Texture/Weapon Testing NPC

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    Nov 24, 2004
    In an effort to make player testing of custom texture and weapon models easier, we have added an NPC to game that players can use to cycle through races, textures, genders, helm textures and weapon models.

    To access this, go to Arcane Enchanter Shaor in Athica B (he is the Enchanter Augur) and say the word "Shapeshifter".

    Below is a list of models along with their race IDs and model files. Remember the file you need to forceload textures you are testing into is 'felwitheb_chr.txt'.

    1 human Global
    2 barbarian Global
    3 erudite Global
    4 wood elf Global
    5 high elf Global
    6 dark elf Global
    7 half elf Global
    8 dwarf Global
    9 troll Global
    10 ogre Global
    11 halfling Global
    12 gnome Global
    13 aviak Non-Global avi,southkarana_chr southkarana
    14 werewolf Global
    15 brownie Non-Global brm,lfaydark_chr / brf,lfaydark_chr lfaydark
    16 centaur Non-Global cen,pojustice_chr pojustice
    17 golem Non-Global gol,poeartha_chr / sleeper_chr poearth sleeper
    18 giants Non-Global gia,southkarana_chr southkarana
    19 trakanon Non-Global trk,sebilis_chr old sebilis
    20 doppleganger/venril sathir Non-Global / vst,karnor_chr grieg karnors
    21 evil eye Non-Global beh,beholder_chr beholder
    22 beetle Non-Global bet,rathemtn_chr rathemtn
    23 kerra Non-Global cpm / cpf,kerraridge_chr kerraridge
    24 fish Non-Global fis,qeynos_chr qeynos
    25 fairy Non-Global faf,lfaydark_chr lfaydark
    26 froglok soldier Global
    27 froglok Global
    28 fungusman Non-Global fun,guktop_chr guktop
    29 gargoyle Non-Global gar,mistmoore_chr / igr,sleeper_chr mistmoore / sleeper
    30 gasbag* Non-Global beh,beholder_chr beholder
    31 gelatinous cube Non-Global cub,thurgadinb_chr thurgadinb
    32 ghost Non-Global unknown unknown
    33 ghoul Non-Global ghu,fearplane_chr fearplane
    34 giant bat Non-Global bat,qeynos2_chr qeynos2
    35 giant eel Non-Global unknown unknown
    36 giant rat Non-Global rat,akanon_chr akanon
    37 giant snake Non-Global sna,freportw_chr freportw
    38 giant spider Non-Global spi,velketor_chr velketor
    39 gnoll Non-Global gnn,southkarana_chr southkarana
    40 goblin Non-Global gob,runnyeye_chr runnyeye
    41 gorilla Non-Global gor,stonebrunt_chr stonebrunt
    42 wolf Global
    43 bear Global
    44 freeport guard Non-Global fpm,freportw_chr freportw
    45 Demi Lich Non-Global dml,charasis_chr charasis
    46 imp Global
    47 Griffon Non-Global gri,gri_chr
    48 Kobold Non-Global kob,kob_chr
    49 Dragons Non-Global dra,dra_chr dreadlands
    50 lion Non-Global lim & lif ,southkarana_chr southkarana
    51 lizardman Non-Global liz,rathemtn_chr rathemtn
    52 mimic Non-Global mim,mim_chr
    53 minotaur Non-Global min,steamfont_chr steamfont
    54 orc Non-Global orc,freportw_chr freportw
    55 human begger Non-Global bgm,qeynos_chr qeynos
    56 pixie Non-Global pif,lfardark_chr lfaydark
    57 dracnid Non-Global drm / drf,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    58 solusek ro (old) Global
    59 bloodgill goblin Non-Global bgg,lakeofillomen_chr lakeofillomen
    60 skeleton Global
    61 shark Non-Global sha,erudnext_chr erudnext
    62 Tunare (old) Global
    63 tiger Global
    64 treant Non-Global tre,southkarana_chr southkarana
    65 vampire Non-Global dvm,mistmoore_chr mistmoore
    66 Rallos Zek (old) Global
    67 highpass citizen Non-Global hhm,highpass_chr highpass
    68 tentacle Non-Global ten,crystal_chr crystal
    69 will-o-wisp Non-Global wil,growthplane_chr growthplane
    70 zombie/mummy Non-Global zom & zof ,rathemtn_chr rathemtn
    71 qeynos citizen Non-Global qcm,qeynos_chr qeynos
    72 ship Non-Global unknown unknown
    73 launch Non-Global unknown timorous
    74 piranha Non-Global pir,kedge_chr kedge
    75 Elemental(s) Global
    76 Puma Non-Global pum,iceclad_chr iceclad
    77 Neriak citizen Non-Global ngm,neriakb_chr neriakb
    78 Erudite citizen Non-Global egm,erudnext_chr erudnext
    79 bixie Non-Global bix,misty_chr misty
    80 reanimated hand Non-Global rea,gukbottom_chr gukbottom
    81 rivervale citizen Non-Global rim / rif,rivervale_chr rivervale
    82 scarecrow Global
    83 skunk Non-Global sku,mischiefplane_chr mischiefplane
    84 snake elemental Non-Global unknown unknown
    85 spectre Global
    86 Sphinx Non-Global sph,rathemtn_chr rathemtn
    87 Armadillo Non-Global arm,nro_chr nro
    88 clockwork gnome Non-Global clm / clf,akanon_chr akanon
    89 drake Non-Global drk / drk,steamfont_chr steamfont
    90 halas citizen Non-Global hlm / hlf ,halas_chr halas
    91 alligator Non-Global all,innothule_chr
    92 grobb citizen Non-Global grm,grobb_chr grobb
    93 oggok citizen Non-Global okm / okf,oggok_chr oggok
    94 kaladim citizen Non-Global kam / kaf,kaladimb_chr kaladimb
    95 Cazic Thule (old) Global
    96 cockatrice Non-Global coc,overthere_chr overthere
    97 daisy man Non-Global unknown unknown
    98 Elf vampire Non-Global vsm / vsf,mistmoore_chr mistmoore
    99 Denizen Non-Global den,pojustice_chr pojustice
    100 Dervish Non-Global unknown airplane
    101 Efreeti Non-Global efr,pojustice_chr pojustice
    102 froglok tadpole Non-Global frt,guktop_chr guktop
    103 Phingel Autropos Non-Global ked,kedge_chr kedge
    104 leech Non-Global lee,emeraldjungle_chr emeraldjungle
    105 swordfish Non-Global swo,kedge_chr kedge
    106 felguard Non-Global fem / fef,felwithea_chr felwithe
    107 Mammoth Non-Global mam,southkarana_chr southkarana
    108 eye Global
    109 wasp Non-Global was,burningwood_chr burningwood
    110 mermaid Non-Global mer,kedge_chr kedge
    111 harpy Non-Global har,steamfont_chr steamfont
    112 fayguard Non-Global gfm / gff,gfaydark_chr gfaydark
    113 drixie Non-Global dri,lfaydark_chr lfaydark
    114 ghost ship Non-Global unknown oot
    115 clam Non-Global unknown unknown
    116 sea horse Non-Global sea,kedge_chr kedge
    117 Ghost dwarf Non-Global gdm,frozenshadow_chr frozenshadow
    118 Ghost erudite Non-Global gem / gef,frozenshadow_chr frozenshadow
    119 Sabertooth cat Non-Global stc,overthere_chr overthere
    120 ghost wolf Global
    121 gorgon Non-Global grg,fearplane_chr fearplane
    122 Dragon Skeleton Non-Global dru,necropolis_chr necropolis
    123 Innoruuk Global
    124 Unicorn Non-Global uni,lfaydark_chr lfaydark
    125 Pegasis Non-Global peg,southkarana_chr southkarana
    126 Djinn Non-Global dji,airplane_chr airplane
    127 Invisible Man Global
    128 Iksar Global
    129 scorpion Non-Global scr,fieldofbone_chr fieldofbone
    130 vah shir Global
    131 Sarnak Non-Global srw,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    132 Draglok Non-Global unknown unknown
    133 lycanthrope Non-Global lyc,frozenshadow_chr frozenshadow
    134 Mosquito Non-Global mos,emeraldjungle_chr emeraldjungle
    135 Rhino Non-Global rhi,overthere_chr overthere
    136 Xalgoz Non-Global xal,karnor_chr karnor
    137 Kunark goblin Non-Global kgo,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    138 yeti Non-Global yet,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    139 iksar citizen Non-Global icm / icf / icn,overthere_chr overthere
    140 forest giant Non-Global fgi,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    141 boat Global
    142 minor illusion Global
    143 trees Non-Global zone specific
    144 Burynai Non-Global brn,dalnir_chr dalnir
    145 goo Non-Global goo,goo_chr dalnir
    146 Spectral Sarnak Non-Global ssn,karnor_chr karnor
    147 Spectral Iksar Non-Global sim,karnor_chr karnor
    148 Kunark fish Non-Global bac,lakeofillomen_chr lakeofillomen
    149 Iksar scorpion Non-Global isk,overthere_chr overthere
    150 Erollisi (old) Global
    151 Tribunal (old) Global
    152 Bertoxxulous (old) Non-Global replaced with #255 unknown
    153 Bristlebane (old) Global
    154 Fay Drake Non-Global fdr,skyfire_chr skyfire
    155 Sarnak skeleton Non-Global ssk,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    156 Ratman Non-Global vrm,necropolis_chr necropolis
    157 Wyvern Non-Global wyv,necropolis_chr necropolis
    158 Wurm Non-Global wur,necropolis_chr necropolis
    159 Devourer Non-Global dev,dalnir_chr dalnir
    160 Iksar golem Non-Global ikg,karnor_chr karnor
    161 Iksar skeleton Non-Global iks karnor
    162 Man Eating Plant Non-Global mep,citymist_chr citymist
    163 Raptor Non-Global rap,dreadlands_chr dreadlands
    164 Sarnak golem Non-Global sgo,karnor_chr karnor
    165 Water Dragon Non-Global sed,sleeper_chr sleeper
    166 Iksar Hand Non-Global ikh,karnor_chr karnor
    167 Succulent Non-Global suc,overthere_chr overthere
    168 Flying Monkey Non-Global fmo,fmo_chr wakening
    169 Brontotherium Non-Global btm,westwaste_chr westwaste
    170 Snow Dervish Non-Global snd,eastwastes_chr eastwastes
    171 Dire Wolf Non-Global wol,eastwastes_chr eastwastes
    172 Manticore Non-Global mtc,mtc_chr eastwastes
    173 Totem Non-Global tot,growthplane_chr growthplane
    174 Cold Spectre Non-Global spc,sleeper_chr2 sleeper
    175 Enchanted Armor Non-Global ena,growthplane_chr growthplane
    176 Snow Bunny Non-Global sbu,eastwastes_chr eastwastes
    177 Walrus Non-Global wal,eastwastes_chr eastwastes
    178 Rock-gem Man Non-Global rgm,rgm_chr crystal
    179 unknown Non-Global unknown unknown
    180 unknown Non-Global unknown unknown
    181 Yak Man / Faun Non-Global yak,wakening_chr wakening
    182 Faun Non-Global unknown unknown
    183 Coldain Non-Global com / cof,thurgadinb_chr & con,thurgadinb2_chr thurgadinb
    184 Velious Dragon Non-Global dr2,hohonora_chr hohonora
    185 Hag Non-Global hag,frozenshadow_chr frozenshadow
    186 Hippogriff Non-Global unknown unknown
    187 Siren Non-Global sir,sir_chr cobaltscar
    188 Frost Giant Non-Global fsg,kael_chr kael
    189 Storm Giant Non-Global stg / stm,kael_chr kael
    190 Otterman Non-Global otm,cobaltscar_chr cobaltscar
    191 Walrus Man Non-Global wlm,stonebrunt_chr stonebrunt
    192 Clockwork Dragon Non-Global ccd,necropolis_chr necropolis
    193 Abhorent Non-Global abh,frozenshadow_chr frozenshadow
    194 Sea Turtle Non-Global stu,stu_chr iceclad
    195 Black & White Dragon Non-Global bwd,bwd_chr hohonora
    196 Ghost Dragon Non-Global gdr,gdr_chr necropolis
    197 Ronnie Test Non-Global unknown unknown
    198 Prismatic Dragon Non-Global pri,sleeper2_chr sleeper
    199 ShikNar Non-Global skn,skn_chr fungusgrove
    200 Rockhopper Non-Global rhp,griegsend_chr griegsend
    201 Underbulk Non-Global unb,unb_chr thedeep
    202 Grimling Non-Global gmm / gmf / gmn,acrylia_chr acrylia
    203 Vacuum Worm Non-Global vac,vac_chr thedeep
    204 unknown Non-Global unknown
    205 Khali Shah Non-Global kha,ssratemple_chr ssratemple
    206 Owlbear Non-Global owb,paludal_chr paludal
    207 Rhino Beetle Non-Global rnb,letalis_chr letalis
    208 Vampyre Non-Global vpm,maiden_chr maiden
    209 Earth Elemental Global
    210 Air Elemental Global
    211 Water Elemental Global
    212 Fire Elemental Global
    213 Wetfang Minnow Non-Global wet,acrylia_chr acrylia
    214 Thought Horror Non-Global tho,thedeep_chr thedeep
    215 Tegi Non-Global teg,akheva_chr akheva
    216 Horse Global
    217 Shissar Non-Global shm / shf / shn,ssratemple_chr ssratemple
    218 Fungal Fiend Non-Global fug,fungusgrove_chr fungusgrove
    219 Vampyre Volatalis Non-Global vol,maiden_chr maiden
    220 Stone Grabber Non-Global sgr,sgr_chr
    221 Scarlet Cheetah Non-Global sch,griegsend_chr griegsend
    222 Zelniak Non-Global zel,griegsend_chr griegsend
    223 Lightcrawler Non-Global lcr,griegsend_chr griegsend
    224 Shade Non-Global sdm,sdm_chr / sdf,sdf_chr
    225 Sunflower Non-Global snn,griegsend_chr griegsend
    226 Khati Sha Non-Global srv,acrylia_chr acrylia
    227 Shrieker Non-Global shr,shr_chr
    228 Galorian Non-Global gal,griegsend_chr griegsend
    229 Netherbian Non-Global net,griegsend_chr griegsend
    230 Akhevan Non-Global akm,akheva_chr / akn,akheva_chr akheva
    231 Grieg Veneficus Non-Global spr,griegsend_chr griegsend
    232 Sonic Wolf Non-Global sow,sharvahl_chr sharvahl
    233 Ground Shaker Non-Global gen,thegrey_chr thegrey
    234 Vah Shir Skeleton Non-Global kes,sharvahl_chr sharvahl
    235 Mutant Humanoid Non-Global muh,muh_chr fungusgrove
    236 Lord Seru Non-Global sru,sseru_chr sseru
    237 Recuso Non-Global rem,rem_chr luclin expansion
    238 Vah Shir King Non-Global vsk,sharvahl_chr sharvahl
    239 Vah Shir Guard Non-Global vsg,sharvahl_chr sharvahl
    240 Teleport Man Global
    241 Lujein Non-Global luj,luj_chr ponightmare
    242 Naiad Non-Global nyd,nyd_chr ponightmare
    243 Nymph Non-Global nym,nym_chr ponightmare
    244 Ent Non-Global trn,trn_chr ponightmare
    245 Wrinnfly Non-Global wrf,wrf_chr podisease
    246 Corinav Non-Global tmr,powater_chr powater
    247 Solusek Ro Non-Global sro,solrotower_chr solrotower
    248 Clockwork Golem Non-Global clg,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    249 Clockwork Brain Non-Global clb,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    250 Spectral Banshee Non-Global skb,skb_chr ponightmare
    251 Guard of Justice Non-Global goj,pojustice_chr pojustice
    252 Mini POM Global
    253 Grummus Non-Global dsb,podisease_chr podisease
    254 Solusek Ro Guard Non-Global srg,solrotower_chr solrotower
    255 Bertoxxulous Non-Global btx,podisease_chr podisease
    256 Tribunal (new) Non-Global tbu,pojustice_chr pojustice
    257 Terris Thule Non-Global trt,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    258 Vegerog Non-Global veg,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    259 Crocodile Non-Global cro,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    260 Bat (PoP) Non-Global nbt,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    261 Slarghilug Non-Global slg,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    262 Tranquilion Non-Global unknown unknown
    263 Tin Soldier Non-Global tin,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    264 Nightmare Wraith Non-Global nmw,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    265 Malarian Non-Global mal,mal_chr
    266 Knight of Pestilence Non-Global kop,podisease_chr podisease
    267 Lepertoloth Non-Global lep,podisease_chr podisease
    268 Bubonian Boss Non-Global bub,podisease_chr podisease
    269 Bubonian Underling Non-Global buu,podisease_chr podisease
    270 Pusling Non-Global pus,pus_chr podisease
    271 Water Mephit Non-Global wmp,powater_chr powater
    272 Stormrider Non-Global str,str_chr bothunder
    273 Junk Beast Non-Global jub,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    274 Broken Clockwork Non-Global brc,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    275 Giant Clockwork Non-Global glc,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    276 Clockwork Beetle Non-Global cwb,poinnovation_chr poinnovation
    277 Hobgoblin Non-Global nmg,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    278 Karana Non-Global kar,bothunder_chr bothunder
    279 Blood Raven Non-Global brv,brv_chr ponightmare
    280 Nightmare Gargoyle Non-Global ggl,ggl_chr ponightmare
    281 Mouths of Insanity Non-Global moi,moi_chr
    282 Skeletal Horse Non-Global unknown unknown
    283 Saryrn Non-Global sar,potimeb_chr potimeb
    284 Fennin Ro Non-Global fen,pofire_chr pofire
    285 Tormentor Non-Global trw,trw_chr potactics
    286 Necromancer Priest Non-Global npt,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    287 Nightmare Non-Global nmh,nmh_chr ponightmare
    288 Rallos Zek (new) Non-Global raz,potimeb_chr potimeb
    289 Tallon Zek Non-Global taz,pottimeb_chr potimeb
    290 Vallon Zek Non-Global vaz,pottimeb_chr potimeb
    291 Air Mephit Non-Global amp,poair_chr poair
    292 Earth Mephit Non-Global emp,emp_chr
    293 Fire Mephit Non-Global fmp,fmp_chr
    294 Nightmare Mephit Non-Global nmp,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    295 Zebuxoruk Non-Global zeb,potimeb_chr2 potimeb
    296 Mithaniel Marr Non-Global mar,hohonorb_chr hohonorb
    297 Nightmare Rider Non-Global hsn,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    298 Rathe Councilman Non-Global rth,poeartha_chr poeartha
    299 Xegony Non-Global xeg,poair_chr poair
    300 Fiend Non-Global gtd,gtd_chr potactics
    301 Test Object Non-Global unknown unknown
    302 Lobster Monster Non-Global crb,crb_chr powater
    303 Pheonix Non-Global phx,potimeb_chr potimeb
    304 Quarm Non-Global tmt,potimeb_chr potimeb
    305 Bear Non-Global pbr,pbr_chr unknown
    306 Earth Golem Non-Global sta,bothunder_chr bothunder
    307 Iron Golem Non-Global ssa,bothunder_chr bothunder
    308 Storm Golem Non-Global skr,bothunder_chr bothunder
    309 Air Golem Non-Global svo,bothunder_chr bothunder
    310 Wood Golem Non-Global sma,poeartha_chr poeartha
    311 Fire Golem Non-Global stf,stf_chr bothunder
    312 Water Golem Non-Global sce,bothunder_chr bothunder
    313 Veiled Gargoyle Non-Global wrw,potactics_chr potactics
    314 Lynx Non-Global wru,hohonora_chr hohonora
    315 Squid Non-Global kra,powater_chr powater
    316 Frog Non-Global paf,paf_chr postorms
    317 Flying Serpent Non-Global qtz,poair_chr poair
    318 Tactics Soldier Non-Global val,potactics_chr potactics
    319 Amored Boar Non-Global wrb,potactics_chr potactics
    320 Djinni Non-Global efe,efe_chr poair
    321 War Boar Non-Global wbu,wbu_chr potactics
    322 Knight of Marr Non-Global bkn,hohonora_chr hohonora
    323 Armor of Marr Non-Global aam,hohonora_chr hohonora
    324 Nightmare Knight Non-Global udk,ponightmare_chr ponightmare
    325 Rallos Ogre Non-Global rzm,potactics_chr potactics
    326 Arachnid Non-Global spd,spd_chr podisease
    327 Crystal Arachnid Non-Global spl,podisease_chr podisease
    328 Tower Model Non-Global unknown potimeb
    329 Portal Non-Global unknown bothunder
    330 Froglok Global
    331 Troll Crew Member Non-Global tbm,tbm_chr / tbf,tbf_chr loy expansion
    332 Pirate Deckhand Non-Global fbm,fbm_chr / fbf,fbf_chr loy expansion
    333 Broken Skull Pirate Non-Global tsm,tsm_chr loy expansion
    334 Pirate Ghost Non-Global spb,hatesfury_chr hatesfury
    335 One-armed Pirate Non-Global tpb,tpb_chr loy expansion
    336 Spiritseeker Nadox Non-Global tvp,tvp_chr loy expansion
    337 Broken Skull Taskmaster Non-Global tpo,tpo_chr loy expansion
    338 Gnome Pirate Non-Global gpm,gpm_chr / gpf,gpf_chr gunthak
    339 Dark Elf Pirate Non-Global dpm,dpm_chr / dpf,dpf_chr gunthak
    340 Ogre Pirate Non-Global opm,opm_chr / opf,opf_chr gunthak
    341 Human Pirate Non-Global hpm,hpm_chr / hpf,hpf_chr gunthak
    342 Erudite Pirate Non-Global epm,epm_chr / epf,epf_chr gunthak
    343 Frog Non-Global unknown unknown
    344 Undead Pirate Non-Global tzm,tzm_chr loy expansion
    345 Luggald Worker Non-Global lug,lug_chr loy expansion
    346 Luggald Soldier Non-Global lga,lga_chr loy expansion
    347 Luggald Disciple Non-Global lgr,lgr_chr loy expansion
    348 Drogmore Global
    349 Froglok Skeleton Non-Global fsk,fsk_chr ldon expansion
    350 Undead Froglok Non-Global fud,fud_chr ldon expansion
    351 Knight of Hate Non-Global iwm,iwm_chr / iwf,iwf_chr hateplaneb
    352 Warlock of Hate Non-Global izm,izm_chr / izf,izf_chr hateplaneb
    353 Highborn Commoner Non-Global vek,vek_chr veksar
    354 Highborn Diviner Non-Global gvk,gvk_chr veksar
    355 Highborn Crusader Non-Global bvk,bvk_chr veksar
    356 Chokidai Non-Global wof,wof_chr chardok
    357 Undead Chokidai Non-Global wuf,wuf_chr chardokb
    358 Undead Veksar Non-Global unknown
    359 Undead Vampire Non-Global lmm,lmm_chr / lmf,lmf_chr
    360 Vampire Non-Global mmm,mmm_chr / mmf,mmf_chr
    361 Rujarkian Orc Non-Global rom,rom_chr
    362 Decaying Mutant Non-Global bgb,bgb_chr
    363 Prismatic Spirit Non-Global syn,syn_chr
    364 Sand Elves Non-Global sem,sem_chr / sef,sef_chr
    365 Master Vampire Non-Global mmv,mmv_chr
    366 Master Orc Non-Global roe,roe_chr
    367 New Skeleton Non-Global skt,skt_chr
    368 Crypt Keeper Non-Global mmy,mmy_chr
    369 Goblin Non-Global gbl,gbl_chr
    370 Burrower Bug Non-Global nin,nin_chr
    371 Froglok Ghost Non-Global fgh,fgh_chr
    372 Vortex Non-Global drv,drv_chr
    373 Shadow Non-Global sdc,sdc_chr
    374 Golem Beast Non-Global glm,glm_chr
    375 Watchful Eye Non-Global eey,eey_chr
    376 Box Non-Global box,box_chr
    377 Barrel Non-Global brl,brl_chr
    378 Chest Non-Global cst,cst_chr
    379 Vase Non-Global vas,vas_chr
    380 Frozen Table Non-Global tbl,tbl_chr
    381 Weapons Rack Non-Global rak,rak_chr
    382 Coffin Non-Global cpt,cpt_chr
    383 Skulls & Bones Non-Global bon,bon_chr
    384 Joker Non-Global jkr,jkr_chr
    385 Talosian Native Non-Global tnm,tnm_chr / tnf,tnf_chr
    386 Talosian Evoker Non-Global tem,tem_chr / tef,tef_chr
    387 Talosian Golem Non-Global tgl,tgl_chr
    388 Talosian War Wolf Non-Global twf,twf_chr
    389 Talosian Amphibian Creature Non-Global tac,tac_chr
    390 Talosian Mountain Beast Non-Global tmb,tmb_chr
    391 Talosian Stonemite Non-Global ttb,ttb_chr
    392 Ukun War Hound Non-Global iwh,iwh_chr
    393 Ixt Centaur Non-Global iec,iec_chr
    394 Ikaav Snakewoman Non-Global ila,ila_chr
    395 Aneuk Non-Global icy,icy_chr
    396 Kyv Hunter Non-Global ihu,ihu_chr
    397 Noc Sprayblood Non-Global isb,isb_chr
    398 Ra`tuk Brute Non-Global ibr,ibr_chr
    399 Taneth Non-Global ifc,ifc_chr
    400 Ixt Non-Global ilb,ilb_chr
    401 Mutna Non-Global unknown
    402 Mastruq Warfiend Non-Global ise,ise_chr
    403 Male Trusik-lacks shawl Non-Global unknown
    404 Discord Ship Non-Global shp,shp_chr abysmal/nedaria
    405 Stone Worker Non-Global tgo,tgo omens
    406 Overlord Mata Muram Non-Global clv,clv omens
    407 Lighting warrior models Non-Global mur,mur omens
    408 Succubus Non-Global scu,scu omens
    409 Bazu Non-Global dsg,dsg omens
    410 Feran Non-Global fra,fra omens
    411 Succubus (same as 408) Non-Global scu,scu omens
    412 Chimera Non-Global chm,chm omens
    413 Dragorn Non-Global ddm,ddm omens
    414 Murkglider Non-Global dma,dma omens
    415 New Rat Model Non-Global rtn,rtn omens
    416 New Bat Model Non-Global btn,btn omens
    417 Frost Pyrilien Non-Global frd,frd omens
    418 Discordling Non-Global dsf,dsf omens
    419 Girplan Non-Global ddv,ddv omens
    420 Hanvar / arch magus model Non-Global mnt,mnt omens
    421 Emblem Box Non-Global dbx,dbx unknown
    422 Runed Orb Non-Global rob,rob unknown
    423 dragon bones Non-Global dbp,dbp unknown
    424 electric armor Non-Global map,map unknown
    425 Crystal Model Non-Global crs,crs DON / DOD Model
    426 Jagged Portal Non-Global prt,prt DON / DOD Model
    427 Large Purse Model Non-Global cnp,cnp DON / DOD Model
    428 Rock Pile Non-Global rkp,rkp DON / DOD Model
    429 messy blue goop Non-Global mes,mes DON / DOD Model
    430 New Dracolich Non-Global cdr,cdr DON / DOD Model
    431 Green halo with green smoke Non-Global dvs,dvs DON / DOD Model
    432 DoN regular drake Non-Global dke,dke DON / DOD Model
    433 Goblin (new) Global
    434 Kirin Non-Global krn,krn DON / DOD Model
    435 Lava Dragon Non-Global ldr,ldr DON / DOD Model
    436 Basilisk Global bas,bas DON / DOD Model
    437 East-Asian Gold Dragon Non-Global mdr,mdr DON / DOD Model
    438 Storm Dragon Non-Global sdr,sdr DON / DOD Model
    439 Puma Non-Global pma,pma DON / DOD Model
    440 Normal Spider Non-Global tar,tar DON / DOD Model
    441 Large-abdomen Normal Spider Non-Global spq,spq DON / DOD Model
    442 Guardian of the Sands Non-Global ans,ans DON / DOD Model
    443 Non-Global DON / DOD Model
    444 Non-Global DON / DOD Model
    445 Dragon Egg Non-Global dre,dre DON / DOD Model
    446 East-Asian Crystal Dragon Non-Global drs,drs DON / DOD Model
    447 Lavarock Non-Global lvr,lvr DON / DOD Model
    448 Statue, sparkly hands Non-Global asm,asm DON / DOD Model
    449 Spider Egg Sack Non-Global seg,seg DON / DOD Model
    450 Lava Spider Non-Global lsp,lsp DON / DOD Model
    451 Large-abdomen Lava Spider Non-Global lsq,lsq DON / DOD Model
    452 Shadow Dragon Non-Global shd,shd DON / DOD Model
    453 Burly Ancient Warrior Non-Global fgt,fgt DON / DOD Model
    454 Werewolf (new) Global
    455 Kobold (new) Global
    456 Sporali Global
    457 Gnomework Non-Global cwg,cwg DON / DOD Model
    458 Orc (new) Global
    459 Corathus Non-Global crh,crh DON / DOD Model
    460 Coral Model Non-Global crl,crl DON / DOD Model
    461 Non-Global DON / DOD Model
    462 a cocoon Non-Global drc,drc DON / DOD Model
    463 mushroom Non-Global fgp,fgp DON / DOD Model
    464 Gargoyle (new) Global
    465 witheran Non-Global kor,kor DON / DOD Model
    466 Dark Lord Non-Global myg,myg DON / DOD Model
    467 Shilskin Non-Global shl,shl DON / DOD Model
    468 Snake (new Non-Global snk,snk DON / DOD Model
    469 Evil Eye (new) Global
    470 Minotaur (new) Global
    471 Zombie (new) Global
    472 Clockwork Boar Global DON / DOD Model
    473 Fairy Global
    474 witheran black Non-Global krb,krb DON / DOD Model
    Item models are not really working, but Taryth is seeing if they are easily fixable!

    I hope this guy makes life a little easier for those wanting to mess with textures.
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  2. Dinadass

    Dinadass Dalayan Pious Diety

    Oct 7, 2008
    This looks pretty neat.

    What are the odds of us getting a DPS dummy that works like this?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2014
  3. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    Already tested it out! Works nicely, but it takes a while to get into the process of digging up the race/gender/texture numbers. I think I'll get used to it in no time though. Thanks, Woldo & Co. ;)



    (Bet you never saw THIS model before in SoD. I never even knew she existed until now!)
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  4. Waldoff

    Waldoff Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    Also, I figured I should post a list of models that we get replacements for with 2.5. I would hate for someone to put a ton of time into retexturing, and then have us make the decision to move over. We likely won't move over to them all, but they are pretty nice on the whole.

    Frost Giant
    Scaled Wolf
    Bixie (But we aint never upgrading bixies)
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  5. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    There are new new elementals, as in beyond Luclin elementals? o_O

    Also, here's a handy link (given to me by Reppots) to a browser-based race viewer by Akkadius of EQEmu fame: Race Viewer

    Some people might find it handy when looking for a certain model! The only shortcoming is that it doesn't provide the three-letter abbreviations a person needs to know for a race in order to pinpoint it's texture sets. Most of them can be intuited though.
  6. Reppots

    Reppots Dalayan Adventurer

    May 3, 2005
    Check out races 475 to 478 in your link. I like the earth elemental, but the rest still look as poorly animated as the Luclin batch.

    Top post in this thread.
  7. Waldoff

    Waldoff Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    No matter what I do, I can not add the new "FRO" race 26 textures. Anyone else willing to give it a try? Attached is the globalfroglok file that it needs adding to which has the other froglok skins already working.

    Attached Files:

  8. darksabbath

    darksabbath Dalayan Master

    Aug 13, 2007
    Luclin elementals are the worst..
  9. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    Waldoff, attached is a fixed version of globalfroglok_chr.s3d. One of the robe textures for set 02 wasn't inverted properly, and the black Froglok (09) was missing a few texture pieces. I've also recolored his pants from brown to blue so it stands apart from the monk pants (05). Now, what to do about this armored Froglok...? :confused:

    EDIT: Reuploaded, with a potentially working armored Froglok. Waiting on word from Waldoff!

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2014
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  10. Swiftur

    Swiftur Dalayan Elder

    Aug 10, 2014
    wooooo! new models! <3
  11. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    NOTE: I'm posting this here because grumpy Taryth still has PMs disabled (or something like that)! :mad:


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  12. Nebi

    Nebi Dalayan Pious Diety

    Jul 1, 2007
    he had a better haircut before.
  13. Taryth

    Taryth Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 29, 2012
    Grinkles! You truly are the texture king.

    The PM is maybe some permission thing I have no control over, I dunno. If you want to post the details in the established unrelated PM thread, that should work. Very curious to know what the problem was.
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  14. Vitali

    Vitali Dalayan Master

    Dec 23, 2010
    I had that same problem before Taryth, not being able to send/ receive PMs, it's a setting on your forum account buried within one of the dark corners of User Control Panel.
  15. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    Woldaff, is there any update on the status of the held item ("weapon") viewer feature of this NPC? As I recall, the problem was that telling the shapeshifter to display item 200, for example, would lead to him wielding the actual item with ID #200 in the database (which might be an Iron Dagger or whatever) instead of wielding the held item model #200. The feature in its current form is useless. :(
  16. Grinkles

    Grinkles Developer

    Apr 19, 2012
    This mob's item model testing is now working for the first time! Thanks @iBluNT for testing it out with me.
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  17. iBluNT

    iBluNT Dalayan Elder

    Jul 16, 2010
    Thanks for lookin at it :)

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