Thurgadin Quests

A series of quests, dubbed "Starfall 2 quests", have been added to Thurgadin. These quests offer two very good items for every class, and are tailored for levels 45-60. Despite the name they have no direct connection with the Starfall quests, and can be done entirely independently.

  23 Apr 2007 - Wiz


Fully functional fear has been added to all zones. This fear does not make use of any advanced pathing, so it may behave slightly illogical, but it should work at the least decently. This also means that feared players will run away instead of being frozen to the spot.

We have also decided to give a limited instanced house to all players on the server above level 20, not just donators. Please follow this link for details.

  20 Apr 2007 - Wiz

A couple of bard changes

- 22% bard haste added to the spell Relic: Fiery Warcy of Tarhyl.
- Relic: Lcea's Lament will now give you a minimum of +5 mana regeneration, even if your mana regeneration is capped.
- Patched in all prior notes from the development team.

  10 Apr 2007 - Wiz

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