Spirit of Completeness problem.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Requests' started by Snake, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Snake

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    Nov 18, 2007
    So the new spells are totally awesome, quest is awesome, spells are awesome, love it.

    But the bst version comes with a downgrade, that you can no longer Mimic your pet to use illusions, because it uses "Slot 2":
    Slot 2: Add Weapon Proc: SpTearingEffect (4399)

    The old version did not:
    Slot 1: Add Weapon Proc: SpTearingEffect

    (That was also why Tearing and Soothing didnt stack in the first place. Which was fine.)

    The problem with this solution, to put it in Slot 2, is that this is where many of the illusion procs go, such as:
    Illusion: Werefrog

    Slot 1: Illusion Froglok Ghoul
    Slot 2: Add Weapon Proc: LifetapEffectNormal

    Elemental Form: Ice
    Slot 1: Illusion: Elemental
    Slot 2: Add Weapon Proc: 4013 (Frozen Aura)

    And probably others I can't think of right now.

    So I suggest you make 1 proc in slot 1, that just does both.
    Either that, or make a proc, that has 50% chance of doing only on of them, and double the proc chance.

    Also wishfull thinking, since its 'Completeness', I wish it also had:
    Slot 7: Increase All Resists by 60

    From Spell: Keshuval's Protection.
  2. Rymy

    Rymy Developer

    Nov 23, 2015
    It's fixed for next patch.
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