Weather, Seasons, and Holy Days!

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    There are a few special holy days that will grant special bonuses to those who are online, additionally there is always a bonus in place from the season, time of day, and weather.

    Holy Days

    The Feast of the Creation, January 15th: On this day, by long-standing tradition, worshipers across Dalaya come together to celebrate the Creation of Dalaya and its Pantheon by the hands of the Elemental One, eons upon eons in the past. All worshipers are rewarded for their admiration with a 5% bonus to damage and healing. Worshipers of the Divine Light--the entire Pantheon--receive twice this bonus.

    Enthann's Challenge, February 9th: On this day long ago, Enthann challenged Tarhyl for the Throne of the Flame Spirits--and lost, leaving Tarhyl's ranks forever. In commemoration of his effort, all forms of damage are increased in power by 15%.

    Shiritri's Dawn, March 1st: As Spring overtakes the dying Winter, Shiritri's power fills the world with renewed whimsy. On this day, charming and mesmerizing spells are 25% less likely to be resisted, and last 10% longer.

    Malath's Sacrifice, April 3rd: Taldorians across Dalaya take this day to fast and reflect in a symbolic communion with their Creator, the mysterious archmage Malath, and to remember his death, along with the destruction of their former home in the Lands of Magic. As a result of this communion, an overwhelming will to survive is awakened in all Taldorians, allowing them to overcome those who threaten them by increasing their ability to perform all kinds of critical feats (melee, spell, and healing) by 10%.

    Tarhansar's Jubilee, April 28th: As the Spring rains begin to come in earnest, swelling the rivers and lakes of Dalaya, Tarhansar and all the creatures of the sea celebrate. On this day alone, Tarhansar extends his powers throughout all Dalaya, allowing unrestricted movements even under the dense waters of the oceans, so that his children may dance. All creatures will receive a 30% bonus to attack speed while underwater.

    Sivyana's Torment, May 19th: As Shiritri's power begins to wane, Sivyana exerts her dominance over Dalaya, preparing all its creatures for the coming of the season of Tarhyl with her brutality. On this day, pain in all its forms is more intense and menacing, from the sting of the slightest wound to the shock of the most virulent affliction. All damage over time spells will do their damage 25% faster, and Poison spells are increased in power by 10%, in addition to the 5% bonus of the season.

    Tarhyl's Reign, June 1st: As the heat of Summer drives out the Spring rains, Tarhyl asserts his power, dominating those of the others among the Four. Fire spells are increased in power by 20%, in addition to the 5% bonus of the season.

    Althuna's Vigil, July 12th (day only): As the heat of Summer reaches its zenith, Althuna prays on behalf of all Dalayans for reprieve from the pain and destruction of Tarhyl's flames. Healing spells are increased in power by 50%, in addition to the 10% bonus of daylight.

    Jayla's Enlightenment, August 7th: On this day, all those who search for knowledge celebrate the awakening and accension of a mere spirit of the earth under Sihala into a deity in her own right--the Goddess of Lore herself, Jayla. To aid in the eternal quest to which Jayla, her lorekeepers, and thoughtful Dalayans of all shapes devote themselves, meditation rates are increased by 50%.

    Sihala's Harvest, September 1st: As Autumn calms the sputtering ashes of Summer, Sihala returns the balance of the Four to its rightful order. Owing to the harmonious unity of this balance, buff spells are able to last 50% longer, and resurrections are mana-free.

    Gradalsh's Defilement, October 20th: As all the world falls into the decay of Autumn, Gradalsh seizes his chance to spread his vile influence, corrupting the balance created by Sihala and throwing Dalaya into chaos. As a result of this influence, maladies of every kind are able to outlive themselves. Damage over time spells will last 25% longer, and Disease spells are increased in power by 10%, in addition to the 5% bonus of the season.

    The Day of Strife, November 9th: Though Gradalsh's influence wanes as the champions of Althuna repel his minions and cure his plagues, yet the chaos of his corruption remains. On this day, the power of the gods, one and all, reaches its nadir. As an emptiness sweeps through the hearts of all worshipers, and creatures around the world are weakened as their creators turn their power toward bickering in their demiplanes as they try to restore their spheres of influence over Dalaya to an acceptable balance, all those who have forsaken the gods feel emboldened, and able to triumph where before they have failed. The power of all Pariahs increases on this day, giving them a 20% bonus to damage and healing.

    Shojar's Advantage, December 1st: As Winter blankets the decayed remnants of Autumn, Shojar takes advantage of the weakening of the balance of the pantheon, consolidating his power and fortifying his defenses against the legions of Tarhyl. Cold spells are increased in power by 20%, in addition to the 5% bonus of the season.

    Marlow's Night, December 24th (night only): As the Winter nights wrap Dalaya in shadow longer and longer, the shivering nightmares of good Dalayans empowers Marlow, allowing her influence to spill over into the waking world. On this night, all undead NPCs are doubled in power and Lifetaps are 50% stronger, in addition to the 10% bonus of night.

    Seasons and Times

    Day time: Heals are 10% stronger.
    Night time: Lifetaps and undead creatures (including necromancer/shadow knight pets) are 10% stronger.

    Spring: This occurs from March to May, during this season poison-based spells are 5% more potent and longer lasting.
    Summer: This occurs from June to August, during this season fire-based spells are 5% more potent and longer lasting.
    Autumn: This occurs from September to November, during this season disease-based spells 5% more potent and longer lasting.
    Winter: This occurs from December to February, during this season cold-based spells are 5% more potent and longer lasting.


    Snow: Cold spells are 2.5% stronger and fire spells are 2.5% weaker.
    Rain: Magic spells are 2.5% stronger and fire spells are 2.5% weaker.
    Dry: Fire spells are 1% stronger.
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    Are these dates in game time? Also, why no love for the melee outside of the taldos? :p

    /not a frog :(
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    In-game yes
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    Yap you have to take it into your consideration. So .........:dance:
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    There are lots of straight up bonus damage holidays which would benefit melee as well.
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    this is so awesome!!!
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