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  1. Snake

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    Nov 18, 2007
    For whom it may concern....

    • Binding / unbinding keys (Alt + O -> Keys).
    Ever hit some key, and something came up, or went away, or changed your camera or removed UI?
    Get rid of it, go through all the Key options, remove any that you never use, that just annoy you.

    Use a Hot button for Sit/stand? Don't, bind it to a key (I use 'G', but what ever works for you).

    Use centerscreen
    is nice for opening doors (My setup use 'V').

    Do you open all bags manually? And close them manually hitting Esc 6+ times?
    I have bound Open Inventory Bags and Toggle invetory window (UI) to 'I', that way both all bags and Inventory opens (toggles), when I hit I.
    Likewise I have also bound Close all Inventory Bags and Toggle invetory window to 'K', that way all bags close and Inventory also closes (toggles), when I hit that. Again, what ever button fits you.

    Cycle through nearest NPCs
    is new with 2.5 client. Use it.
    Toggle last two targets is not new, but still pretty useful.
    Target nearest corpse I have set to 'Z'. More on this in Macro's.

    Paste from Clipboard
    , I have set this as 'Ctrl V', copy something from outside game, and paste it in to game (like Gamparse info).

    Hotbar 1-4
    Most of us has at least 1 or 2 Hotbars that we don't use at all (You toggle them through the 'SoD' button -> Actions).
    Use this to your advantage. For example, put a macro in Hotbar 4 Hotbutton 1, and bind it to a key, say
    'Z', and then when ever you just hit 'Z', it will do that macro (and what ever else you have the key bound to), it could be /rewind, or something more clever (and then close the Hotbar again).

    • Macro's.
    Can read a lot about macro's on the wiki, but here are some perhaps less obvious ones.
    (Not the /pause x command, is the only command you can add to a line in a macro, with an other command.
    You add it first, and it will happen after, what ever else is in that line.
    For example /pause 50, /cast 2, will first cast the spell, then it will pause 50.)

    Loot own corpse
    /target Name' (The ' makes you target your corpse, and not your self)

    Loot nearest corpse
    As described earlier, bind a key to Target nearest corpse and bind the same key to a Hotbutton in a Hotbar you don't use, then you will get nearest corpse targeted, and the macro will activate.
    Also use '/hidecorpse looted' in general. Put it in a macro. I have it in my Loot own corpse macro.
    The Macro it self is very simple, its the binding of it to a key with an other function, that's less obvious...

    When you make a Bandolier and click 'Hot Button', it actually just makes a macro for you, with the first line being '/bandolier Activate *Name*'.
    Make more lines, for example, /s 3, or /cast 8 (where spell 8 is some spell that has a reagent component, and you just swapped in your Reagent Conservation item in Ranged, through the Bandolier), ect ect.

    Pet hold
    /alt activate 176 (Recall Minion AA, not all classes gets this).
    /pet hold

    • / Commands
    This one is odd, but a game changer imo (thank you Skaoli).
    Mine is set to, x=0 y=0 w=1920 h= 740 scale=1.
    You have to experiment though for your optimal setting.
    What it does is, it compress the height, making the bottom of your screen completely black, fitting the field of view on to a more height compressed area on the rest of the screen.
    So why would you do that?!
    You do it so that you don't lose any field of view to all your chat windows. You put these down in the now totally black part of your screen, and nothing of your field of view will now be blocked.
    It actually also makes you able to see more to the sides, the more you compress it.
    Warning, you might be "seasick" for a week...

    Okey, so now you have set up your User Interface, much much different than the default settings, it took for ever right... And then you patch, and it all goes back to default (Murphy's law).
    Make sure you take a copy of your 'eqclient.ini'.

    That's all I could think of, off the top of my head. Enjoy, and please share other Tips and Tricks that will make our SoD experience even more (or even just slightly more) fun :)
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  2. Wulamdar

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    Jan 26, 2006
    Thanks for this. I've started using your loot macro/bind combo. Very convenient. Also opened my eyes to how many keyed shortcuts are potentially available.

    This might be obvious, but changes made to key mapping are universal. Meaning all characters you load will have the same key layout. I needed to move some hot buttons around to make them more consistent across characters. For example, I have "Z" mapped to trigger hot bar 2, hot button 1 where I've placed a loot macro for my druid. I had HT in that same slot on the SK box but moved it. I could've accidentally triggered it with "Z" if I was trying to loot on the druid but had the wrong window active. Something to keep in mind if you're boxing.
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  3. Swight

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    Apr 24, 2009
    it should probably also be noted the /hidec /hidecorpse macros stop having an effect after zoning that is why it is a good idea to put them in a loot macro. also you can use /hidec none if you hide a corpse by accident.
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  4. Paxit

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    Feb 16, 2009
    the most useful tip /q
  5. Snake

    Snake Dalayan Elder

    Nov 18, 2007
    Actually, if you want to close the client asap and you're using the window mode, first click the X in the top right, then /q, and your char will go LD, and the client will close.

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