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    Caverns of the Deep One (Plane of Water), Tier 4 - 6

    General Notes

    - Magic resists work here
    - Soul Bound EoT so when you die don't have to worry about water breathing
    - Don't hail the guy at entrance, you'll pledge yourself and screw yourself over
    - Many mobs counterspell or reflect, be careful casters


    Hunting Piranha
    o Enrage
    o Immune to slow
    o Frenzy

    Nethunian Mender
    o AE stuns, a lot
    o Healers stay out of range

    Nethunian Seeker
    o AE damages
    o Counters spell hard and AE damage when they do it, use Melee for them

    Rusite Watcher
    o Extremely Nasty
    o Has a dot he casts, it ticks on you then explodes hurting everybody that is around you
    o Dot called Suffocating Bubble and explodes for 3500 AE damage, has a fire icon
    o AE Nuke is short range
    o They hit hard
    o Cold resist helps with this

    Deepwater Barracuda
    o Enrages
    o Hits for 200’s
    o Pansy

    Rusite Keeper
    o Has AE for 1010 damage
    o It is a long range AE, stay way back
    o It’s also line of sight nuke

    Rusite Elder
    o Frenzies
    o Enrages at 20%
    o Spank and Tank

    Named Mobs

    Depth Lord Trillent

    - Tier 5 mob
    - Does an frontal Cone AE Knockback
    o You are hit by a heavy current for 1100 damage
    - Must tank him against the wall, nice corner when you enter the big room, to set up against, healers can hide in tunnel and heal in range, and casters can also nuke
    - Monk pulls, gets knockbacked to tank, then can tag
    - We used shaman AA slow to tag and slow since he hits hard and fast, and then FD’d the shaman with a necro
    - Hits spike from 200 to 900, averages about 500
    - Has a ton of hit points, need good dps for this fight
    - At around 20% he spawns 5 or 6 Piranha that have to be AE taunted or picked up by a pally so they don’t wipe the raid
    - Don’t have to kill adds, just keep them occupied until named dead

    High Elder Bremm

    - Tier 4 mob
    - He AE stuns and knockbacks
    - Hits for 700
    - Has an AE that hits for 1K DD
    - Does not enrage
    - Have monk pull, tank tag and tank in the corner
    - Healers stay in tunnel to heal out of AE DD and stun


    - Paths back and forth in the dark blue tunnels
    - grows in size, Causing wall issues
    - need to clear out on of the cubbys and fight him in it or else you lose the fight to walling issues
    - Max hit 520~
    - Avg 400ish
    - Lowish HP
    - He blinds the main tank, have your aggro keys memmed

    Prophet of Tarhansar

    - Tier 4 (hard)
    - Holy hard to kill Batman
    - Has an AE mana drain
    - It’s not line of sight, and can go through the cavern walls
    - He dispels so get SB buffs
    - Has AE DD for 1000 points of damage
    o Painful visions bore into your mind is the emote
    - Hits for 500ish, and quads
    - We tried to hide healers in tunnel, still mana drained, then moved tank to the right (formerly left), and still mana drained
    - Need to use clickies, mod rods, canni towards end of fight to get mana to keep tank up, and need to burn down the mob as quickly as possible before mana runs out. Mana drain is a slow drain
    - Can keep healers on other side of wall, may avoid the DD, but not the mana drain

    Adjudicator of the Depths

    - Summons mob that explode if not killed quickly
    - They explode they wipe the raid, one or two at a time
    o Low HP
    o Use /tar a depthlord hotkey to quickly target them and burn them down

    Guardian of the Cavern

    - Counterspells
    - Does a minor AoE, hide your healers
    - Hits kinda hard
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    City of Mercy, Tier 4 - 6

    General Notes/Trash

    - Many mobs stun in this zone, need to tank them where healers are out of line of sight
    - If you are pledged to Althuna you cannot raid here
    - Need to get 4 orbs from each of the 4 outside pyramids in courtyard, once you get them then you can fight Hymn master in the middle pyramid, halfway through the fight we then need to use the key to get to where he ports us
    - The 4 orbs are turned into the entrance cultist guys
    - Don’t kill the Pilgrims, each time you do you spawn a Knight of Retribution, and they guard entrances to area
    - Cultist Vira also asks for a tambourine, like the one that drops in elds. Have one, will give to her tonight to see what happens

    Knight of Retribution

    - They wander around the city
    - Avoid them if you can, if you aggro he will summon you and stun
    - He summons everyone and stuns everyone including healers.. so I think this mob is meant to be avoided entirely, he's insanely hard to beat

    Sasha Tor

    - She has a charm/mez she does, it’s nasty because it’s not just one person, but she progressively mezzes all the healers.
    - Dps her down fast

    Vengeful Water Spirit

    - Immune to slow
    - Hits hard

    Elite Knights

    - Some rampage, some don't
    - Often stun but does not seem to be LOS or range, it seems like it's almost single target random people in raid, it's kind of odd, healers will stand together, some get hit with stun and others don't, and other people in the room won't get hit with stun
    - Also does an AOE DD with the stun I believe
    - Rumor has it that these drop piece for Vah Quest weapon (Shadow Knight), these and water elemental, righteous worshipers and Duke Thanes


    Herga Guard Captain

    - Small Paladin
    - Hits for 700s
    - Hits fairly fast
    - She chain stuns (AE)
    - Also has an AOE nuke for 1000 she does
    - Can avoid AOE with enough range, I hide a little behind the pillar
    - Keep healers at entrance area behind wall, tank her in the cubby at other side of the wall. If you tank her in corner the stun/DD can go through the wall so tank her against south wall not east one
    - Hard part of fight is agro control because of chain stuns, need to have Kakos triple harm touch, and try to get off at least 4 aggro spells, then melee/caster can assist and slow dps her down.
    - Casters need to be away from healers in case they pull agro they don’t wipe/stun them
    - Drops the Key for City of Mercy (VERY IMPORTANT MOB)
    - Nice loot

    The 3 amigos (Merv, Terrance, and Griff)

    - In one of the buildings to the east
    - Unusual encounter, you have 3 named mobs, a warrior, necro, and a rogue, you kill them and whatever is left over is the loot you get
    - Merv drops dps loot, Terrance drops caster loot, and Griff can drop tank gear
    - We killed all 3, did not loot until end, got 3 loots. 1 was really nice the other 2 was garbage, not sure how loot order affected it but I believe only 1 drops really nice gear depending on order you loot

    Merv Quickfingers
    o Enrages
    o Auto Riposts from the front so tank turn off attack and all dps behind him

    Terrance the Terror
    o Spank and Tank
    o Casted Embedding Darkness on the tank

    Griff Griffkiller
    o Rampages
    o Spank and Tank

    Uriton the Forgiven, the Dark, the Damned

    - Have to kill him 3 times
    - He has low fire/cold resist

    Uriton the Forgiven
    o Has a bunch of adds, including clerics
    o Kill adds first then him
    o He doesn’t hit hard, just add control is key
    o Casts Ancient Fate Bind on tank (no clue)

    Uriton the Dark
    o On second floor
    o Have to kill a bunch of adds before you can get to him
    o Once all the adds are killed (monks), you can go up to the second floor and do an easter egg hunt for a “heavy burden”. This is some sort of key to be able to attack him
    o Then go through door (Uriton the forgiven drops key), run through all the skeletons and don’t bother killing them because they disappear when you attack Uriton. You run, make your first right, then another right and zerg him.
    o He’s easy, dies

    Uriton the Damned
    o Next you hand in your Heavy Burden to something to get ported to 3rd level. I forget the name of it
    o You have time to med up and buff up
    o He will be there with his pet Tura who hits fairly hard, have an offtank on it
    o He hits harder this time, but not too bad, Zerg him and kill him and then his pet. His pet doesn’t die when he does (maybe kill pet first)
    - Once Uriton is near death he will feign death and there are 2 things you need to do
    - First someone goes through the script for an alignment change
    - Choice one made me more lawful evil, which was to let him live but to force him to serve us to continue fighting
    - Then you need to hail some sort of presence and you get ported outside temple into water, there are some mobs you need to kill to be able to exit back to the temple safely
    - This is what is really fucked up, you only have about 3 to 5 minutes to get to the chest which is back on the second floor of the temple you just killed the guy in. If too late it despawns because it is “a green chest”. No fucking way to do this in time, we had to petition to get chest to pop again, and even then only a couple of minutes to do loot, all I can think of here is next time just run for it and take the adds with us to the temple, do loot while killing adds perhaps. It’s stupid
    - Drops 1 of 4 orbs that need to be turned in

    The 5 pull at the start as a trick to it that makes it trivial, We have prob never used the skill before.. wait the class before - Cyzaine

    Altann the Sangoma

    - He has 2 Essence of Retribution in front of him that have to be split and killed first
    o Essences stun
    o Have 55 point DS
    o Nuke for 1400 Cold based, hit by a blast of arctic cold
    - Actually 1 AE's and one Whirlwinds, kill AE'r first (can just two tank em)
    - Also a warden of Justice before you get to him that drops a no rent key
    - The Fight
    - You agro him from bottom of stairs, he will charge you and then summon you to outside rim of the zone (think of it like castle walls on outside)
    - This is a huge area, there are some large robot type looking guys that walk very very slowly around, the idea is that we must not let the robot guys get in agro range or we wipe. The robot guys cannot be killed, if we do agro them they must be trained away. This fight you are supposed to keep moving around the edge of the zone avoiding the adds. The hard part is that Altann keeps summoning the main tank, so to move the main tank has to turn his back to Altann and just keep running while being summoned (healers will need to heal)
    - Strategy
    o We had Jaec (monk) agro the adds, use invul stance and pull them out of the way, we just dps’s the named down right where we zone in. She gets down to 50% then she begins to heal herself
    o Next step is to do a lap around the wall, this means that the tank runs in the same direction that the adds go and runs her halfway around the lap. Once she goes beyond the half way point we can kill her the rest of the way
    - She drops the loot on her body, no chest for this fight
    - Also drops one of the 4 orbs

    Judge Rouf Stoutmane

    - We need to clear a whole bunch of prison guards and make our way to the “Prison Release Switch”
    - Once there you hit the prison release switch, then you have to repel waves of guards that come to close the switch, I think you may have 10 minutes, not sure
    - After that the Judge spawns and the prison guards despawn
    - You then have to kill judge
    - He is basically tank and spank, at some point in the fight he gets real big and owned a couple of people, not sure what he did exactly, but he then gets small and we killed him
    - He rampages, assign a rampage tank
    - Our first attempt he despawned, according to dev cyzaine he is not supposed to despawn, so he spawned him for us
    - In future we may have to kill him fast to avoid petitioning to fix this
    - He drops one of the 4 orbs needed
    - Update, did him again and did not have to deal with release switch or anything like that, was simply tank and spank.. need more info, maybe Zekulan can provide insight

    Gunter the Protected

    - This is all about getting to the named, if we do it right there is no fighting
    - First we get the book on how to travel, the book is found in the Paladin guild in Athica. Zek and I used the old Feign Death decoy trick for Zek to be able to grab book
    - The book tells us how many squares (actually they’re Octagons) we need to go in each direction to get to the named without spawning a wisp add
    - Raid members must go single file and follow the path laid out in the book exactly, follow they guy ahead of you, do not pass him, the guy ahead wait and make sure the guy behind you knows when you are changing direction
    - If someone goes off course a wisp will spawn and will teleport the person who triggered it outside the pyramid, and will attack rest or raid. It is survivable, but if guy doesn’t know way back then he is out of the encounter, so DON’T FUCK IT UP
    - It’s a long ass run to this guy, once at stairs we buff up and then engage, tank just zergs him, we are okay to move on the platform where he is
    - He does not hit hard, and is in fact two groupable
    - He has different emotes and turns different colors, each emote corresponds to whether he is immune from melee or spells, or resists are high on some things. I don’t know the details, need to re do and record it
    - Once he dies we loot his uber loot
    - He also drops one of the 4 orbs (Orb of Protection)
    - The Path
    o Enter south side
    o Head North for 8
    o Head Right for 10
    o Head Right for 3
    o Head Right for 1 **TELEPORTER POINT TO NEXT ROOM

    o Head South for 3
    o Head Right for 4
    o Head Right for 2 **TELEPORTER POINT TO NEXT ROOM

    o Head West for 3
    o Head Left for 4
    o Head Left for 3
    o Head Right for 18
    o Head Right for 2 **TELEPORTER POINT TO NEXT ROOM

    o Head South for 27 (Run out of the window un-ducked to teleport) **TELEPORTER POINT TO NEXT ROOM

    o Head East for 3
    o Head Right for 1
    o Head Left for 3
    o Head Left for 2
    o Head Right for 1
    o Head Left for 5
    o Head Right for 3 **TELEPORTER POINT TO NEXT ROOM

    o Head North for 2
    o Head Left for 2
    o Head Left for 1
    o Head Right for 4
    o Head Right for 1

    After that, head single file up the steps, refresh and buff up. Do not run around on the steps, you will be safe once you engage to move around!

    Hymn Master Herold

    - Bard mob, do him only if you have keys to go into last pyramid
    - He’s on one of the small pyramids
    - Clear the (middle) pyramid first though, because he will run there through fight and we will have adds if not cleared, the bottom of it anyway
    - He was easy however when he got to around 45% health he ran away, we saw some emotes about him being a coward, and then 1 by one we were summoned into a building and were basically solo’ing him because rest of the raid could not get to us. We need key to get to his building so raid can come out
    - Update, we can follow him when he runs into pyramid, and kill him there, it's not far, he's kinda gimp, dropped a nice bard range item
    - Basically once he dies, you can kill the Tidemistress because a mob spawns in the temple he goes into on the second floor that can port you to her

    Tidemistress Gei

    - She's in the temple where Hymn Master ran too, we go upstairs to get to her
    - She drops key to the final area of zone I believe, where all the really good mobs are
    - Pull her to side, have healers at max range to avoid stun
    - At around 30% she turns into water elemental and is immune from melee attack (pets can hit her though)
    - When she dies, she respawns again as a water elemental, tank be quick to pick her up
    - Every 10 percent she will spawn an add, DPS stop attacking her and kill the add, the adds hit hard, assign off tank to pick up add, believe add is called a piece of tidemistress
    - When she gets to 20% she becomes immune to everything, the healers stay with tank and the rest of the raid quickly kills four "valve release mechanisms". Once they are down then she can be killed, the valves are immune until she reaches 20%. The valves don't hit hard and are easy to kill
    - Kill her and her last add, and her last add will drop the loot
    - Drops awesome ring, see Kakos, and awesome Druid/Monk/BL tunic, see Wardarr and Zekulan

    Tidemistress 2.0

    - She’s further in zone, underwater
    - Need enduring breath
    - She’s not KOS though
    - Same type of fight, basically as she goes down every 10% she spawns an add
    - This time though she does not have to be killed twice
    - She has different emotes where she is immune from stuff
    - Will cast chill of the death and Freezing Breath, one of these is a slow, like 80% or something like that

    Keeper of Purity

    - Water elemental in the middle temple
    - He is a cleric, all resists set at 1
    - you need to go to second or third floor and go through secret passage to get to him
    - Has 4 Elite Knights guarding him
    - Cleared it, but he would say this place is not for you, leave immediately
    - Haven't figured out what he is for yet

    Keeper is a quest mob actually, Didnt make a real script for it. Although i should...

    Oflah the Determined

    - This fight is lol
    - Need to defeat Tidemistress to get key to the inner area where he is
    - Hits for 200s
    - He rampages
    - At 20% he goes crazy badass
    - As he gets lower he does the following:
    - Rages
    - Whirlwinds
    - Phantom Strikes
    - Reflects Spells

    Tlethan of the Light

    - Gravity Fluxes
    - Need more info, I forget what else he does, not hard though
    - Tank needs to bring him to the ground at end of fight, otherwise corpse gets loot bugged

    Eisa of the Rose

    - Have to clear her area of adds before you do her
    - Adds vary but hit fairly hard, have one monk/sk keep Eisa occupied so other monk can bring singles for tank to tag
    - Once done then engage, she will try to call her forces to help during fight, however none will come because we just spent all the time clearing the adds ahead of time
    - When she gets low on health she will enrage and she will phantom strike
    - If we don't dps fast enough she will start to resurrect her troops to help, so dps is key to this as well, take her down quickly
    - Rampages.

    High Priest Rodger

    - Every 10% he spawns adds
    - While adds are spawned you cannot bring him down any further in health, you have to kill the add then go back to him
    - Rinse/repeat every 10% health
    - He is slowable
    - Drops a nice melee haste bracer 36%
    - After you kill him a cultist spawns, hail her and then the Avatar of Mercy is able to be engaged

    Avatar of Mercy

    - All his resists are set at one
    - You can not kill him, he gets constantly healed
    - You are to distract him, run him around the arena about 5 times and he will give up and lie down
    - Once you do that then Duke Thanes will come to the Arena and will become killable

    Duke Thanes

    - He hits hard, for around 1100
    - He rampages and whirlwinds
    - Casts shout of agony
    - Can outrange the stun healers, but it does go through walls
    - Need to have heals on rampage and main tank, the rest range dps the mob
    - He does not have a lot of HP, burn him down fast
    - Highly Highly Resistant to slow… could not land magic or disease slow on him… Only AA slow seemed to take, however if we kill him fast enough we can get it done before AA slow wears off
    - Have Kakos triple harm touch at start to keep agro through the stuns
    - According to Abel he’s more like tier 7 than 6.. but we got him to 50% without a slow.. we can do this
    - He spawns at Arena when he is killable, not sure how to get him there though, need to figure that out
    - Arena is PVP, so pull him out a big, he is not rooted so aggro spell will make him run for you
    - UPDATE, we figured it out
    o Every single named in the zone needs to be killed before you engage him
    o Basically he gets a special attack for every mob that’s up, these include whirlwind, frenzy, devastating blows, rampage
    o Basically the chaining of devastating blows tipped us off that something was wrong with the strat we had


    A Mercyful Money Lender

    ?? Lvl 65
    Banking for palidians maybe? Lets kill it

    Smith Mithrilhart

    ?? Lvl 65
    Tipped off by wiki, Think it drops loot.

    Smith Mithrilhart

    Tavern Full of water spirits?
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    - Skeleton just south of portal
    - Tier 3
    - Kill skeletons around him to wake him up
    o They silence
    o Watch for silence bug (can’t hit or cast)
    - Once he’s up engage him
    - Hits 600ish, not too bad though because slow hitter
    - Silences/dots
    - Need purification spammed on tank through fight
    - At 30 percent he despawns and spawns a bunch of skelly adds
    - Kill them, but leave one up mezzed
    - Med up, then when ready kill him, make sure tank has agro as Warp will spawn right where you are and agro the one skelly was aggro’d to
    - Drop Warp down the final 30%
    - Win
    - Rampage
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    Eastern Wastes

    Makuta Faebane

    - Near entrance to Stormkeep, by archway in valley
    - Loc Neg 6190 Pos 4747
    - Hits for 200s
    - Has frontal cone AE mana drain
    o Covered in a swirling cone of energy
    - Counterspells
    - Shaman AA slow very helpful (unresistable)
    - Can be slowed traditional way but took 5 tries
    - Enrages
    - Tank needs to turn him for various reasons
    - Healers stay out of LOS until mob is turned
    - Can drop ancients
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    Emberflow Caverns

    - Warf gave me some info when he grouped there with TU recently

    General Notes

    - This is a 6 man zone, but very very high end, tier 7 plus gear required
    - Some mobs near lava explode if they are up to long, lava spawns
    - Some have Auto Riposte
    - All the trash does something, whirlwind, rampage etc
    - Entrance is behind Boomba the burning
    - To get key you need to kill Ganzese get Boomba's key and then be indifferent to Goblins
    - Then if indifferent and key to Boomba and you are keyed for emberflow
    - Enter in the lava, it does 76 damage a tick to Kakos so you need to engage mobs out of the lava fairly quickly, looks like 3

    Pyromancer Kashaan

    - 1130 point AE DD every 20 seconds
    - Quads for 400-600
    - At 5% he does an AE 6000 point dd
    - Does not enrage
    - Drops nice ear piece

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    Everchill Caverns, Tier 4

    General Info

    - Need to get past giants to get to GOTTS
    - Giants are yellow hit 500 - 700
    - Giants can’t be slowed
    - I believe you fall into North pit and then climb out to get to GOTTS
    - Secret passage to GOTTS, don't have to drop in pit, can just move a boulder in way
    - Pit Creeper in there drops nothing
    - Ground spawn for blackscale quest there (Orb)

    - To get prison key (Needs some corrections, may be a little off)
    o Kill boss named
    o Use key off named to get to area with groundspawn
    o Run to elemental, do dialogue
    o Go to Nazalik, get crystal
    o Get sun crystal, hand that to vaporous projection in crystal oracle room
    o Talk to Nazalik again, get prison key

    One Group Bosses

    Drokzor the Chained

    - Big Wyrm near the entrance, first big area before the gates
    - Drops the key to the Crystal Oracle Room
    - Tank and spank (one groupable)

    The Crystal Oracle

    - In his own room, need key for it, has two adds that are unsplittable
    - Can mez the adds
    - Drops some nice stuff (Zek has key)
    - He’s easy, one groupable

    Mruuk the Unseeing

    - Near the gate area
    - Pull him and tank him alone, nowhere near the healers
    - He will proc an AE silence, keep healers out of LOS
    - Kill him get your monk weapon


    Guardian of the Sun Shrine

    - Tier 4
    - You need 3 tanks for this fight
    - From what I remember goes like this...
    - Two tanks set up on the statues on the right, one on each
    - Rest of the raid engages the boss mob
    - Two tanks who are on statues always set up near statues to aggro them so they can't reach raid force, they join in the raid after the statues are all dead
    - Guardian of the Sun Shrine needs to be turned, he will mana drain or mana burn the entire raid with frontal AE if you don't
    - If tank is Hybrid make sure he lowers his mana before engaging, mana burn hurts
    - He has a frontal mana drain and rear hit point drain, everyone needs to be off to the sides
    - GoTTS is immune to fire and cold, need to use magic based spells

    First two Statues
    o At 70% the statues on right awake, they will mana burn the tanks, I can’t remember if they slow them as well
    o We had knights tank them, and we would drain our mana so that the mana burn didn’t hit us too hard, had enough time to get off an agro spell iirc
    - These may be magic immune, according to Drehar, but I think he is mistaken, I remember getting off aggro spells fine and Dagar says his spells landed on these fine
    - Raid switched over to first statues and killed them, then back to the named, keep tank on named though with healer(s)

    Second two Statues
    o At 30% the second two statues will awake, two tanks need to be on them right away to aggro
    o These ones Devastating blow, and they make a run straight away past the tanks for the raid force. Need to agro right away or they will cause raid to wipe (be on your toes tanks)
    - Kill these statues then go back on boss, after that, two other tanks can join the boss fight as well
    - The devastating blow is for 8.1K.. it's huge
    - You need to burn down the mob on the strongest tank first, I mean super burn it down fast before the devastating blow goes off.
    - These are melee immune, need to burn em fast
    - Life fire may be a great option here
    - After that then strongest tank tries to get some threat on the 2nd mob so that when he devastating blows and kills the first tank the strong tank can pick him up. Again burn this one down as quickly as possible. If we do this right, we will have one tank dead and that's it.
    - Kill boss, get shrine key
    - Key is used to get prison key/flag

    Drehar's notes on GOTTS

    - Frontal mana drain, rear hp drain (stand on sides). 2 adds @ 70/30. 70 adds are magic immune, 30 adds are melee immune. Life Fire 30 adds. GotSS immune to fire and cold. Use Magic based spells.

    Master of the Everchill

    - Triples between 500 – 800
    - Does nothing special, not even enrage
    - Unslowable
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    Faentharc Woods

    Vrikug Croalsha

    - West of Stormkeep
    - About 65K HP
    - Front cone mana drain
    o Have healers hide behind wall and pull near Stormkeep entrance, turn mob away from healers
    - Casts healing spells, dots will help on dps
    - AOE Stun
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    Fire Grotto, Tier 4

    General Notes

    - Most mobs have damage shield, needs to be dispelled
    - Use guild map posted, very detailed on locations

    One Groupable Named

    Living Lava

    - In room with two adds, past the lurking lava
    - easily splitable, use wall
    - He dispells tank (might be AE)
    - Easy, single group encounter
    - Respawn every 30 minutes
    - Drops Token of Living Lava


    Ganzese the Mercenary

    - Deep in FG, have to kill two entrance guards to get near him
    - Then have to kill 4 of his personal guards
    - His personal guards are rooted, assign a tank to each one, kill move to next, Ganzese will not agro
    - His guards phantom strike. Assign a tank to each one to absorb it. One tank can aggro two though, so can be done with 3 tanks
    - After guards are dead engage Ganzese
    - You do have time to med up before Ganzese
    - He has a fear that he does, and knockback
    - Tank turned him, probably for Knockback, not sure
    - Use Cold based spells
    - His AE fear is what makes this tough, can't seem to hide behind wall, think you just need to be at max range, maybe at the bridge
    - Hits really hard 2500ish, but real slow
    - not that much HP
    - He drops Boomba key for Emberflow quest, and also drops contract for unknown quest
    - He also drops a decent DS ring (20ds fire), castable on others
    - Adds are possible, but if you tank him properly the tiny lava spirits don’t bother you
    - He will not mess up your dragon faction, no scale of alliance hit
  9. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Grobb Undercity, Tier 8 - 9

    - Not much known, please add strats as you hear leaks [​IMG]

    General Notes

    - Have to pull a whole bunch of leeches to get to named
    - Zone is tier 8 – 9 I think
    - Pulls are up to 8 at a time, linked mobs
    - Entire zone needs high disease/poison resists

    Leech Lord

    - Has a whole bunch of adds
    - Need to kill 3 leeches before you can kill him
    - He devastating blows
    - At 50% he summons a pet in another room with 1.2 million hit points
    - Have 3 people engage the pet, 2 tanks and 1 healer and keep pet busy
    - Healers need to be at max range to avoid life tap from pet
    - The pet life taps the people engaged and then passes on health to named
    - High poison/disease resists needed
  10. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Haegra Malath, Tier 8 - 9

    General Info

    - To see who is all in the zone do a /who all HMAL
    - To get to zone, hail the whirlwind that is near the chessboard in Goblin Skull Mountains
    - He will port you up to top of mountain, then run right (you’re kinda off the map), keep running right until you zone into HMAL
    - Grimling Forest from Live -zek
    - 6 man content is in NW tunnels in the NW Corner
    - Very very high end content
    - Rest of zone is all tier 8 – 9 raid content
    - Succor takes you to village on right of zone, mobs at that spot are dubious

    Terror Speaker Unisha

    - Need strats

    Praetor Dendraga

    - Supposed to kill the titans of fire before you engage him because they will add during fight if you don’t
    - Can invis to most of the zone, just some of the clan can see
    - There is a safe spot near river where roamers don’t go, kind of in middle of zone where you pull the trash and titans before engage
    - The titans do an emote then shoots a fireball to random people in the raid, they need to move to avoid the fireball, so two boxing is very hard
    - Fireball hits for 3k
    - The mob itself is in the Southwest corner of the zone
    - Melee invis before they engage so they can get close to him, casters try to stay behind rocks for cover from fireballs,
    - The named shoots fireballs just like the titans do
    - Tank needs to face him away from the clans people so that if people get knockbacked they don’t get knocked into the clans, I think east/west fight instead of north south, need to confirm
    - Dropped a 26 ac back item, 180hp/mana, levitate clicky, and some sort of cold based bonus
  11. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Halls of Misery, Tier 3 - 4

    General Notes

    - Need orb of dim light to go past entrance
    - Otherwise you get owned by mobs below
    - Drops of Specters, 3 per kill
    - Trash often silences, aggro can be an issue
    - When first entering you have to stay at zone in or you will aggro mobs
    - Someone will ignore this rule (they always do) and will aggro mobs at entrance, be ready to fight when zoning in

    First Watcher

    - First person who runs in he transports back to entrance, get a sacrifice to run in first, perhaps a rogue in first to sneak back, or have a mage in group to COTH him back
    - Need levitate for this fight or you fall to the bottom to some hungering souls
    - I don’t think he hits hard at all
    - Adds spawn every 10%, kill the adds then go back to him
    - They are slowable but not mezzable
    - Drops piece for Vah quest, one off each watcher
    - Small hitbox

    Second Watcher

    - Alternates between caster immunity and melee immunity, when it does it spawns two adds
    - He will emote to tell you what he is immune to
    - Dots go right through the caster immunity (at least the AA one did)
    - He is slowable
    - Hits for nothing, seriously Kakos regens faster than he hits for once he is slowed
    - Sounds like only melee damage he does is Riposte so… just agro spell I guess
    - Adds come in waves, I think they are time based not damage based and they are not too bad to deal with, I think two skeletons

    Third Watcher

    - Spawns adds constantly (time based)
    - They heal the main mob
    - He either has a ton of hit points or we were not killing the adds fast enough because healers were close to OOM by the end of the fight
    - He hits hard, very hard for a tier 3, 500s I think, and fast

    Hunter of Souls

    - Basement, through secret passage then cave on left
    - He lets out a shout, lifts head back, and death touches anybody left in the room
    - Have to run everyone out, and he summons tank back in
    - Try to get healers out of range of DT, there is a room on the side where healers can safely heal through the wall, that way not running him back in
    - Rez Jaec after fight is done

    End Event

    - Some Gargoyle at bottom near the Third watcher
    - Basically you have to kill these mobs called “something Light”
    - Once they are all dead then the Gargoyle comes to life and you can kill it
    - Takes a while so we did not do it
  12. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Hidden Temple of Yaralith, Tier 4

    Yaralith the Forgotten

    - Tier 4
    - Need to kill him to complete last part of shaman mask
    - Max hit is 500’s
    - Has AE mana drain and dot
    - Everyone has to go inside his bubble and be floating, if outside the bubble the trees around him will add
    - Need to dps him down before healers run out of mana
  13. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Earth, Tier 4 - 5

    General Notes

    - Mobs wander, large agro radius, long pulls
    - Pull mobs to entrance otherwise get owned by wanderers
    - Zone often up because such a pain in the ass to pull


    Shimmering Phantom (wisp)

    - Immune to slow
    - Hits fast
    - Does not hit hard


    - Enrages

    Sentient Succulent (cactus)

    - Stuns, even on incoming
    - Agro issue because of stuns
    - Quads
    - Does not hit hard

    Fanged Blossom (flower)

    - Quads
    - Venom Dot (fire icon) that drains mana

    Black Mauler (Black Bear)

    - Hits hard and fast
    - 200 – 800

    Plains Wolf

    - Runs faster than SoW
    - Quads
    - Hits hard 400ish

    Plains Charger (Rhino)

    - Hits slow
    - Hits up to 1200 (hard)



    - Big gator in middle of pond
    - Can’t see him until right next to him
    - Small hitbox
    - Rampages, assign rampage tank
    - Knocksback
    - Can lose agro with knockback
    - Did not attack until we attacked him
    - He is immune to slow

    The River Keeper

    - Big Bear wanders along River
    - Huge agro radius
    - Emotes when aggro’d
    - Max hit on Kakos 1083 (max’d a couple of times)
    - Haven’t quite figured out fight, seems to do different stuff
    - Cast spells on him he gets mad and does more stuff, may be stages
    - Warf’s take on it,
    o Stage 1, Flurries
    o Stage 2, Flurries, Whirlwinds
    o Stage 3, Flurries, Rampages
    o Stage 4, Flurries, Phantom Strikes
    - So, sounds like you can straight melee him as long as nobody casts any spells
    - Means tank needs time to get agro
    - Need to figure out the following
    o All spells cast on him increase agro
    o Can you slow and not increase agro
    o Can you agro spell and not increase agro..(probably not)
    - We know that you cannot have a DS, at least not a fire DS, Smokey does not like fire
    - Pally we had used a thorns DS
    - For slow, use a bard to slow, bard songs do not seem to bother him
    - We finally killed him, without a fire ds, and no spells he does nothing, doesn't rampage or flurry or nada. He still hits hard though, bard slow needed.

    Aiwen the Old

    - Big totem looking guy
    - He is surrounded by 6 other totems that can be split off, you can get him single
    - Pull him across the lake all the way back to the entrance
    - He whirlwinds, but does not hit hard with whirlwind (Kakos could heal self)
    - Every so often he drops mini totems, about 6 at a time
    o These totems will move a few feet (random direction) and will then set in the ground
    o These are bombs and if you go near them once they set they will explode for 2750 DD each (magic based)
    - Need to keep moving him around so that raid is not near the bombs
    - Try the four corners of the entrance and then bring him outside
    - He seems to have a lot of HP, takes a long time to get down.
    - Also he snares the main tank, so he will have trouble moving the mob around, and may take hits to the back while trying to do so

    Sister Sonderlia

    - She’s Southwest area of map in what looks like a druid ring
    - There are a bunch of mobs with her, but can split her out buy doing a 3 way pull, monk pulls, SK tags her, brings her back near camp (not too close), and FD’s
    - She has an AE she does for 1510 damage, make sure the FD person is not too close to get hit by AE or adds will come
    o Lightning Surges through body for 1510 damage
    - She casts Archaic Raging curse (AE)
    o Lowers AC by about 150 (AoE)
    o Lowers Attack by about 150 (AoE)
    - Drops
    o OakSoul (Nice DPS chest item)
    o Beautiful Pendant

    Veteran Klindra

    - Hits really hard and fast
    - unslowable
    - strategy is like Duke Thanes, tons of quick heals, does not hit as hard as the duke though
    - has a lot of hitpoints though, fight lasts a while

    Gargantuan Phantom

    - He is along east wall along middle
    - A big Wisp
    - He spawns adds, the more adds that are up the harder he hits
    - Switch and dps the adds when the pop
    - He is not slowable
    - Adds hit hard
    - Need to get to him along wall but have to clear a bunch of wisps to get to him
    - He charmed Ringo... and then we got owned
  14. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Entropy (Disease), Tier 4 - 5

    General Notes

    - Mobs in open plane area to Balagan have a HUGE aggro radius
    - Strategy is to have monk pull deep into tunnel, then have tank tag and bring into open cavern that you clear earlier
    - If you fight close to the exit of the tunnel you will get adds. Have to clear about 15 of them to get to Balagan


    - Death touches if you try to run through middle of zone to him, unless you have chunk of Balagan
    - Blinds and knockbacks, you have to tank him against wall
    - Main tank lost agro a lot once blinded, good to have second tank pick it up
    - Also has a very nasty dot he casts, believe it is single target only


    - Fish, easy to get to once you clear Balagan, kill a couple of roamers and then hug left wall tightly so you don’t get agro
    - Stay high on the wall and you’ll come into an indent where you can buff up and set up
    - Then dive into water, swim up to engage
    - Shaman needs purification for this fight, supposed to spam it
    - Note, purify didn't seem to work last fight.. need to double check what is going on with it

    Zercutz the Adulterant

    - North part of zone
    - There is a whole section north that is devoid of mobs, we cleared to get to this guy, but in reality we probably could have hugged the wall and reached this safe area
    - Zercutz hits like a pansy, seriously, hits only for about 50
    - There are 6 more huts with mobs that hit harder, they move very very slow and drop landmines as they walk
    o Gurit
    o Orkut
    o Ferut
    o Zurkol
    o Gresit
    o Bertoax
    - Six kiters for this, they run circles around the 6 huts to keep mobs with landmines inside their hut
    - As they do this the rest of the raid range dps’s each add one at a time
    - Every time an add dies the main mob’s health drops
    - Idea is to kill all the adds, main mob will end up at 10percent health, then kill main mob
    - Adds cast a single target DD for about 700 I think, so healers need to move between assigned huts to heal the kiter
    - If a landmine gets hit it does an AE 2500 point DD and STUN.. so keep adds kited inside their respective hut
    - Only need one healer to heal main tank since the mob hits for so weak. Possible though he may start to hit harder once the adds die off. We don’t know yet
    - Main boss casts a 2k a tick, need shaman healing main tank and purify

    Vetri The Scourged
    - 3 Adds with him, Hit for 100-450 each with 2k AC
    - Casts a 700 DD AOE
    - Vetri doesn't hit hard at all, 150-200 with 2K AC
    - Lots of clearing to him
    - On the right side of map, In the swamp
    - Fair amount of HP on Vetri


    - they make a square, you have to stay in the square of the adds will kill u... need to kill the eyes one by one.
  15. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Fire, Tier 6 - 8

    General Notes

    -Gate neacklace, Need a piece from 4-5 Different yellow cons in the zone
    - Zone is very linear
    - Hug left wall and head to lava for Mephitkalia
    - Next mob is in Lava Tunnel, Ambassador of Hakim
    - Then kill next mob in large area after tunnel, Jherek
    - After Jherek there is a bunch of clearing to do and we do a very strat heavy fight, Have to dps two mobs down at the same time, plus they spawn wisps that have to be burned down before they meet eachother in the middle, involves splitting the raid in two groups


    o Spawns runt adds
    o They are time based so burn her down as fast as possible, mez/offtank adds
    o She has a DS, dispell her. Runt adds do not have a DS
    o She hits hard
    o Drops a leet zero weight monk bag

    Vaguely Loyal Mephits
    o They do not have a DS
    o Immune to slow
    o 4 of them have to be cleared before you do Mephitkalia
    o Don’t hit hard

    Frenzied Fire Elementals
    o Resistant to slow
    o Counterspells
    o Hits in the 300s

    Suhayb Seductress
    o On pull she will charm puller
    o Then she will mez main tank
    o Have back up tank ready

    Mephit of Maysun
    o The devastating blow, sometimes instant during pull or engage
    o Hit hard
    o Blind
    o Need to be tagged on ramp and cleared to do named



    - Vaguely Loyal Mephits 4 of them have to be cleared before you do Mephitkalia
    - He shadow steps all over the place
    - He blinds
    - He stuns
    - At 50% or so he starts to AOE
    o Meteor Flame hits for (forget) damage
    - At a random time he spawns two adds Left Hand of Maysun and Right Hand of Maysun
    o Spawned first fight at 20%, second fight at 11% health
    o The two adds hit very very hard, have beefier tanks tank them
    o Idea we have is to get a bard to kite one away
    o Get tanks to hot key /tar left and /tar right
    o The adds spawn in random spot, so very hard to be ready for them
    - When adds spawn Mephitkalia will regenerate to full health and we have to kill him again, however while adds are up he hits like a pansy, although he still has a nasty aoe
    - Also when he heals up, aggro gets wiped and tank has to re-target, and re-aggro it
    - Kakos can tank Meph, Then after agro wipe have a different tank spank it.
    - Meph hits for 50's after respawn
    - Adds hit up to 500's on rekzer(1250AC) Fast
    - Update, killed Left Hand (one add) and main mob despawned
    - So easy win if we burn down the one add

    Ambassador of Hakim

    - Tier 6
    - Big Snake guy in the lava tunnel
    - Bard sneak assessment
    o Health 8
    o Mana 5
    o Fire Immune
    o Cold 5
    o Disease 5
    - This fight is all about how fast you can dps it, that is can you kill it before healers run out of mana doing group heals
    - The Lava does damage 88 per tick on Kakos with 363 Fire resist
    - He does an AOE for around 1800 hps
    o Torrent of elemental energy hits you and owns your gimp casters
    - He has a knockback so tank him against the wall
    - He has a damage shield (43) that needs to be dispelled
    - He also stuns occasionally, so agro can be an issue
    - Also note, healers with good range increment can do quick heals from entrance of tunnel (Salvare), and I think Glex was able to group heal from above the tunnel
    - Every group needs to have a group healer in it


    - Dont use the ramp to get back on top when u get summoned onto lava, Everyone needs Lev. Lev up the mountain come back on top. If you dont use the ramp you dont get adds. **
    - Tier 6
    - It’s Diablo
    - He has a ton of health, takes a while to burn down
    - At around 60 to 70% of his health two adds will spawn on the right pillar, they spawn one at a time
    - Adds are called “A Flame Golem” if the kiter needs to make a hot key
    - Bard needs to kite the adds because they will run straight up the ramp for the raid, the tricky part is getting agro on the 2nd spawn quickly when you are kiting the first spawn
    - He does an AOE just like the Snake guy
    o Torrent of Elemental Energy hits you for 1800 damage
    - However you can easily out range the AOE, just stay on the ramp and you’ll be fine (top of ramp)
    - He does however randomly teleport people into the lava. We have not figured out how to get on his teleport list, but on two tries with Kakos tanking, Kak did not get teleported once. It is possible that it is because I was on top of agro list, or that I was standing on the other side of him
    - Need levitate for this fight because of the teleport (need to get back up to fight)
    - He Rampages as well
    - He hits weak 200s to 300s
    - Can TASH/Cripple/Slow him before engaging him because he is perma rooted
    - The adds hit very hard, 700ish and they also rampage
    - Need Lev to walk back up ramp
    - When walking back up ramp be careful not to train the raid

    The Guardian Mephit

    - Summons 1 add at 40%, Does a Emote asking for help, 5-10 seconds
    - Add is called " Mephitkalia "
    - Add does a AE and Death Blows
    - Death Blows
    - Reflects spell backs to target
    - Emotes a whrilwind. This whirlwind can instant kill Jenks. Everyone including the MT has to get out of range then go back in.
    - Whirlwind emote " The Guardian Mephit begins to glow and spin wildly"
    - Whirlwind emote ends " The Guardian Mephit is dizzy.. "
    - Whirlwind Emote Causes the mob to become Rooted
    - Has a damage shield
    - Summons person on highest aggro
    - Not rooted, Moveable
    - Average 800's on Jenks. Max hit 1991, Max hit on cleric 3100
    - T6-T9 Clerics 3x, Dymon 1x T7 Druid was almost OOM at 25%
    - at 20% he enrages and does more damage, also Takes more damage " Goes into a frenzy drops most of his defenses and does more damage"

    Raizol and Raigol

    - All DPS on the same Wisp
    - Clear the left side
    - none of the trash goes into the center area where the wisps path
    - 2 Tanks, Split up the Healers to each tank
    - Tanks Engage at the same time, They get summoned into the hut
    - Both the nameds have to die at the same time or 1 of the nameds will do mass damage / AoEs
    - Nameds will randomly teleport between huts, They will teleport the MAIN TANKS with them. Healers needs 2 Target Keys for each tank.
    - Avg Hits 300 Each
    - Wisps are called " A Globe of Elemental Fire "
    - When the Wisps collide, They do 5.5k AOE that hits everyone
    - Keep track of each nameds health, They NEED to die together
    - The wisps spawn right below the nameds in the hut

    Ymir, The Imprisoned

    - 3 Elementals in the lava you need to clear to get to him, You can pull them out of the lava to the cliff with a tank and healer or put the raid in the lava and fight
    - After you clear the lava tunnel, You swim through and the named will be ona island, You can park raid on the cliff off island and get ready for encounter
    - You can go on the island without aggroing the named, Has small agro range
    - Has 4 Prison Guards, The guards will turn White when they are attackable. When the Guards die They summon 3 goblins Even conned
    - Guards need to be DPSed down fast or else they turn back blue and HEAL the main guy.
    - Cold Based AoE's Hurt
    - Ymir hit rekzer up to 1400
    - Goblins Average Hit 300, up to 1000DD AoE ColD AoE
    - Everytime you kill a round of goblins the main guy drops 20% HP
    - Goblins are called " A Servant of Shojar "
    - When goblins spawn the main guy stops attacking
    - Prison Constructs DO NOT ATTACK, They only turn White / Blue to heal and to get burned down.
    - Only 3 Prison Constructs Summon Goblins, The last Does not.
    - E, W, S, N is how the prison Constructs awake

    Sukaynah Ghazal
    - She does an AOE Mez, line of sight
    - Hide healers behind the pillar
    - Need to dispel her every time she changes form
    - She enrages at 10%
  16. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Frost, Tier 8 - 9

    General Notes

    - Enter zone from Frosthorn, it's one of the very top islands, click on a rock to get in
    - Zone is very windy/twisty, think Sepulcher
    - Many mobs AE nuke and AE mez
    - I think a key strat is to use the many walls to keep healers away from AE's
    - Many mobs can be skipped by hugging a wall

    L33T Ring

    - Frosted Blue Diamond Off A Construct Patroller
    - Named mobs drop Golden Bands Class Specific`
    - Jewel that is a ground spawn, Need a Enchanter to go in zone and try to find it
    - DRU / SHM / CLR Band dropped off of The Ice Spinner


    A Construct Patroller

    - Hits very Hard (1200-2500) Hits Slow
    - 2500 DD on Tank
    - Dispell
    - You need to dispell it at the start
    - Cold Pants / Other Loot, Nice Loot.
    - Elemental Essence of Ice ( 120DD AOE Proc )(EB THAT CANT BE DISPELLED)
    - Frosted Blue Dimaond

    A Djorn Emir

    - Spank and Tank
    - Flurry
    - Enrage
    - Shit ton of HP


    Gornisht The Numb

    - Hits like a truck
    - Spank and tank
    - Shit load of HP

    High General Porlint

    - Two stages to this fight, with a break between them
    - The first stage is by far the hardest
    - You enter the room, the general will then do some emotes and then walk to room north of us
    - Each tank stands near a bookcase, one left and one right
    - There are 6 mobs that have to be killed, they come two at a time, once you kill one add, then the guards behind will activate (so will have 3 total),
    - The idea is that you dps both adds down at the same time, so that when the first one dies there is only 3 mobs for a second or so
    - Tanks need to target adds behind for agro before their mob dies or they will rape the casters
    - This is all about burning down the mobs before clerics/druids run out of mana on group heals
    - Each set of mobs do something special, the first set rampage, the second set whirlwind, and the 3rd set phantom strike, but what makes this event so hard is that the 3rd set will phantom strike the entire time even though they are not killable yet
    - I believe the bard played AC song, and rune song
    - If an SK can get reverse DS on back mobs they will die quickly, and all classes should keep their DS on for phantom strikes
    - After 1st stage is done you will get quite a long break, enough to rez the dead and med up
    - Then engage the General, he is a pansy, very easy, however when he is at 20% or so he will emote and go invulnerable. When he does this GTFO of the room because he is going to blow himself up and take the raid with him, I believe it is two explosions for about 6K each

    The Ice Spinner

    - A ton of clearing to get to him, need to kill about 30 spiders, very magic resistant, SK or Warrior better tank for these
    - Spiders need to be split off and tagged, easy to do, just time consuming, expect half hour clear
    - The boss mob spawns adds
    - Spawns Spiders often, need to be killed with the help of 2/3 dps
    - Need Paladin for the mini spiders.
    - Stay close for paladin aggro control on spiders
    - Spank and Tank
    - Roots (AOE), random
    - Hits Moderate/Light roughly 500
    - Hp High roughly 500k?
    - Kakos tanked this shit easily
    - Boss tank should tank mob near where it is, while spiders spawn behind raid and Paladin picks them up, if all together in one spot, Paladin has trouble targeting with people and pets and agro becomes difficult

    A Frozen Burning Spirit

    - Changes forms, Will Do different type of AoEs when he changes forms
    - Line of sight AoE, You can go in and out
    - Spank and tank

    Orator of Frost

    - Been told x2 bards, all healers with one.. all casters with 2nd.. and group dispel will pulse thru the silence.
    - Recent changes to the encounter
    - Something about the dispel, can no longer dispel but need to be max range or something
    Key to last mob in Plane of Frost

    - So with my uber brilliance today, while farming for Tarot Cards down in Crystal Caverns, I came across a weird book. Sotam: Unstoppable is the name, drops randomly from the shadow dwarves. This is the text from inside:
    o [Much of this book contains archaic formulas far beyond you, but a few passages catch your eye.]
    o Sotam's rage is very clear at this point. Though he is a marginal success, it is unlikely any loyalty remains within him. Shojar will not be pleased. He must be disposed of. Given that his entire existence is based on making that as difficult as possible, I am detailing here the method to do this, in case anyone takes the same path I did. His shielding is focused on a chunk of core, taken from Tarhyls flame golems. A proper Core Shatter spell will temporarily remove the shield, making him vulnerable. In order to leave him vulnerable, long enough, a multiple dose core shatter vessel is needed. Construction is simple.
    - [It becomes very technical again, but you are able to work out what is needed that the Blacksmith cannot provide on his own.]
    o Iced Crystal Ring - Crystals that attune.
    o Golem Parts - To attune towards
    o Tongue of Fire - To ignite on contact

    Player Discussion of this:
    - I don't know if it means any old blacksmith, or a certain blacksmith (maybe in Thurgadin?), but it seems simple enough. I know a few of you have read that before and apparently Brenden already has one of these books. But I think it’s pretty obvious what its talking about from what we saw when we attempted him.
    - Tried to combine this in a regular forge, "cannot combine these items together."
    - Leerira wrote:
    o [It becomes very technical again, but you are able to work out what is needed that the Blacksmith cannot provide on his own.]
    o Maybe you need to add some standard blacksmithing items to the combine? like water or something idk
    o I think this is part of the Tarhyl aug. when i was reading ooc tonight saw someone say something about a new NPC named Sotam in starfall. then saw a guy auctioning to buy the iced crystal ring and i told him I’d sell after he told me it was for the aug
  17. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Nightmare, Tier 3 - 6

    Zone Notes

    - Lots of hidden spellmines, With levitate you can see them and avoid them, Without lev u cannot see
    - Trees that stand still, They can summon root kill you if you get too close
    - Invisible hidden presences, If yo get to close they will turn into a monster
    - When pulling in the city, you need t pull outside because if you go through the middle you end up getting death touched, emote is monk is butchered while they sleep
    - To get to many of the named you have to hail Alpha Wolf and he ports you into huts at the bottom, There are 3 big square areas at bottom, I'm not sure how you trigger him to spawn you to which, but when you get spawned there you should stay in a hut and wait for a monk to come get you. The monk will train away mobs in front of the hut so you can run to safe spot in area
    - Alpha Wolf can be used to help in the fights, just hail him and he helps. He's amazing dps but will steal your xp, also if you use him on some mobs and he gets the kill he can make it so you have no loot. So be careful

    Spider event

    - The NPC asks the raid to follow him in a place south of the spider, then mobs spawn and need to be tanked. Spank & tank iirc, but need to heal hard and offtanks need to be ready to grab a few mobs or MT will die. Loot is not good I am told.

    The Lurk

    - A crocodile mob in a cave system underwater in the northern end of the river.
    - First thing to do is get there safely avoiding the invisible trigger mobs & the spell mines (various effects like mez, snare, knockback...) between entrance and river
    - a rezzer preferably should get there safely first then people should just run to top of the cave system without training and get a rezzed if attacked.
    - He Rampages assign rampage tank
    - AE (more like very large go-through-walls AE) blinds and summons everyone at 60% in another cave south of the map
    - Hit Tank with a HoT just before 60% is hit
    - Park healer at other end of cave system to heal when tank gets ported
    - Fight is underwater and dispells Enduring Breath.
    - The whole river is safe if you just manage to levitate over it, as spell mines roam at the bottom.
    - His AE also does damage, watch groups health

    Wormwood, the Hanging Tree

    - Starting from Lurk's spot, there's a big cave system with a shitton of trashes on the way.
    - Aim here is to kill (preferably all) trashes that have a nice earring/neck trash drop and a nifty no-rent clicky necro 53 pet summon, either undeads or rampaging worms.
    - They're rather weak , but some of them come by stacks of 3 until something like 8 at a time (mobs very far from each other but linked !) need puller to drop when they're close enough so that we can assign targets.
    - The aim here is to kill 4 (iirc) red-conning treants-like creatures to be able to kill Wormwood.
    - Each of them rampages and hits fast, AND devastating blow. Otherwise super low HP. Basically have healers on their toes.
    - Once the cave clearing is done you get in front of Wormwood. This is basically a close version except
    - I don’t think it rampages, but it devastating blows
    - The only annoying stuff is that they summon mini worms that have the bad habit to "infestate" their targets - a 1000dmg per tick dot, minus150 adjust disease based - that needs to be cured by bard / shaman.
    - Sending the pets you had on trash drops earlier is an option for healers, but tbh it's not worse than dots like we saw in PoT. Purify & Psalm of Vitality ftw.
    - Pretty ok loot (DPScaster-MNK-BST head with Healing Inc 5, 75HP150M some stats ; ALL/ALL feet with 110HP/M Reagent cons 6 some stats)


    - He is in the middle of the maze
    - Hail Lorenz to get to maze then clear north to him
    - The toughest part of the fight is his AE Fear
    - At first he just hits the melee close by
    - At 50 percent he fears some more but this time has a nasty dot… that definitely will kill the low hit point people if they get it
    - Tried to stay max range on fear, but it seems to hit even if standing behind hedge wall
    - Two bards, one use fear immunity and play magic resist at 50, when stamina runs out second bard takes over, call it out
    - Burn it down at 50.. because that is when the nasty fear starts
    - Healer can stay back, way back, and heal other healers, can even still heal main tank if they have enough range increment

    Vharsos Roc, The Falling Dream

    - North of entrance to Nightmare
    - Pretty easy
    - His resists suck, easy to slow and land spells
    - Ports people randomly to entrance, have to run back to him
    - In addition he has an ultrasonic scream, I believe this is a snare
    - Tank and spank

    Alpha Wolf Jermiah

    -move your raid to the south part of the river, There will be a tree and rocks.
    -start the event, wolves in the forest will spawn
    -pull each wolf out of the forest to the river
    -each wolf will do a howl emote watch for it. you need to run back everytime a wolf howls or adds will come help it. all the people who run back will not die. people who stay near the wolf will die. the first emote run back to the tree, the 2nd emote run back to the rocks.
    -after you kill a wolf, u need to stay back for a while. wait until the howled mobs run away
    -the last wolve will NOT howl, that's how u know u killed all of them
    - Tier 5
    - turns people into werewolves
    - Cant have tank close to forest or you get adds, Have tank just outside of Tree

    Alpha Wolf Jermiah

    Enrages at 10%
    turns people into werewolves

    Xaxazan, The unburied dead

    - big eyeball thing
    - hits fast but not hard
    - Splits at 60 - 80%, Makes a mob named his Corpse, Need a tank to pick it up
    - After split keep DPS on the eyeball
    - Does some sort of weak AOE DD
    - You are caught in a cone of lightning, taken 1390 damage
    - Might be a frontal cone

    Kelethin and Nagthilian Sisters

    - Talk to alpha wolf to get summoned to her place
    - the corpses spawn mobs
    - Clear the mobs infront of the sisters, until they emote.
    - Need 2 Tanks, 1 for each sister
    - They become active and inactive, Need to switch between left and right one for DPS
    - They will mez the main tank when they go inactive and hit the closest thing, The are also invunerable when they are inactive
    - Alot of HP on both of them
    - Spawns a lvl 65 even con at the end for the fight, Tiny Banshee
    - summons adds that AoE for 400-700 DD

    Dis, Daughter of marlow

    - Aoe for 400-800 DD
    - Summons adds that will shadow step you, make ur guildies hug the tank so the tank doesnt get shadowstepped
    - If not on the platform you won't get shadowstepped, so don't hang on the platform if you're a healer, also adds on the platform
    - Pally tank good cause all the adds
    - Bunch of knightmares have to be cleared, have to kill them all, somewhere around 20 I think, they spawn horse guys, but they go down quick
    - She is in the very bottom square, you have to hail alpha wolf to get ported to her, stay in your hut and wait for monk to guide you to a corner for pulls
    - Can't use alpha wolf to kill Dis, only on the mobs.. otherwise he will KS your stuff, they fixed that bug on the Sisters though, but not on Dis, issue is KS of loot not xp
    - Will have to do a lot of group heals for this fight, and range dps
    - she spawns adds they teleport you out if they hit you, thats why we had to kill all the knights
    - Easy fight except at end, there is a shitton of knight adds running around ready to punt the healers

    Before you Wake

    - Need to clear a bunch of "a bad dream" to get to her, they whirlwind and some are linked
    - First pull near her, are 6 adds, they can't be split. Gotta kill em
    - Next pull near her is 5 adds, also can't be split
    - These adds mana drain
    - Strat for adds that work, have Bard kite them and tank pull them one at a time. Worked well in two pick up raids/ Bard can't have a DS or he will be summoned
    - After adds are down, they can engage her
    - She randomly blinds people throughout the whole fight, have your heal hot key memorized
    - First half of the fight she whirlwinds, that means we need range dps on her
    - At 50% she stops whirlwinding but reflects spells
    - Make sure you use caster curses before 50% so they hit.
    - She possibly mana drains (not sure)
  18. lockon96

    lockon96 Dalayan Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Plane of Valor, Tier 6 - 7

    Warning: There is a lot of info here

    Currently contains guide for the following:

    Trial of Defense
    Trial of Strategy
    Trial of Endurance
    Trial of Strength

    General PoV Information:

    - For starters, PoV has a central safe area and then the four separate wings for the trials themselves.
    - The central area is full of friendly NPCs, a couple of which are involved in quests. If at any time you run past a large guard in black armor, you've passed into a trial area and will be eaten.
    - You can hail these guards to find out which trial you're heading towards.
    - Each trial consists of a mini boss and the later "... of the trials" boss which is considerably more difficult.
    - Most of the mini bosses have strong loot to rival tier 5 or 6 gear, but only have one drop. A couple of the truly easy mini bosses have crappy loot.
    - There isn't a lot of trash in Valor A, but it takes some time to clear regardless and requires more strategy and effort than most zones
    - There are a few trash drops to look out for. They should not be looted willy-nilly because they're nodrop and they're part of very easy quests for gear that easily rivals tiers 3-4 at least.
    - These items are Large Orb of Valorium, Orb of Valorium, Small Orb of Valorium, and Predator Hide Swatch. These are used for Pants, Bracers, Masks, and Boots respectively. The boots can be upgraded a couple of times from their original state.
    - Also, each of the trial bosses drops a part of the key for Valor B, so you should have the same person attempt to get all 4.


    - The trash in PoV isn't terribly difficult, but its certainly unique. There are some things to watch out for.
    - For starters, a lot of trash comes in pairs that either isn't worth it to split or can't be split. For this reason, any successful raid to PoV needs at least two beefy tanks.
    - Next, a couple of the trash mobs, named "A Chosen Glory Guard" and "An Chosen Honor Guard," have some effects that you should watch out for.

    Chosen Glory Guard
    - Summons a liquid flame during fight that grows bigger and bigger until it explodes
    - Does a 4.9K AE, and gravity fluxes your ass
    - Strat is to kill add fast before it explodes
    - There are two different strategies used on these mobs
    - one is to have your dps switch to the elementals and kill them before they explode
    - the other is to fight the guard normally and have everyone except the tank run and hide each time a fire elemental is about to pop. Both of these strategies have a certain risk involved, but there is no better way to do it.
    - (note it might be possible that a chose honor guard may do the same thing)

    Chosen Virtue Guards
    - Summon heal warding thingy’s during fight
    - Kill those things fast before they heal mob

    Chosen Honor Guard
    - Summons a companion predator during fight
    - Just an add that hits hard and rages, may be two during fight
    - They enrage
    - Possible that they may do what a chosen glory guard does instead

    Chosen Fire Guard
    - A chosen Fire guard seems to be very difficult, first he has an AE that decreases fire resist, next he casts another AE that does a DD (fire based)
    - The DD is Malady of flame for 1212 damage and the fire debuff is called fury of theros
    - We have tried hiding healers behind the wall, mixed though, some say they don’t get hit while others got hit constantly and died
    - Need more info on this

    War Trained Boar
    - Yellow con
    - Hits around 300ish
    - Enrages
    - Resists all at 5 except for fire which is at 8

    Trial of Defense

    - The goal is to survive and kill all the adds before they destroy statues until named himself comes at you who also summons adds occasionally to kill
    - The basic strategy of trial of defense is to kill waves of mobs that are pretty easy until he sends the last 2 waves which are announced as sending the reserves.
    - People usually die here because no one heals tanks enough, and healers / DPS get stupid agro
    - The boss is a pansy
    - You have to protect the statues
    - DS probably should be clicked off and no AE spells except for agro ones.
    - On the named kills adds first, then back to named.
    - You will be in a room with three statues that ARE aggroable and you must try not do so at all costs.
    - The main named will spawn mobs of 3 types...melee, healer, support, and possibly a 4th caster dps can¡¦t recall.

    General Veskil - Trial of Defense

    - Perma Rooted
    - Does not summon when agroed.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 650
    - HP: > 175k
    - DPS on MA: 400 ¡V Ratkon
    - Specials: Whirlwind / Reflects spells
    - Slowable: YES
    - Fight Time: 2.30
    - Resists: ???

    Vesocia of the Trials - Trial of Defense

    - MaxHIT: ~ 1050
    - HP: > 205k
    - DPS on MA: 350
    - Specials: Nukes MA for 3250 every 30 seconds. Spawns adds.
    - Slowable: YES
    - Loot
    o Trident of the Guardian

    Trial of Strategy

    - This trial is very easy if people do what they are told and coordinate.

    - Step 1
    o Puller starts the quest and runs 3 named around until there is only one left. Pull. Kill.
    o Get ported to the center of the room.
    o Put your 2nd box on autofollow/FD.

    - Step 2
    o The whole raid runs 3 named around until there is only one left. CLOCKWISE!!! Kill.
    o Get Ported to the center of the next room.

    - Step 3
    o Named. Single.
    o Proceed to slow and kill it.
    o It spawns adds that love to rape healers. Healers be ready to stay alive by running and shit.
    o Kitters don't be nitwits and try to DPS when your main job is to keep healers alive.

    - NOTES:
    o Do not wander around and agro shit on the first pull.
    o Do not tank or damage mobs until assist is called!
    o Don't let your pet agro/damage named!

    Trial of Strategy more leaks:

    - This is one of the easier trials in PoV, but its best to do it with as few boxed toons as possible.
    - The mini boss for this trial is Azax, Companion to Enthann. Azax is a large warboar, is a very easy tank and spank, and has fairly mediocre drops.
    - The trial room is actually a set of three rooms. The first room has a mob in it which you hail to begin the event (don't remember the name, but it¡¦s unimportant).
    - To begin the trial, most of the raid should be parked upstairs outside of the first room. A bard (for bard speed) and the main tank will go down into the room and hail the mob to begin the trial.
    - Three mobs named Ilsos of the Trials will pop and aggro.
    - These have to be kited for a short period of time until two of the Ilsos will depop.
    - The last Ilsos needs to be kited over to the door and then the rest of the raid runs down and kills them.
    - Ilsos is purely tank and spank at this point - no special abilities whatsoever.
    - When this Ilsos is killed the entire raid is instantly ported into the middle of the next room where three more Ilsos of the Trials will pop.
    - Any tank class, as well as bards, need to attempt to grab aggro as soon as possible and kite these in large circles around the raid. This is the toughest part of this encounter because if a healer or your best DPS gets whacked you're pretty much out.
    - Anyone who grabs aggro MUST kite these mobs or die. As before, two of the Ilsos will depop and the remaining one can be killed. Once again, he's just tank and spank.
    - When that Ilsos is killed, the raid will once again be ported, into the third room.
    - One Ilsos of the Trials will pop - this is the real one.
    - He's still nothing but a tank and spank mob by himself, but he¡¦s a little bigger than the previous two. As his HP drops he will spawn one and then another Ilsos of the Trials which have to be kited.
    - Knight classes are best for this because heal aggro pulls the adds fairly easily. Bards should assist. When the main Ilsos dies, the adds should depop, and the trial is over.

    Azax, Companion to Ethann ¡V Trial of strategy

    - Large war boar
    - He devestating blows
    - He auto ripostes
    - He enrages

    Ilsos of the Trials - Trial of Strategy

    - Several of them pop
    - Last one is main one
    - Tank and Spank
    - Spawns adds
    - Drops:
    o Ilsos's drops are mostly for melees and rogues should take note that a 17dmg piercer drops here (17/22 with +5 backstab and 74-160 poison DD, decent stats).

    Trial of Endurance

    - This is far and away the most difficult of the trials, and should not even be attempted until all the other trials can be complete with ease. Absolutely everyone must bring their game face, or fail. Now I may miss a detail or two of this encounter, but here¡¦s the gist of it:

    - Millicent of the Trials is a dragon with 2 million hp. Yes, TWO MILLION HP. Hence the name, "Trial of Endurance."
    - Millicent is in his own very large room, and there are two pots in this room with him.
    - One is a mana pot, one is a healing pot.
    - The use of these is critical.
    - 3 Clerics is preferable for this encounter, 2 stay on the tank at all times and 1 rotates out to sit at the mana pot.
    - When at the mana pot, casters regen mana VERY fast, but are silenced.
    - Any druids on the raid need to participate in healing the MT, especially when he needs padding, and should also try and keep up some sort of rotation.
    - Millicent himself AOEs a good bit, and it is the responsibility of any melees (other than the MT) fighting him to HEAL THEMSELVES.
    - This is accomplished by simply running to the healing pot, healing up and running back. It's easy and there¡¦s no real excuse for anyone to die unless...
    o Millicent spawns small balls of fire that make their way towards the pots. Each pot should have someone guarding it (usually a knight) to intercept it and kill it before it reaches the pot.
    o If a flame reaches the mana pot, the casters (and thus, healers) will be mana drained and the tank will most likely die.
    o If a flame reaches the healing pot, the raid will be nuked and knocked back, and some people will most likely die. This is what makes this encounter truly difficult - if even one flame in the entire encounter hits a pot, it is probably going to wipe the whole raid - and this is a very long encounter.
    - Being a dragon, I think some fear component may have been involved, but I honestly cannot remember.

    Trial of Endurance - more leaks

    - This starts you in a room near a hall with drakes littered about
    - This is a pulling test of skill as it requires the monk to pull the drakes out while the drake queen spawns easier drakes and sends them to port in locale.
    - Be absolutely sure not to pull them through wall cause it causes many to aggro for some reason and = wipe. as we clear through we eventually make it to drake queen and kill it allowing access to Millicent of the trials which stated strat for above the real named

    Nighteyes - Trial of Endurance

    - Every group has to have a group healer
    - DPS the 2 adds first
    - MaxHIT: ~ 400
    - HP: > 150k
    - DPS on MA: 175 (low)
    - Specials: Phantom Strike /
    - Slowable: YES
    - Fight Time: 2.36
    - Resists:
    - Loot
    o Predator Hide Whip
    o Pelt of Nighteyes

    Kharth of the Blade - Trial of Endurance

    - The healers for MA stay max range.
    - Melee healers come in group heal go max range again.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 392
    - HP: > 430k
    - DPS on MA: 750
    - Specials: Frenzy on MA
    o Devastating Blow 2600 dmg
    o Mez for 2 ticks also
    o Small knockback range 200 un-resistible AE
    - Slowable: YES
    - Fight Time: 4 minutes
    - Resists:
    - Loot:
    o Shard of the Hero Shrine
    o Shrine Keepers Bauble

    Millicent of the Trials - Trial of Endurance

    - Need to have high Fire & Magic resists on this fight; also get levitate if you plan to get close to the mob
    - Dragon has 2 million hit points
    - We need a wall or something so healers don¡¦t get knocked back. So the suggestion of turning this Millicent is a very good one. Healers against back wall Turn the mob and win. This seems very clear now.
    - When you engage this dragon 2 shrines pop 1 mana shrine and 1 health shrine when you close to such shrine you will get a buff that slows you and silences you and gives you either 3k hp or 1600 mana depending on which shrine you go to.
    - During fight the named will summon mobs named "a ball of fire" that he shoots to both shrines; if they reach the shrine we wipe so we need 1 guy before each shrine protecting it to agro the mob ; as soon as you agro the mob its dead. Don¡¦t stand too close to the shrine or you get the shrine buff and get silenced in the process.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 750
    - HP: > ???
    - DPS on MA: 325 - (ok his DPS is the neighborhood of pathetic... so heal you group and spank this asshole)
    - Specials:
    o Frenzy
    o Breath of Millicent - Decrease Hit points by 500 (-100 FR) Range 600 (AE)
    o Greater Fire Dragon Breath - Decrease Hit points by 900 (-75 FR) Range 100(AE)
    o Dragon Roar - Fear - 3 ticks (MR) Range 75(AE)
    o Dragon Rage - Decrease Hit points by 150 - knockback 80 - (-100 MR) Range 100(AE)
    o Dragon Roar and Dragon Rage are apparently tossed together at the same time when Millicent emotes ; Milicent howls in rage
    o Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    o Fight Time: 16min
    o Resists: MR (8) / FR (8) / CR (8) / PR (8) / DR (8)

    Trial of Strength

    - You fight one very big dryad with heavy melee dps and no casting abilities and after her you fight her sister which is heavy spell caster but does like 50 pts melee damage.
    - After that one is dead you fight the two of them fused together and switch between the 2 styles.
    - can¡¦t recall much else (she is quite tough)

    Theros of the Brand (Mini) - Trial of Strength

    - This guy summons "a ball of heroic energy" at the end of the two side tunnels. They spawn constantly and move towards him unless agroed. His melee DMG goes way up if they reach him.
    - Two teams have to prevent them from doing so, either by rooting (AE preferably) snaring or running them (mez doesn't work), rest burn the mob asap.
    - Wisps don't summon
    - Otherwise he AE stuns from time to time and does low melee damage until he gets fed by the wisps
    - Every time a wisp gets to him his strength goes up by 1, his strength starts at 1
    - Wisps are "a ball of heroic energy"
    o 6khp
    o MaxHIT: ~ 300
    - MaxHIT: ~ 400 before wisps / 2k++ after wisps
    - HP: > ???
    - DPS on MA: ??? (ok his dps is the neighborhood of pathetic unless wisps get out of hand)
    - Specials:
    o AE stuns
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: ~5min
    - Resists:
    - Loot:

    Selaenis (melee only) ¡V Trial of Strength

    - NOTES: Over heal MA!
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1300
    - HP: > 405k
    - DPS on MA: 1150 - (HIGH)
    - Specials: none
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: ~5min
    - Resists: MR (9) / FR (9) / CR (9) / PR (9) / DR (9)

    Selaenis (AEonly) ¡V Trial of Strength

    - On engage she does mad melee dps.
    - Heal MA!
    - After the emote Group Heal. Everyone stays close to the mob for group heals.
    - Mana drain the bitch.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 1800
    - HP: > 370k
    - DPS on MA: 1400 - Beric (HIGH)
    - Specials:
    o Selane's Song of Pain -Decrease Hitpoints by 2900 (unresistable) Range 500(AE) she does it 2x in a row so need to heal that shit asap. 11 seconds between the casts. Then you get 1 min break.
    o Selana's Flame - Decrease Hitpoints by 1200 / 0sec stun - (-200 FR) (AE)- once every 26 sec
    o Selana's Frost - Decrease Hitpoints by 1500 - (-200 CR)(AE) - once every 26 sec
    o Selana's Force - Decrease Hitpoints by 900 / 0sec stun - (-200 MR) (AE)- once every 26 sec
    o Selana's Crippling - Decrease Attack Speed by 60%/Decrease Current Hitpoints by 700 / 9 ticks (PR) - single target
    o Selana's Venom - Decrease Hitpoints by 350 per tick (PR) - single target
    - Tears of the Void / Archaic: Moon Comet - till mana drained
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: 3.41
    - Resists: ???

    Selaenis of the Trials

    - On engage heal MA.
    - After the emote Group Heal.
    - After Emote heal MA.
    - Keep switching upon emote.
    - MaxHIT: ~ 950
    - HP: > 450k
    - DPS on MA: 540 - (Mid)
    - Specials: same as above
    - Slowable: YES (Fest/Turg)
    - Fight Time: 4.36
    - Resists: ???
    - Loot:
    o Mask of Clout
    o Courageous Mittens
  19. Lleoc

    Lleoc Dalayan Master

    May 11, 2007
    It amuses me to see over 6 year old strats copy pasta leaked with a bunch of them still crazy out of date or completely wrong. Some of them are still almost word for word copied how i remember them written on pr forums. Not trying to say these are strats pr made since their forums were a ruin strat dump to about t8-9ish but it goes to show how little people progress in the game outside of being given strats when years later some are still copy pasted word for word.
  20. daenar_sod

    daenar_sod Dalayan Elder

    Feb 18, 2013
    I find it amusing when I help out on other guild raids or do pugs that these strats are often used, and then ppl wonder why they wipe. Gotta let em die at least once so they know it's bad and to disregard or correct them.

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