Donate to Shards of Dalaya

Running Shards of Dalaya is not free. The server box that SoD relies on to handle its hardware and bandwidth needs is rented from a colo, and too expensive for the server admin to pay for on his own. In essence, SoD needs donations to stay on its feet.

While donations are not required to play on SoD, they are required - if not from everyone, then at least from a good amount of people - to keep the server up. Some servers offer good equipment, levels, or other advantages for donations. We don't. We don't believe in buying your equipment with real life money. But, we do offer our thanks through recognition in-game, as well as a few perks and "toy" items outlined below. We also offer you our gratititude.

Be aware that all donations go straight to the server for maintenance, bandwidth and other upkeep. The staff of Shards of Dalaya are volunteers - all money goes towards the server.

Our donation system is quick and easy to use. It takes less than a minute to set up an account, and allows us to flag your in game character for donation rewards instantaneously. The portal also allows you to donate a lump sum, and automatically put it towards a subscription. Thank you for allowing us to continue to build our game, and we hope to provide rewarding experiences far into the future!

Please click here to access our secure donation portal.

Donator Rewards

Silver Status:
This is our basic subscription, and the level we hope most long term players will hold at least once in their SoD career. A Silver Membership is a continous donation of $5 USD each month directly towards the server. A silver membership entitles you to an Idol of the Donator, and upgrades your in game house with more container and utility spaces.
(Clicky Illusion: Scarecrow - summon it with #silveritem ingame).

Gold Status:
Then there is Gold Membership, which is a continous donation of $10 USD per month. This entitles you to the same benefits as the Silver membership, a further upgraded house, a pair of travelling boots and in game armor dyes!
(Clicky Scale of Wolf - Summon it with #golditem in game)
(Armor Dyes - Use #dyeitem in game).

Platinum Status:
If you're just one hell of a nice guy, and really want the server to stay up, you may use the Shards of Dalaya Platinum Membership, a continous donation of $24 USD a month. This offers the same benefit as the Gold Membership, along with your own place among the people that the SoD staff has nothing but love for, a completely upgraded house, as well as access to a very cool Pocket Plane zone that has various vendors selling trinks and fashion items, a banker, some toy NPCs (such as one that turns you into a dragon) and direct access to the Mansion of Portals.
(Clicky Gate Neck - Summon it with #platinumitem in game)

Alternative Donation Methods

Although we can not offer donation rewards through Paypal, our account there is still open to donations from those who do not wish to use our donation portal.

We also accept bitcoin donations. Please be aware that you must send in an email to get your donator rewards when donating bitcoin. Click the button to the left for more details.