have some stats and/or an effect of some sort. They are not the most amazing augs one can get; they exist to make the sweet, sweet Thaz armor a little bit sweeter so consider them as a nice bit of icing on the cake.

    How does one obtain such augs?

    - To "make" one, you will need to combine (in the same combine box used to make the armor) 3 items together:
    o 1 x class specific Thaz gem
    o 1 x Core of the Elements (which typically drops off Upper Thaz nameds, but also very rarely from trash)
    o 1 x Thaz essence of your choice.
    - The type of Thaz essence that you choose will determine the stats on your aug. Augments vary between classes as well - so to sum it up, each class has the choice between four augments tailored to its needs. Although it is usually considered that tanks have to go for earth or air augs, casters for air or water, and melee dps classes for fire, it really is up to you to decide what kind of stats/effects your character will benefit from the most. So check out the list below before rushing into a decision.
    - Every mini and named in lower and upper drops an armor piece. In upper thaz, they also drop core of elements which can be upgraded into an aug for an upgraded thaz piece. The way it works is as follows:
    o Armor piece + 4 essences (there are 4 "wings" in thaz, you need an essence from each dropped from trash) + class specific gem (dropped from trash everywhere in zone) combined in a pouch found on the floor near the entrance of the zone.
    o For an aug, it would be the core of elements + class specific gem + 1 essence (depending on which essence you use, you get a different aug)
    - Sleeves - LT: Earth Boss - UT: Earth Mini
    - Bracer - LT: Earth Mini - Air mini
    - Gloves - LT: Fire Mini
    - Head - LT: Air Boss
    - Legs - LT: Fire Boss
    - Boots - LT: Water Mini
    - BP - LT: Water Boss

    Thaz augs: a summary

    This list is the result of hours and hours of fomeloing and asking around. It is not complete yet, so if you spot an aug somewhere which isn't in it, let me know!


    - Paladin
    o Air-infused Topaz: Effect: Ferocity I (worn), STR: +6, HP: +10, MANA: +10, Stun Resist: +1%.
    o Earth-infused Topaz: AC: +2, STA: +6, HP: +10, Damage Reduction: +1.
    Fire-infused Topaz: ???
    o Water-infused Topaz: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +4, WIS: +4, MANA: +10, Spell Ward: +1%.

    - Shadow knight
    o Air-infused Agate: ???
    o Earth-infused Agate: AC: +2, STR: +5, STA: +3, HP: +10, Damage Reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Agate: ??? (all I know is that it has Aggression: +1)
    o Water-infused Agate: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +3, MANA: +15, Spell Ward: +1%.

    - Warrior
    o Air-infused Bloodstone: ???
    o Earth-infused Bloodstone: AC: +2, STR: +4, STA: +4, HP: +10, Damage Reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Bloodstone: Effect: Ferocity I (worn), STR: +6, HP: +15, Aggression: +1.
    o Water-infused Bloodstone: Effect: Recovery II (worn), STA: +7, HP: +15, Stun Resist: +2%


    - Cleric
    o Air-infused Diamond: DEX: +3, CHA: +3, WIS: + 3, MANA: +20, Mind Shield: +2%, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Diamond: ???
    o Fire-infused Diamond: STR: +5, DEX: +5, MANA: +25, FR: +3, Stun Resist: +1%.
    o Water-infused Diamond: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, CHA: +3, WIS: + 3, HP: +10.

    - Druid
    o Air-infused Peridot: CHA: +3, WIS: +3, AGI: +3, MANA: +15, MR: +3, Mind Shield: +1%.
    o Earth-infused Peridot: STA: +3, WIS: +3, HP: +10, MANA: +10, DR: +3, PR: +3, Damage Reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Peridot: ???
    o Water-infused Peridot: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +4, CHA: +4, MANA: +15.

    - Shaman
    o Air-infused Amber: WIS: +3, AGI: +3, HP: +10, MR: +2, Mind Shield: +1%, Aggression: -1.
    Earth-infused Amber: AC: +2, STA: +3, CHA: +3, HP: +10, MANA: +10, PR: +2, DR: +2.
    Fire-infused Amber: ???
    o Water-infused Amber: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +3, WIS: +3, HP: +10, CR: +2.


    - Bard
    o Air-infused Quartz: DEX: +3, CHA: +3, AGI: + 3,HP: +10, Critical Strike: +1%, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Quartz: AC: 2, STR: +5, DEX: +5, HP: +10, Damage Reduction: +1.
    Fire-infused Quartz: Effect: Ferocity I (worn), STR: +4, HP: +10, MANA: +10, Stun Resist: +1%.
    o Water-infused Quartz: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +4, CHA: +4, MANA: +10.

    - Beastlord
    o Air-infused Carnelian: DEX: +3, AGI: +3, HP: +10, MANA: +10, Aggression: -1, Critical strike: +1%.
    o Earth-infused Carnelian: AC: +2, STR: +3, STA: +3, HP: +10, PR: +2, DR: +2, Damage reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Carnelian: ??? ( I don't know the stats, I heard it has +1 Ferocity though).
    o Water-infused Carnelian: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STR: +3, CHA: +3, MANA: +10, CR: +2.

    - Monk
    o Air-infused Sapphire: DEX: +4, AGI: +4, HP: +10, Mind Shield: +1%, Critical Strike: +1%.
    o Earth-infused Sapphire: AC: +2, STR: +3, STA: +3, HP: +10, Stun Resist: +2%.
    o Fire-infused Sapphire: ???
    o Water-infused Sapphire: ??? (has either Recovery I or II)

    - Ranger
    o Air-infused Emerald: DEX: +5, HP: +10, Critical Strike: +1%, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Emerald: AC: + 2, STA: +3, AGI: +3, HP: +10,, Damage Reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Emerald: Effect: Ferocity I (worn), STR: +6, HP: +15, Aggression: -1.
    o Water-infused Emerald: Effect: Recovery II (worn), STA: +3, WIS: +3, HP: +10, MANA: +10, CR: +2.

    - Rogue:
    o Air-infused Onyx: DEX: +3, AGI: +3, HP: +10, MR: +2, Critical strike: +1%, Mind Shield: +1%.
    o Earth-infused Onyx: AC: +2, STR: +3, STA: +3, HP: + 10, PR: + 2, DR: +2, Stun Resist: +1%.
    o Fire-infused Onyx: Effect: Ferocity I (worn), STR: +6, HP: +10, FR: +2.
    o Water-infused Onyx: Effect: Recovery II (worn), DEX: +3, STA: +3, HP: +10, CR: +3.


    - Enchanter
    o Air-infused Opal: CHA: +5, MANA: +20, MR: +2, Mind Shield: +1%, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Opal: ??? (has Damage Reduction: +1 and/or Stun resist: +1%)
    o Fire-infused Opal: ???
    o Water-infused Opal: Skill Mod: Specialize Focus/Mind + 3%, CHA: +3, INT: +2, MANA: +10, CR: +1
    - Magician
    o Air-infused Pearl: CHA: +3, INT: +3, AGI: +3, MANA: +15, MR: +2, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Pearl: ???
    o Fire-infused Pearl: ??? (I was told it has 1% Stun resist)
    o Water-infused Pearl: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, CHA: +4, INT: +3, MANA: +10.

    - Necromancer
    o Air-infused Ruby: CHA: +3, INT: +3, AGI: +2, MANA: +15, MR: +2, Mind Shield: +1%, Aggression: -1.
    o Earth-infused Ruby: AC: +2, STA: +2, CHA: +2, INT: +2, HP: +10, MANA: + 10, DR: +4. Damage Reduction: +1.
    o Fire-infused Ruby: ???
    o Water-infused Ruby: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, STA: +3, INT: +3, MANA: +15

    - Wizard
    o Air-infused Jade: CHA: +2, INT: +2, MANA: +20, MR: +2, Mind shield: +1%, Aggression: -1
    o Earth-infused Jade: ??? (has Aggression: -1%)
    o Fire-infused Jade: ???
    o Water-infused Jade: Skill Mod: Specialize Energy/Defense +3%, CHA: +3, INT: +3, MANA: +15, CR: +2

    - Whenever you have a skill mod item that says %, it’s never actually a percentage. The staff can't make it display a simple +#.
    - So any of the augments shown that have a bonus to specializations are not actually a %. So instead of +3% energy defense, it’s actually just +3 points. It's a significant difference.
  14. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Thazeran's Tower, Tier 8 - 10

    General Notes & Trash

    Thaz Emotes
    - When a mob MARKS you, it's preparing to nuke you repeatedly or to make you AoE raid (Thaz skill)
    - When a mob concentrates, it's preparing to cast a spell, repeatedly casting on him prevents that (Thaz skill)

    Erratic Earthfiend
    - Aggro does not work, hits everyone thats near him, kinda random

    Earthly Warden
    - Rampages
    - Hits Hard

    Key Info

    - Incomplete info but..
    - Get tablet and elemental attuned sealer...
    - Turn tablet into historian in South Newport
    - Get thaz key (not sure if has to be done for each wing)

    Named Mobs

    Water Wing - Lower

    Lok’Atal, The Deep One

    - 3 named to start the fight, they are named the Tidecallers, there is Tadryl and two others whom I forget
    - Dps them all down to 50% at the same time. They have to hit 50% within a certain amount of each other
    - Once the Tidecallers are at 50 they despawn and Lok’Atal spawns
    - He does and AoE for 326 dmage with MOTS on
    - Also does a dot/slow called chill of the depths I believe

    Xardak and Kadrax of the Depths

    - Xardrak and Kadrax of the Depths are 2 linked mobs that share the same HP

    o One tank on left mob [Xardak] and another tanks right mob [Kadrax] with shield

    o Someone heals tank for Xardax alone, with one other designated healer helping until it is slowed.
    o All other healers stay permanently on the tank on Kadrax

    o All melee DPS and pets engage left mob [Xardak] (because Kadrax whirlwinds). All caster and ranged DPS engage right mob [Kadrax] and watch aggro as tank (warrior) is using shield.

    - Strategy:
    o Throughout the encounter the nameds alternately summon elementals [a destructive wave or a refreshing wave] which they send towards the other named.
    o Emote - Xardak/Kadrax of the Depths channels water energies toward his brother.
    o Whichever named summons the elemental (when you see the emote above) must be DPSed hard so that the elemental depops before reaching the other named (casters can med if necessary until the elemental pops, then DPS hard)
    o End Emote - Xardak/Kadrax of the Depths loses hold of his channeling before the wave of water can reach his brother.
    o If the elementals reach the other named then they will either heal the nameds or AE the raid. The AE is not too awful (~4k), but the heal can ruin the encounter, so don't slack!
    o One last note, did this with Twilight Underground, they wanted to use a spell clicky on the mob or a quick spell on the mob, like a low level shaman spell that has quick recast, because they seemed to believe that on one of the mobs it’s the number of spells you cast in succession that breaks the concentration (malise clicky doll would rock here). Assuming the mob is the one caster dps is engaged on, not 100% sure though.

    Water Wing - Upper


    - You have to kill all the droplet to spawn the mob, Droplet comes in pairs of 2 that are linked.
    - AoE Mez
    - Cold Based AoE nuke that will break your mez, So you need low Cold resists for the fight
    - If your auxing for whatever reason you have around 3 seconds after your mez breaks to get behind the mob
    - You get adds to spawn based on how many people that were auxing didn't get behind the mob after 3seconds Mez break
    - Turn him, Tank him facing the wall away from the raid.
    - Since the tank has to face him you should only be getting 1 add per round of mezzing
    - AoE Damage 1700-1800 DD Cold Nuke (melody of shield off)

    Waterlord Naktal

    - Wind will blow in a certain direction, You need to face that direction
    - Wind blows NORTH, Everyone needs be looking NORTH
    - You move the round Right / Left / Through the raid boss, The boss mostly stays still still while the raid moves North South West East of the boss
    - If you don't do the wind correctly, You get knockbacked to the end of the room perma, Then die.
    - AoE Damage 1100-1200 (Melody of Shield on)
    - Need to double check a couple of things, when I did this with TU, I had thought you had to actually move to the other side of the mob to avoid an AE, but perhaps they were just moving so they can melee the mob while facing a certain direction (this is maybe why I had such a hard time boxing), trying to move two characters to a certain part of the room
    - Was also told that if you do this wrong the AoE hits harder as well

    Earth Wing - LOWER

    Warder Dagrath – mini
    - On agro pop 4x "a wardstone" in each conner of his big room.
    - Put a melee on each of them because they summon worked fine.
    - Before last wardstone dies named is a pussy after that he becomes a lil less of a pussy but not by much.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 900
    - HP: > 585k
    - DPS on MA: 570- Ratkon (low)
    - Specials:
    - Pummel - Decrease Current Hitpoints by 565/0sec stun (-350MR) Range 90(AE)- every 27 seconds
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: 5:38
    - Resists:

    Vordrek the Earthen (Boss Mob)

    - Spawns "An earthen essence" x 6(unsure on number) max hit 1k at 70 seconds intervals and despawns.They stay up for 30 seconds at a time and the raid needs to dps them HARD. do that ~ 10 times and win.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 2650
    - HP: > unknown
    - DPS on MA: 700(mid)
    - Specials: none
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: 15:34
    - Resists:
    - Strategy
    o Vordrek the Earthen is a single mob with huge HP
    - Tanks:
    o Warrior tanks Vordrek with shield throughout (and does nothing when he depops)
    o Paladin uses AE aggro on all of the adds when named depops.
    o Shadow Knight chooses one add and tanks that.
    - Healers:
    o All healers on tank when named is up, druids can DPS the adds when they pop instead of healing if there is sufficient cover.
    - DPS:
    o Casters med while named is up, melee can engage named (mainly for aux tank purposes, since he has too much HP to make an impact upon) as long as good aggro control is maintained (tank tanks with shield). All DPS assists sk when adds pop & burns that target down asap (Wizards MUST stand right beside the target because they are sure to pull aggro).
    o Caster DPS needs to AE damage, more health the adds get damaged the more health the boss mob loses
    - Strategy:
    o After engaging Vordrek he will summon an airy whirlwind.
    o Emote - A gust of wind begins to blow through the chamber.
    o Leave this alone, if aggroed it will depop, however if it randomly roams into the named then it will take ~4% HP off him. Can pull boss mob into whirlwind for extra damage
    o After a short time the named will depop and spawn ~5-6 An earthen essence
    o Emote - Vordrek the Earthen crumbles into smaller pieces.
    o Pally aggroes all of the An earthen essence, SK chooses one and all DPS burns it down fast. After a short time the adds will depop & Vordrek will repop.
    o Emote - The ground shakes briefly as the essences reform into one mass.
    o Depending on the amount of DPS done on the adds, an equivalent amount of HP will be taken from Vordrek when he repops.
    o Repeat this ~10 or so times to win.
    o Strike curse on the first wave of adds, Rend curse of the second wave.
    o Casters bunch up, so pally can get agro when adds travel
    o Loot:
    - Drops 1 immaculate loot and 1-2 pieces of other loot:
    - Immaculate Runic Vambraces
    - Immaculate Runic Armguards
    - Immaculate Silk Armbands
    - Immaculate Woven Sleeves
    - Heavy Obsidian Ring
    - Crystalline Monocle
    - Etched Earthen Pauldrons

    Earth Wing – Upper

    - Need Strats

    Ulkag the Earthshaper
    - Need Strats

    Fire Wing - Lower

    FlameLord Koltar
    - 1150 Aoe's WITHOUT MOTS
    - Summons adds throughout the fight, 3 Adds hit for around 100-450 each. They depop after a set time. Repop throughout the fight
    - " a molten mass " must be killed or they will stay up
    - Alot of HP

    Tashkal the Molten (Boss)
    - FireWing Lower Boss
    - EVERYONE MUST HAVE 500FR or they are wasting precious mana and totally useless here. Buy potions and shit for this.
    - He ports/debuffs people at random. You mustn't port back with debuff on.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1200
    - HP: > 625k before port / guestimated 600k after port
    - "DPS on MA: 770 - (mid)
    - Specials:
    o Magma Splash - Decrease Hitpoints by 1450(-100 FR) Range 250(AE) - every 11 seconds
    o Incite Flames - Decrease Fire Resist by 250 (-300FR) Range 500(AE) - every 15 seconds
    - After teleport the mob in the middle of the room does this AE
    o Hellfire - Decrease Current Hitpoints by 250 (-175FR) Range 1000(AE)- every 5 seconds
    o Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    o Fight Time: 6 minutes before port / ??? after the port
    o Resists:
    - Strategy
    o Tashkal the Molten is a single mob, immune to fire.
    - Buffing:
    o Buff your FR as high as possible - Sos/Mage DS/Self buffs
    - Tanks:
    o Warrior MT tanks Tashkal always, other tanks aux.
    o Main tank switches to shield towards the mid-end of fight
    - Healers:
    o All healers focus on Grimar and groupheal your group when required (this will be very often). When mana gets low, heal yourself too if applicable (Lifetaps etc). Also healers and all other classes must mem their highest damage spell(s) for this encounter.
    - DPS:
    o All DPS on Tashkal throughout, but don't use fire spells. Watch aggro when Main tank switches to shield.
    - The Fight
    o Tashkal AEs alot (see spells below), so at the beginning healers hide at the wall and groupheal their groups when required.
    o During the first part of this encounter Tashkal will randomly port 1 character at a time (except Main Tank) to another room. This room contains a lava-spout which has fairly low HP but must be killed before you proceed through the portal at the end of the room (taking you back to Tashkal)
    o *The a lava-spout MUST be killed (& there must not be another spout repopped) before you enter the portal, otherwise some other mobs will be ported up with you = wipe.*
    o At 30% HP Tashkal ports everyone & himself to the room with a lava-spout (which has become invulnerable).
    o Tashkal the Molten shouts, 'Your flesh will be seared from your bones... Come, come into the pit of hell!
    o He regens his HP back to 100% and does more AEs that now cannot be avoided by anyone, so grouphealing is a must. Everyone engages him, stay in MotS range, kill to 0% and win.
    o Spells:
     Incite Flames (throughout)
     Magma Splash (throughout)
     Hellfire (2nd part of fight only)
    o Loot:
     Drops 1 immaculate loot and 1-2 pieces of other loot:
     Immaculate Runic Legplates
     Immaculate Runic Leggings
     Immaculate Silk Pantaloons
     Immaculate Woven Legwraps
     Flame-Forged Longblade
     Globe of Lava
     Molten Waistband

    Fire Wing Upper


    - Fire Wing, Upper
    - Tier 9
    - The Fight
    o He does basically nothing hits the tank but not too hard.
    o BUT he spawns an add that (we think) procs some AE of 1500ish dmg 1050 with MotS (he only procs on the NAMED). The add blinks losing all agro and runs for the named again. As soon as you kill the add he repops.
    o The idea is making sure the add isn’t hitting the named or you get spam AEd. Sometimes getting 4 aes in the time it cost to cast a group heal. Problem is we don’t have a good strat yet that keeps the add off the named. Though we know that if we could keep the add of the named we would win this fight.
    o Named is fire imune good resists to magic average to the rest.
    o Has quite some HP.
    o We need to kill it to get to the Boss which according to some we should be able to kill as well so this has high priority.
    Nashtav, Forget of Souls
    - Need Strats

    Nashtav, Forger of Souls

    - Pussy ass bitch, Easy fight if everyone pays attention
    - Summons 4 DB adds that hit up to 400 at the start, Dont need to kill with the named only have to clear them. They go straight for the raid when they spawn so assign each person to one
    - After elementals put raid on steps behind where the boss was, If people died on the 4 pull you get a chance to rez them let them regen mana here, It doesnt affect the encounter with the named, Not sure how long u can wait though. We waited around 4-8 minutes for glex to rez / regen mana
    - Tank and melee dps jump into the ring
    - Mostly behind the named a invisable mob will spawn, "A fire Fisher" or something like that, Whenever they spawn u need someone on vent telling melee to move if you dont avoid they AOE the Melee HARD, Very HARD
    - Boss didn't drop aomi past 48%, Doesnt hit too bad
    - 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% he does a LoS AoE that instantly kills anything. MT and All Melee needs to run to stairs, Casters and Healers need to run back from stairs to the back wall
    - After the AoEs at 80%ect The mob doesnt summon / hit the MT for a good 10-15 seconds, Just stand there (Looks like a flame in your buff slot)
    - During the AoE emote at 80%ect, He doesnt do anything, No summons ect.
    - Spank and tank no AoEs if you dont step on Fishers
    - *VERY IMPORTANT* Have all the melee DPS stand as close to his legs as possible becuase its easier to avoid fishers if they do so, This is almost the key to success in this fight. Even thought he mob as a big circle to him, You need melee dps touching his feet basically
    - Avg hit 600ish?
    - tier 9, Seemed like T4
    - did it with 13 in raid / people were boxing

    Air Wing - LOWER

    Galtrah Stormfury

    - Does a dot that is spreadable to other people, Does 2k AOE so the person with the dot has to GTFO the raid
    - Are adds on this fight
    - "A lightning manifestation" are the adds
    o MaxHIT: 500 / nuke for 2k IIRC they spawn once a time so 1 tank for them is fine.
    - Spank and tank apart from the adds
    - MaxHIT: ~ 920
    - HP: > 550k
    - DPS on MA: 680 - Grimar (mid)
    - Specials: spawns adds
    - Slowable: ?
    - Fight Time: 5.58
    - Resists:

    Eltrac the Skycaller (Boss)

    - Adds on this fight
    - Named casts a dot on people, it's called Attract Lightning, it's 2k dmg per tick
    - You can't dispell it or purify it, so yell to healers that you are dotted
    - This is only for Attract Lightning, other debuffs aren't harmful
    - Make macros to /shout I'M DOTTED or w.e,,
    - Add "an attuned elemental"
    o MaxHIT: ~ 200
    o Course of the fight it took 30k dmg dont remember how many of them spawns or just 1.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1100
    - HP: > 820k
    - DPS on MA: 1050 - Grimar (HIGH)
    - Specials: nukes people at random or somethin for 2450 max / dots / no AEs what I am aware of
    - Slowable: ?
    - Fight Time: 9.07
    - Resists: ?
    - Strategy
    o Eltrac the Skycaller is a single mob.
    - Tanks:
    o Main tank (warrior) tanks Eltrac throughout.
    o Shadow Knight tanks adds.
    - Healers:
    o All healers on focus on Main Tank.
    o Group healers & 1 other healer are designated to heal other people that need it.
    - DPS:
    o All melee DPS on Eltrac, ranged DPS start on Eltrac too, but assist ShadowKnight on adds when required.
    - The Fight:
    o During the encounter Eltrac summons An attuned elemental. Ranged DPS assist ShadowKnight on these as soon as they pop, to ensure that there is only one up at once.
    o The named casts a huge 2k per tick dot on a random character - call out in /gu if you see the spell 'Attract Lightning' in your buff bar (other spells can be ignored). The appropriate grouphealer & the designated healer heal the dotted person until it disappears 4 or 5 ticks later.
    o Spells:
     Dampen Magic (throughout)
    o Loot:
     Drops 1 immaculate loot and 1-2 pieces of other loot:
     Immaculate Runic Helm
     Immaculate Runic Coif
     Immaculate Silk Cowl
     Immaculate Woven Cap
     Windstone Earring
     Earring of the Whispering Wind
     Amalgamated Greatshield

    Air Wing - UPPER

    Scholar Adrashi

    he will depop at times and when he does there will be 7 urns and spawn around the platofrm. He is hiding in one of them. He will randomly summon these hammers on random people, one person might even get 3, Heavy Mallet is the hammer. If you you get a hammer walk up to a urn and right it from the inventory and to break the urn. If you do not break the urn that he is hidin he will come back and do a massive aoe. like 5k or something. make room for it in your first bad or osmething. So every needs 1-2 inv slot sopen. be reak to burak a urn. you will hear the sound like you got a mod rod. So if you dont hear the dont worry you dont have one. The hammer doesnt have a cast bar. AoEs, Max hit 765~ Mots on. Changes forms. Elemental form = cant go into urns. Normal form = goes into urns.

    Zalnok the Mind Shaper

    Split into adds 3 times during the fight. The first time he splits into 2 adds. the split don't hit hard. 1 tank for each add. 2nd split we need to get the mobs to 70 and 30. which one is 70 / 30 we dont know till he emotes so everyone dpsing MT first to 75%, wait to see if the emote is at 70. if not then get to the 2nd one and dps it to 30 and and then switch to to get the 75 one down to 70. NO DOTS DMG SHIELD ANYTHING. No not aggro the mobs past the emote or you will bug the encounter and fuck us. alright so after we get the first set to 70 / 30 he repops. kill him some then depops and pops 3 adds. they just like him. these we need to get down to 40 30 30. dps one of them first. but make sure you do not split the dps between multiple mobs and we many emotes at once cause we wont know wtf to do then. so after 3 split we need to get a 4 split to 30 30 30 10. dps to one and then we them down to their emotes again. healing assisgnments and go.


    Thazeran, The Great Guardian (Event 1)
    - Tier 10
    - Strategy
    o 2 paladins (Who don’t box)
    o Shadow knight debatable
    o 1 enchanter (Who doesn't suck)
    o Monks
    - Raid goes wherever the fuck you want it.
    - At engage everyone needs to be in range to take out the spawning air mobs.
    - Monks tank with the anti-mez stance. If this does not hold out druid begins to spam root on them so they break the mez of the nearby person(The warrior/monk/whatever)
    - If your dps does NOT suffice to do this as they spawn (Which it probably won’t since the second wave is alot faster) Have your enchanter mez them.
    o Paladin A goes to the fire portal
    o Paladin B goes to the earth portal
    o Shadowknight goes to water, He can maybe have a bard with him if he desires but it’s really up to you and how bad your players are.
    - All of these 3 chumps agro mobs as they come out, you are kiting them the entirety of the fight.
    - So now you’re killing air elementals all badass and such, and kiting like motherfucking Olympic champions, there are no loose adds at all you fucking pro's you.

    o Leave one of each type alone. The enchanter should keep the final air mob mezzed the entire fight to prevent it from RUNNING THROUGH THE RAID ON THE WAY TO THE GUY WITH AGGRO.
    o Paladin B, after ensuring he has all of the earth mobs, will peel off a water from the shadowknight, peel off a fire from paladin and build up hate on the mezzed air elemental.
    o So now paladin b is running around with 10+ earth elementals, 1 fire, and 1 water and has hate on the mezzed air elemental over god knows where.
    - Order of destruction
    - Air should be dead by now
    o -> Water-> Fire/MED -> EARTH.
    - You now have 4 elementals alone
    - Order of the reckoning:
    - Do not doubt the order of the reckoning
    - The Earth boss requires the most heal spams out of all of them so your mana should be devoted to him
    - Water boss is a chump
    - Air boss is a chump (run away dumbasses)
    - Fire can really fuck your shit up if you spam tashan on him when he does that farhag power shit (SEE: MELT EVERYONE)
    - Not to mention the mana drain adds, because by now it’s like 30+ minutes and your possibly near PL and the last thing you want to do is sit for mana.
    - You may want to consider doing death save on your tanks in case some dumb shit enchanter decides to spam Tashania

    Thazeran, The Great Guardian (Event 2)

    - Adds spawn around the room in a clockwise manner
    o 80% splits into 4 Fire Elementals. Kill them fast. Thaz begins to DB.
    o 70% splits into Earth Eles that hit very hard. Kill them fast. Thaz begins to either rampage or flurry
    o 60% splits into Air elementals that blink. AE aggro, Kill them fast. Thaz begins to either rampage or flurry (whichever he previously didn't do)
    o 50% spawns Water elementals, kill them. Thaz is now DBing, rampaging, and flurrying. He also starts charming. Drag him over to the water portal. DPS him hard to 30%.
    o 30% portals begin to explode, shitton of adds spawn from each one that explodes. You need to seriously like DPS the fuck out of Thaz from 30% to 10%.
    o 10% Magus breaks free from Thaz's hold, rapes all of the adds, then kills Thaz.
    o Lore text. Loot as fast as possible, because the Gods will kill you within 2 minutes of Thaz's death.
  15. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    The Rust, Tier 6 - 7

    General Notes

    - I believe you need to collect the gems that drop and use the in certain combinations depending on the named you are trying to kill
    -You need to kill each mini-boss before BW, Each mini boss needs a certain combo of gems to activate
    -Each Mini-Boss will flagged 12 people in your raid and drop a card. You need to kill each mini boss with the same 12 people and get a card from each mini to be flagged and keyed for CW
    -Once you get 12 people flagged and all the keys you can kill CW by handing the cards into the CW himself
    -Each Boss takes 4 Gems each in a certain order

    Rust Combos :

    - Silver - > bbtf
    - Astaine - > tffs
    - Iridium - > btsf
    - Mercury - > ssbt
    - iridium and mercury I’m pretty sure but will confirm
    - they follow a pattern of
    o bone, time, flesh, steel, bone, time, flesh, steel
    - or like from iridium to silver in clockwork pattern:
    o btsf
    o ssbt
    o bbtf
    o tffs


    - Hits Mirena (9.4khp/1704 buffed) for 1200-1600's
    - Can do everything the trash around him can do, Summons healer and DPS robots on you
    - Whirlwinds
    - Phanton Strikes
    - DeathBlows


    - One of the bosses puts a flag on the first person to encounter the boss is the only one in the raid can be healed.
  16. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Tower of Tarhyl, Tier 7 - 10


    - To go into lobby if you have already done ToTs, you must hail the spirit. /cm d1 ONCE. Then type " I wish to continue. " ( Yes, It's bugged )
    - Callers summon adds, Time based i believe


    Burning Caller
    - Spawns a summoned flame sword that needs to be off tanked
    - He does an AoE
    - Believe it is scorched by swirling fire and does 2385 points of damage
    - Hits hard

    Flare Fiend Ravenger
    - When he does the emote, goes into a shield of demonic fire, do not use spells on him
    - If you cast on him or proc on him while he is shielded he will hit someone randomly for 3550 points of damage (might be aoe)

    Arch Fiend Ghanherizoc
    - Magma golems heal the main if they live, You need to DPS the golems when they spawn. They need to be full size before they can take damage. 4x Golems, Each one around 80,60,40,20. 75-85ish, Random spawn.
    - AoEs 902-1235 ( Mots + Pot4 )
    - Frenzy
    - Phantom Strikes 100-350
    - High HP
    - Lava doesn't hurt you, if you are a small race you need to get yourself grown though
    - Adds are perma rooted, They summon. Need an offtank

    High Warden Ansaag
    - This mob is easy if your raid doesn’t have any retards in it, one retard in the raid and you’re fucked
    - Healers behind the wall where staircase is
    - If you have the dot on you and you damage him, He will heal himself.
    - Main guy can be split from his adds
    - Once you engage he will cast individual dots, you have the dot STOP ATTACKING. Call out that you have the dot and ask for a cure. If you keep attacking you are a retard and will wipe the raid
    - Use cleric Antidote for cure, shaman ones and druid ones may appear to cure it but they are not strong enough, so even though the dot appears to be off you will not be fully cured
    - Don’t dialogue with him, he will offer to take the dot off of people but if you agree to it he will laugh and spawn adds that will rape the healers, don’t be a dumbass

    Djar Wing

    General Notes

    - Once you have killed Ghanzerizoc & Warden Aansag, and hailed the spirits that spawn after their death, you gain access to the Djar Wing.
    - As in all ToT, keep a lot of Fire resist.
    - Mobs in there are all djinni-like (think PoA djinns, Fire grottos efreetis).

    Trash Info:

    - Among the first part, the males, one type rampages, one type spams fire AEs and enrages at 20%, another flurry maybe.
    - Nothing hard, except pullers have to pay attention to two spots in the area where a perma rooted djinn has a rain spell with small radius but infinite casting range in the zone, so if you pull back to the raid with agro on one, his rain will hit you/the raid and everyone will have agro / be getting rained for big-ish damage. So just make sure to flop semi-far away for tags.
    - The females Djar have a cold-based stun & a hard to resist fire-based charm, so remove spells that could be dangerous in PVP (mezzes, stuns, fear etc) cause people will get charmed

    Favored Concubine Sherlea (Djar Mini)

    - Nothing hard, just a stronger version of the female Djars.
    - Drops :
    o Askaril's gift (melee neck, fomelo Khaid)
    o Silky Undergarment (DRU/BRD/NEC/MAG/ENC leggings 150HP 175m with a charm enhancement focus and 30 CHA fomelo Bimo)
    o Mourning of Purity (priest gloves with 150m -3aggr and a nifty group heal clicky with 5mn recast fomelo Baxle)
    o Boots of Submission (Priest boots FT1 135m -2aggr +2stun.resist fomelo Bimo ; awesome loot for the mob)

    Caliph Askaril (Djar Boss)

    - This guy is strategy heavy.
    - Surrounded by 8 white con female adds; perma rooted; hits not so hard, quite low hp.
    - First:
    o He does poison which is curable
    o FR-based debuff on the tank (easily resistible but needs a cure asap if it ever lands); otherwise fight goes like this :
    - DPS named to 80% then he depops
    - All the white con adds will wake up one after another counter clockwise
    - They spam some resistible Fire based debuffs (AC / FR debuff / mana drain), but easy to resist.
    - They are rooted when invulnerable, but can move & summon once they're released !
    - Thing is they could be debuffed / aggroed with spells before they wake too (second tank can use a few aggro AEs to get better aggro in the following phase)

    Caliph Askaril NEW STRAT:
    - after named depops at 80%, we got a few seconds to all fall back at the doorway ; main tank takes the adds as they come, EVERYONE ASSIST MT.
    - If we're not fast enough to kill first target after second and more wake up, second tank will catch them ASAP (need a healer to be assigned in case it happens). MT just grabs another mob once his is dead until all eight are down, everyone assist main tank at all times.
    - Mobs are mezzable by a chanter but this shouldn't be useful unless we really have low DPS.
    - Once all adds dead Askaril repops at 80% HP, need to zerg him down.
    o a knight and 1 or 2 caster dps (ideally ranger and wizard something like that) should remain behind and ready to grab coming fire constructs that should NOT reach the named at any cost !
    o Check Askaril's emotes starting about 40%. They come from very far back (about where mini spawns) and can be DPS down almost before they reach the second tank.
    - Remember Askaril (like the majority of mobs in ToT and in general in the Planes) enrages at 20%. Best to turn the mob from where the raid is facing.
    - Drops:
    o Djari Sutra (healer PRI/SEC 160m, CompHealth7 fomelo Bimo)
    o Jhaldjarimar (Uber Paladin/priest breastplate with HI7 and insane stats, fomelo Monikal)
    o some melee mask with a clicky group illusion gender (good but not insane need name)
    o Bejeweled Hoop (ALL/ALL earring 145hp 100m with 4% cold focus ; fomelo Sonix)
    - Don't forget to hail the spirit to gain access to the Flame Talon Wing.
    - Couple of notes.
    o First, the adds are only perma rooted 'till they wake up. Then they run around. First one to wake is the one straight in front of us as we face named.
    o Second, a couple of wizards with a pally/sk for the magmites is plenty. They (wiz) need to be really careful not to get aggro, they will die in like 2s if mob gets to them.
    o Third, his emotes start at 40%, with the first magmite appearing soon after.
    o Also, the wizards can keep DPSing named while watching for adds and switching when an add comes. Just need to make sure don't run oom too soon
    o Seems magmites do not pop based on mobs HP but rather seem time based. If that's true, zerging the mob after 40% would be great. (is save curses, warcry, etc).
    o Magmites have <7k HP.
    o Magmites pop on/at the bridge we cross to get to named after mini.

    Caliph Yet another strat writeup

    - Ok, this is the shortest strat write up ever:
    - Engage as normal, caliph is a fucking joke till 80%. Pre slow all adds before they become active.
    - At 80%, offtank picks up the first add, enchanter relic mezzes the 2nd add.
    - As soon as the 3rd add becomes active you tank that one (first should already be dead) and enchanter mezzes the 4th mob. And it goes around as tank/mez/tank/mez. As the adds die off, then we go back and clear out the ones that have been kept mezzed. Save curses to burn down remaining adds if they are stacking up.
    - After all adds die, caliph returns and is once again, a fucking joke to kill.
    - Oh and when he bugs and doesnt reset, kill all of the adds and he'll come back.
    - Commentary
    o well his mez is unresistable so as long as he is ready as soon as they come active there shouldnt be a problem. Also remezzing them early is a good option sence I've never seen a white con stay mezzed the full duration.
    o Before when we tried I went into full burn mode on those adds. Even with all the dps we had we still couldn't smoke them down in time. I'm really liking the mez every other one deal. If you think about it the first one will allways be dead by the time the third pops and so on. As long as serillis doesn't forget to refresh a mez if needed we'll be totally golden.
    o It sounds like 1 chanter ftw 2 would make it a joke lol.

    Flame Talon Wing
    by Dzillon on Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:36 am

    - Birds who use Fire AEs (some stun) so keep high FR but that shouldn't be a surprise in ToT. The thing to know with these fire birds is that they drop some blue con adds at low HP that need to be killed ASAP or they transform into a low HP red con phoenix that needs to be tanked asap.
    o NOTE: fight all birds in the open, like in the middle of the first room and later in the middle of the bridge, so that adds don't get walled.
    - Mephar Magmites are annoying mobs in the lava around the bridge. Like Djar Elders, they have pretty low HP but hit like trucks (think 2K a hit)!
    o Use fast heals on engage, DPS hard.

    Celistar (Mini)

    - Tier 8 Mob
    - The mini should be tanked about in the middle of the bridge. It does some AEs, with mana drain and stun components, iirc not blocked by walls. Either max FR or use range increment & fast heals and be sure to be at max range to avoid AEs. Best thing though is to eat AE and burn the mob asap
    - During the fight it will drop some feathers like the other trashes which will need to be killed asap
    - (Hence fighting on the bridge, again to avoid walled adds).
    - (might have forgotten a few stuff)
    - Drops:
    o Eternal Feather (neck/hand/waist slots ALL/ALL 160m MC6)
    o Wristlet of Azure Light (RngInc6 160hp melee bracer)

    Dawnfire (Boss)

    - Don't remember everything, but we didn't get so far in the fight anyway. He does nasty stun AEs and hits hard on the tank. Comments welcome

    Farhag Wing

    Ferdolen the Farhag Elder
    - Basically tank and spank
    - Does an AoE, healers hide behind wall on stair case
    - Has a lot of HP, but considered pretty gimp


    General - Dergath/Fonlen of Flame

    - Vague, may not be entirely correct
    - Refresh and then enchanter rune the whole raid so you can see when it wears off and re rune when it fades
    - The rune will block the knockback on the kiters, this is key!
    - DPS on Dergath first, then Fonlen (Fonlen takes longer to kill)
    - Dergath spawns lame adds that you need to kite around somehow, not sure about what Fonlen does.
    - Adds knockback (not too far apparently), and will spawn indefinitely at a fixed rate. You need to DPS Dergath fast to prevent hundreds of adds.
    - Phoenix Rising Strategy:
    o Warrior with shield on Dergath, Paladin on Fonlen
    o Kill Fonlen first. Kill Dergath second.
    o Tank them in the pillars. Put healers in their respective pillars with their tank in front of them. (The Generals will be facing the walls)
    o Fonlen spawns imps, Dergath spawns elementals
    o Mez the imps, kite the elementals
    o Win
  17. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Towers of Agony (Plane of Torment), Tier 4 - 5

    General Notes

    - Fire does not work well in this zone, neither does magic
    - Many mobs have disease/poison dots, Talisman of Niklothar needed
    - Ice and disease works fine



    - These fear
    - I believe it is fire based, causes you to Freeze in spot
    - Also believe it is AE fear, but not 100%


    - These are tank and spank
    - Easy


    - They slow
    - The hit very hard
    - White con to me

    Razhak Blackguards

    - Hit very hard
    - Flurry
    - Some are linked
    - These things beat ass, don’t underestimate them

    Razhak Torment Guards

    - Frontal AE, turn them

    Torhog/Razhak Deathlord

    - They use an AE Dot (resistable?, WTB more Infos) so group healers are a plus

    Torhog/Razhak Agonizer



    Tormentor Daz’Grah
    - Does nothing special
    - Hits for around 180
    - Easy
    - Drops shit



    - He has an AE lifetap
    o 530 points from all people in range
    - Hit our monk for 1850 on pull
    - Stay max range for heals and nukes
    - Melee if low magic resist then might want to stay out of fight
    - Seems like a lot of HP but doesn’t have that man, he just keeps lifetapping raid
    - Drops rogue piercer


    - He has an AE that does more damage the farther away you are from him
    - He does not see invis, neither does trash around him
    - So invis up, move up to him, and everyone hug him as close as they can
    - Then Tank aggro’s and tank and spank
    - Easy kill

    Gibbering Abomination
    - Has a frontal auto riposte
    - Use a pally/SK to tank


    - Has a frontal mana drain
    - Rampages

    Patrol Master Dblash

    - Has 2 adds that are linked have Preset Mez targets have either a monk FD them out into LOS or a Paladin DA pull them out. Mezz off the Da target and kill PMD Hits relatively hard

    Ka’Zlanish the Agonizer

    - Hits Hard and quads (very hard)
    - Warrior to shield SK KEY here
    - Rampages, assign rampage tank
    - Has an AE fear (fire based)
    - Tank pulls him out of Line of Sight to cubby in the left (turns him)
    - Careful not to run when in line of sight or you will run off and die
    - Turning character to walk instead of run is good idea here


    - In room on left hand side, he is in the bottom room with two adds
    - Easy to split adds out, spider has a small aggro radius, he won't even aggro
    - Casters to one side, melee on the other side
    - Has huge spike hits, hits for 1200 plus..
    - AE Poison or Disease, it's a very very nasty dot
    - Need to spam purify the whole fight, 2 shamans key, one for melee group, one for tank group, takes two purifies to get rid of the dot, chain cast it with shamans non stop whole fight, shaman's don't have to go in room to do it, just cast from outside door, still need LOS I believe
    - Caster group can avoid the dot and still have line of sight for spells by staying out of room and opening door, if they enter room they will die
    - He is mezzable as is his adds, although does not stay mezzed for long


    - Upstairs from the Corpse-Eater
    - Also comes with 2 adds, mezzable
    - Think we need purification for this fight
    - More strats needed

    Fleshrotter Twins

    - This fight is ALL about Aggro management
    - Very hard because BOTH mobs Silence and SLOW the main tank by 90%
    - They will even silence right away when running in to kill them, can get silenced before a chance to even land an aggro spell
    - Warrior probably better tank because does not rely on spells for agro
    - Shaman needs to have both Purification up and Abolish Disease
    - Purification takes “2” casts to cure slow but is groupable, Abolish Disease takes 1 cast but single
    - Shaman(s) should spam abolish Disease on main tank for agro and purification on groups when able
    - Healers and casters need to stay in the middle out of LoS of the AE silence/slow and DD
    - When we won it, Brenden moved his mob, West room, into the corner, perhaps because of AE DD spell
    - Idea is to kill mob that does NOT whirlwind first, this would be Rash.
    - Then kill Rish
    - After Rish is dead a rotting victim attacks (dark blue) and a pansy. Kill him for phat lewtz
    - This is probably the toughest fight, other than the event, we got help for it at end, but they related stories of being there for 6 hours with their guild trying to kill it as well
    - Recommend we do this last next time
    - Need magical melee weapons and arrows ( lol )

    Rekzer's notes

    - Range DPS Needs 2 Assist Commands, 1 for each tank. They should switch with every single attack to each mob at the start of the fight, After the mob has dropped a bit, You can get away with 2-3 range attack on each mob before having to switch, Depending on your class and the damage to the mob.
    - Melee DPS has to really watch their agro, It could mean attacking slower, Taking off haste, Flopping for monks, or taking off some attack buffs.
    - Range DPS has to really watch agro, If they over DPS from the hallway on 1 mob too much, It will pull the mob to the hallway and wipe the raid.
    - Need 2 tanks for this encounter, The twins are linked and must be killed together, If they are not you get no loot.

    What Glex noticed
    - Pull Rash ( the aoe disease nuker) into the corner where he cant cast his aoe nukes through the hallway, onto the healers who are healing rish (the whirlwind guy).
    - Healers need to be more organized with their heals, Big heals seem to work well because the nameds don't hit hard, It's all about healer aggro. Needs to be 2 healers are each tank, They need to use their big heals in a organized pattern of 1, 2, 1, 2 ect.

    Fleshrotter Zrak’Rish

    - He is in the EAST ROOM
    - Whirlwinds
    - Hits 400ish, harder than the other one
    - Casts Muscle Rot
    o Both a Silence and a 90% slow

    Fleshrotter Zrak’Rash

    - He is in the WEST ROOM
    - AE DD spell, scourge or something like that
    - Hits for 200 to 300
    - He also casts a 90% slow and silences tank

    Plane of Torment Event

    - The event starts out by killing Warder Rezuk

    Warder Rezuk

    - He uses an AE stun and some kind of AE damage. The stun appeared to go thru walls, but isn’t of very long duration. It was possible to keep Ratty up with heals after the stun. WTB more info on this.
    - Stun does damage does two emotes
    o Milky White means stun hits outside the room everyone come inside
    o Scans the room ferociously means inside stun everyone get outside
    - I believe it is 1K damage as well as stun, need group healers, and someone to call the emotes
    - Also believe it’s fire based, not sure
    - He is slowable
    - When you kill him, the event starts, and you have 3 hours to kill 4 named and (supposedly) the Manifestation of Torment
    - Also, there’s some deep blue trash that spawns along with the nameds here some infos

    Gorghz the Corpse Grinder – 1st Named

    - The 1st named is on the 2nd floor, and he did nothing but some pansie 550 DD AE with no DOT component => very easy
    - Casts greater Agony, big slow, ae’s
    - And also does an AE to others, could be greater agony

    Forgatzh the Twisted – 2nd Named

    - Is on the same floor as first, just 1 trash between them.
    - He does a gravity flux kind of spell (resistable) in a radious around him.
    - It’s possible to stand out of range as a caster/healer, i had to be in range to do groupheals though
    - Tried again, could not get out of range of gfux, nobody could, gets hit with damage as well
    - Spot for healers, hit the rough
    - Can’t use levitate not allowed in zone

    Warder Shretzih - 3rd Named

    - Has 2 specialities
    o He phantom strikes and he spawns adds just like the spider.
    o He is NOT perma rooted like the first 2 named, so he can be pulled to a corner in his room.
    o There is also another room next to the named, where you can hide healers. Strats on this shouldn’t be so hard, if we focus on killing the adds as soon as they pop, and avoid burst damage on the named as soon as multiple adds are up. This is a patience game. The mob didn’t really hit so hard, and phantom strike seemed to have a much smaller impact than AE spells on other named we usually do. The key to this is definitely the add control
    - Need to kill the portals before the spiders spawn, so when you see a portal all dps off named and on to the portal, use /tar an open

    Rhitzat the Mangled – 4th Named

    - Hits weak
    - At 50% you get teleported into his stomach
    - You drop down 3 levels, each level you kill a bunch of mobs (easy)
    - Bottom level is a yellow con, kill it and then you get teleported back out of his body
    - Burn him down the rest of the way and you win
    - Once dead the timer for the event stops and you have all kinds of time on the boss mob

    Manifestation of Torment – End Boss

    - Does a combination of the mobs leading up to him
    - Gravity fluxes like mad so have healers underneath area that has low roof
    - Has an AE he does, group heals needed
    - Has a dot I think, called Invoke Pain, not sure what it does
    - Like an earlier event “an open” portal comes which releases spiders
    - Need to kill the portal before spiders spawn, so when one appears stop dps’ing the main mob and kill portal
  18. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    West Plaguelands


    - Shark in lake in plaguelands
    - Tier 2
    - Frenzies
    - Hits for 300s
    - Can Invis to him
    - 145,000 HP
    - Supposedly Stuns (tanked him facing away from casters)
    - Easy
  19. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Western Wastes

    Sentry Drellig

    - Spawns near Sirens Grotto
    - Hits for 700ish, Aux tanks reduces this huge though
    - Has a stun that interrupts casting, must be out of range of spell stun
    - Stun is PB AOE stun plus Frontal Cone Stun, engage him facing other way from casters
    - Casters stay behind him at max heal range
    - He rampages, assign rampage tank and healer
    - Low HPs, the stuns on healers is the main issue
    - Easy once you know the strat
  20. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Caverns of Darkness, Tier 6 - 7

    General Notes


    - Some are immune to slow, some of the people I think
    - A lot of trash spawn adds after you kill it, off tanks be ready, and casters have AE spells up because some trash spawn a bunch of little adds when they die

    Bloodsworn Summoner

    - Have to kill him first, he has 2 or 3 shadow adds but they need to be off tanked as if you kill them they just reappear. Burn him down. Adds hit fairly hard

    Boss Mobs

    Guardian of The Caverns

    - Not really boss but he kicks some ass so be ready
    - MaxHIT: ~850
    - HP: >35k
    - DPS on MA: mid/high
    - Specials: does AE tremor 1100 DMG(buff ?)
    - Slowable: NO ¡V immune
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot: None

    Arch Mage Kextal

    - MaxHIT: ~1000
    - HP: >60k
    - DPS on MA: mid
    - Specials: 1800 AE every 30 seconds (buff FR)/ Out of LoS manadrain
    - Slowable: YES - use DR\
    - Resists: Disease is 6, everything else is high
    - Loot:
    o Seal of the Sundering
    o Buckler of Unending Pain
    o Cowl of Corruption
    o Pauldrons of continuity
    o girdle of dark rage

    Delvin The Keeper

    - Does invulnerability on MA which makes him loose agro after what he switches to DPS/Tanks/Healers. Healers and tanks cannot fucking slack on this. Call for heals. Call DA. Make hot keys for this shit. Assist Delvin to heal. Slackers =
    - MaxHIT: ~1000
    - HP: > ???
    - DPS on Rat: 1200 (mid)
    - Specials:
    o Invulnerability on MA / Single target life tap for 1500 / after 50% there are periods where you may not nuke him or proc on him.
    - Watch for the emote, forget the exact emote, but if you nuke him while he does this he will own the raid with AE's, he's easy as long as you dont' nuke during this period
    - Rekzer believes must be in line of sight or he will deathtouch you, need to confirm though
    - Also casts on tank, Black Aegis and Blood Shreek? forget
    - Slowable: YES - use DR
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot:
    o Wristband of contortion
    o Bauble of the keeper
    o Wand of Everliving
    o Splitblade of darkness
    o Vambraces of unerring precision

    Ritualist Vagarn

    - MaxHIT: ~1000
    - HP: > ~50k
    - DPS on Rat: 1k (mid)
    - Specials:
    o Every 30 seconds shouts "Rise, my subject! I command you to attack these imbeciles!" and spawns "an undisposed subject" that need to be destroyed with Destroy Subject spell if it doesn't get destroyed FAST it dots the raid with something pretty nasty. They melee for over 800 as well. At the start of the fight everyone hides behind the pillars so not to get dotted with that shit.
    o Also it procs 2k life tap every 20 seconds single target. Seems to be resistible with high MR.
    - Slowable: YES - use DR
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot:
    o Legplates of vituperation
    o shroud of the unforgiving
    o mystical summoners shard
    o bulwark of malice
    o bloodseeker
    o Sleeves of the unavailing

    Kirith the Keeper

    - MaxHIT: ~1125
    - HP: > ~ 230k
    - DPS on MA: ~300 / 120ish on everyone in melee range
    - Specials:
    o Summons everyone in LoS on incoming so hide! Time and every minute announce to hide from summon
    - don't get confused on initial summon, if you aggro spell him you'll get summoned but that's not the summon root
    o Call of Chaos AE200 (Summon Player/Root/Increase Disease Counter by 7/Decrease Hitpoints by 350 per tick/ MR - 150) - Every 60 seconds (so just fucking time it!)
    o Dark Rune of Torture AE100 ( Decrease Attack Speed by 25%/Increase Disease Counter by 12/Decrease Hitpoints by 300 per tick/MR -175) - every 18 seconds
    - Crippling Ward (Invulnerability/Root/Unresistable/2 ticks) - every 50 seconds, when he does this have an off tank with secondary aggro in the fight to grab aggro or else he will summon and rape people. Main tank will lose aggro when he goes invul
    - Slowable: Yes
    - Resists: ???
    - Fight Time: 5:10
    o Loot:
    o Leggings of Chaos
    o hammer of warding
    o visor of wardkeeper
    o Pike of Torture\
    o Headband of Madness

    Seval the Keeper

    - MaxHIT: ~525
    - HP: > ~ 330k
    - DPS on MA: ~ 575
    - Specials:
    o out of LoS mana drain at certain % of his hp (Better idea to just stay in LoS and heal group)
    o Shock of Darkness AE (Decrease Current Hitpoints by 2500 / Decrease Dexterity by 250 / Resists: MR -150 / Range: 200) every 20 seconds
    o Crippling Ward (Invulnerability/Root/Unresistable/2 ticks) - every 50 seconds
    Slowable: Yes
    o Resists: ???
    o Fight Time: 4:35
    o Loot:
    „X sphere of vitiation
    „X Sabatons of boundless might
    „X Wardstone loop
    „X Drape of the forebiding

    Malan the Keeper

    - MaxHIT: ~?
    - HP: > ~
    - DPS on Rat:
    - Specials:
    o Goes in a rage (in emote) and needs to be soothed when he does need 3 or more people in a sooth chain.
    - Slowable:
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot:
    o Demoshear
    o Destructive Legwraps
    o Wristband of Contortion
    o torgue of demonic fury
    o Talisman of depravity

    Versikol The Chained

    - Tier 7
    - Boss mob in CoD, Northern most part of zone
    - Basically you talk to him, he starts a long dialogue

    - Fire Resist (everything you can)
    - Use WON instead of Focus (don’t use focus)
    - Bards cast Hymn of the savior, Tarhyls song, and POT4

    Event Starts
    - Two mobs come from the back, one tank on each, they each take one as they come
    - Not too hard to slow the first two mobs (disease)

    Part 2
    - After these die, the left gargoyles will activate, one tank on each of these
    - You will lose your target when gargoyles become active, so be ready to target again

    Part 3
    - After the left gargoyles die the right gargoyles will activate, one tank on each
    - The right gargoyles rampage, just have the two tanks stay close and rampage for each other
    - Tanks just pull them down to the middle

    Part 4
    - Then once gargoyles down the demon spawns (activates), first in human form, his name is Nalandar
    - He’s very hard to slow (for me anyway)
    - Malo is needed

    Part 5
    - Once human form of demon dies then his demon form spawns and the dragon comes to life as well, have beefiest tank on the Dragon
    - The demon does an AE stun, the dragon does an AE DD
    - Need to pull Nalandar (demon/human) away from casters because he has an ae stun
    - Healers will have to group heal a lot (one G healer in each group)
    - The dragon will cast a spell that overwrites focus and will give you a ton of HP (part of the lore), dragon wants you to kill him
    - Dragon will AoE nasty fire DD, need to shrink the healers and hide them behind one of the pillars, we used the first right pillar
    - Don’t bother to try and turn the dragon, if you do he will rampage people you don’t want rampaged (he has a large hit radius)
    - Assign a rampage tank for this dragon (someone with high AC), and aux tanks
    - The dragon hits harder as the fight goes on, kill demon first then kill the dragon (hit Salvare for 1594)
    - Need to malo him then slow for it to hold, very resistant

    o dreamstone trinket
    o barbute of corrupted fury
    o blood runed epaulets
    o blackened dragonspine cutlass
    o spear of the tainted
    o Ageless silk pantaloons

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