Changelog - Thinkmeats

Stuff that will be in next patch:

- Okay, more news about archy frags in Rust. As you may or may not be aware, each Rust raid is comprised of a raid mob, plus a small event that happens right before the mob itself. The event itself is what has the chance to drop the archaic fragments. While the events are quite difficult in their own right, they aren't comprised of many mobs; the vast majority of "trash clearing time" is sublimated into the process of getting gems.

So what does that mean for archaic fragments? Take the Astatine event. There are only four loot-dropping mobs in that event, but the event itself is considerably harder than Silver's, which involves killing a larger number of weaker mobs. To figure out the % for each mob, I looked at the difficulty of each of the four fights vs the four fights in OP, then figured out how many of which mobs you have to kill to do each (motg = ignoring mobs you kill to get to the orbs). Add it up, divide by the number of mobs in the event, then adjust based on other factors. End result per raid will be near to (but not quite as good as) what you'd get in prison. Note that the events' mobs cannot be farmed for archaics because they only spawn once per handin, and the handin itself has an appreciable cooldown--while a raid force could *concievably* do a handin, kill the event, then leave the raid mob up until the timer expires, it would take them a very long time to do so--longer than simply farming prison mobs.

- Couple more raid fights' backends ready for nightmare.

- Adjusted hp down on the mobs outside the factory in Rust. That should make the xp better than it is, but not quite so good as when the zone was first released.

- I look forward to the day where the word "Rust" no longer appears under my changelogs.

  28 Mar 2007 - Thinkmeats

Changelog - Thinkmeats

Stuff that will be in next patch:

- Bunch more backend for Plane of Nightmare.

- Raid trash in Rust will drop items which, when given to the Vaporous Projections in Prison, yield archaic spell fragments. Note that this refers to the trash mobs spawned in the "events" which preceed the raids, of which a limited amount spawns per handin.

- The Cookpot item for the enchanter newbie quest will once again accept items and do combines.

  25 Mar 2007 - Thinkmeats

Changelog - Woldaff

- The first part of the Shiritri follower quest is now in game. Contact your local deity for more details. Sivyana and Tarhansar quests will follow shortly.

- Port Necklaces have been added to Tarhansar, Shiritri and Sivyana. Seek out their voices in Sea of Storms if you are already sworn and would like a necklace.

- Juvenile Mammoths can now be seen wandering the tundra once again. This should resolve issues with two Halas newbie quests.

  21 Mar 2007 - Woldaff

Changelog - Thinkmeats

Stuff that's in now:

- Sadri Malath has a new quest to offer; it's got a gateish, neckish sort of reward. Speak to Keeper Avanad for details. Low level characters can do the first step only; you'll want to be 60+ for the rest.

- HP of certain scavanger-faction mobs in Rust reduced just a scooch.

- Cash drops of xp mobs in Rust mildly increased.

  21 Mar 2007 - Thinkmeats

Patch notes

- Increased coin drops across the board, particularily from level 60+ mobs.
- The Summon Monster line of spells are now functional. See forums for details.
- Patched in various updates from the developer team, outlined in the news posts below.

  20 Mar 2007 - Wiz

Changelog - Woldaff

-The new Plane of Torment boss event is now live after a couple test runs.
-Trash throughout the encounter has been considerably thinned to allow for a bit less monotony.
-Loot from the final boss has been tweaked to be in line with its difficulty.

-Any bugs having to do with brewing should now be fixed. If you find a missed bug please post it in the post in General Discussion on the forums.

  19 Mar 2007 - Woldaff

Changelog - Thinkmeats

Stuff that's in now:

- Fixed Kedge Caller event. I had an idea what might be wrong with it, the idea was right, and the rest is history.
- Twiddled with the way the scripts in Rust tell if raids are going on, and if so, which raids. They're now sturdier and faster.
- Removed gem-farm requirements from Clockwork's raid in Rust. The trash mobs were too cool to squish down to the 5-10 minute time requirement I'd placed on the preraid show events, so I cut out the gems instead--you do still need to kill the other mobs at least once to key yourself, however.
- Nameds in the Rust factory are now more likely to be up by the time you reach them--the act of fighting through the factory mobs passively improves their chance to spawn.

Stuff that will be in next patch:

- The deathtouch mobs in the Iridium raid will no longer chase your cleric if he decides to be a sassy molassy and train them around with DA.
- A bunch of backend stuff for the quest ring and PoNightmare.
- High Elves decriminalized in California.
- Noticed the pet weapons that one of the raid trash mobs carries in Rust were giving it exorbitant resists; corrected the issue.

  18 Mar 2007 - Thinkmeats

Changelog - Woldaff

- Late Plane of Water loot has been tweaked downward slightly on many items. There is a possibility for more changes soon if deemed necessary.
- Plane of Torment has been given a new boss encounter. This encounter will be getting a test run tonight (March 9th) and will be open to the public thereafter.
- Hivemind Drive Chain is now no drop to bring the Valor quest in line with the other deities. Drop rate has been increased to compensate.
- The promised fixes to the Brewing tradeskill are in the works and should be patched in soon. Will update this when they are live.

  13 Mar 2007 - Woldaff

Changelog - Thinkmeats

- Significantly increased drop rate of fleshy, boney, and steely gems. Droprate is subject to change as I gauge demand over the next few weeks.

Note: Changes after this message won't show up until the next patch.

- Added recommended level to Charged Driveshaft.
- Fixed the "out of charges" bug on a couple items.
- Added BST to classes on the Last Will and Testament item.
- Changed Glowing Mechanical Eye to be ALL/ALL.
- Reduced critical strike % on the Boney Widget to 2%.
- Repair Drones and Maintenence Drones are getting their names changed. After there's a patch, the maint drones will maintain and the rep drones will repair.
- Put more stuff for the Sadri Malath gate neck quest in. If it works, the quest will be put live soon.
- Put in backend stuff for a largish high-level quest line.
- Put in backend stuff for Plane of Nightmare.
- Fiddled with Rust stuff. Getting very near to calling the zone "done".

  13 Mar 2007 - Thinkmeats

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