Alter Plane: Tarhyl's Tower

The port spell to the zone "Tarhyl's Tower" is now once again dropping throughout Dalaya. The spell has been released before the zone to allow wizards to begin acquiring it even though it is not yet functional.

Look for more tidbits regarding the Tower of Tarhyl to surface soon!

  28 May 2007 - Woldaff

AI Upgrade

Astatine is now hardened against server/zone crash. Additionally, his timer now automatically tracks activity in his part of the zone; the event will not depop as long as the raid is still underway, so no more worrying about running out of time.

I'll be applying this upgrade to the other fights in Rust, and editing them into this news update as I go. It's a lengthy process, so they may not all be done today.


Upgrade complete for Iridium, and if you were on during it, you probably noticed that it's not an easy process ;)

  26 May 2007 - Thinkmeats

Brief notes

- Halial's script has been repaired and is hopefully working correctly
- Shooting Starmetal Ballista should now have a graphic
- The spell 'Ravenward' now stacks with everything
- Haste on 'Pneumatic Support Brace' fixed
- Safe spot in PoNightmare chagned to zone-in point
- 'an infested zombie' monsters in PoNightmare now count as undead
- Erudin Defenders in erudin will no longer attempt to butcher poor mr Ir`Corenn

  21 May 2007 - Thinkmeats

Alter Plane: Torment

The Alter Plane: Torment wizard spell has been mistakenly overridden by the new Tower of Tarhyl port spell. The spell still sends you to the correct zone (PoTorment).

This will be changed back next patch. We apologize for the mix up.

The wizard spell Concussion is also having the same problem. It will be fixed next patch as well.

  20 May 2007 - Woldaff

Raid mob respawns

On account of the fact that a vast amount of raid content has been added since 2.0, and people are spending all their time raiding the same zone while lots of similar tier content sits untouched, we are changing the "average" raid respawn time from 3 to 6 days (with a random factor + / - up to 2 days).

Tower of Tarhyl will shortly be re-released into the game as a extreme high end zone, which is the only tier that might have a lack of options to choose from previous to this.

As a part of this all zones have been fully repopped.

  20 May 2007 - Wiz

Thazeran's Tower Fix

- Portals in Thazeran's Tower should be much more reliable. They've been moved over to a newly available scripted Area system, rather than the old scripts used to move players around.

  17 May 2007 - Xeldan

Upcoming Changes

Currently Live-

-Anos, Chosen of Enthann no longer area effects when he is not in play.
-Anos, Chosen of Enthann has had his slow mitigation reduced significantly.
-Lowered the drop chance slightly on archaic fragments for trash in Stronghold of Enthann (A couple percent).

Next patch-

-The spell Alter Plane: Tarhyl's Tower will begin dropping again in response to the zones impending release.
-Various items from Stronghold of Enthann will be tweaked to correspond to its difficulty. Look for a general trend of upgrades although one or two items will be getting downgrades.

  15 May 2007 - Woldaff

Stronghold Balancing

After two raids on the Stronghold the following has been done to balance the encounters to their intended levels.

Denos, Chosen of Enthann has been given a few more abilities to liven up his encounter. This should not add to difficulty per say but should make it a tad more interesting.

Anos, Chosen of Enthann has been made slightly easier. You will find a longer cool down time following his main special ability and a slight reduction in his melee damage as the fight proceeds.

  11 May 2007 - Woldaff

Stronghold of Enthann

Stronghold of Enthann, the culmination of the Valor line of zones, is now live. You can reach it using the key achieved in Plane of Valor by clicking on the portal located behind the NPC you received the key from.

Stronghold is comparable to late Inner Prison or early Thazeran's in difficulty.

  04 May 2007 - Woldaff

Plane of Nightmare goes live

The Plane of Nightmare zone, Marlow's home plane, is now live. The physical zone to the plane is in Erudin Palace, in the troubled mind of a comatose prisoner. The zone itself has 11 fights ranging in difficulty from Patrol Master Dblash all the way up to Arbiter of Air, and the mass port spell will now drop as normal for a level 63 spell.

  03 May 2007 - Thinkmeats

Upcoming Changes

Next Patch:

-The new elemental focuses are being implemented as outlined here.

Please note that only the focus changes are being put in at this time. The item changes are due fairly soon yet not quite complete.

-The Elder Bremm encounter in Plane of Water has been changed to work properly with the recent implementation of fear. He should no longer be so spooky as to fear you under the world.

-The Prophet of Tarhansar encounter in Plane of Water has been reduced in difficulty slightly.

-Axe of Brawn will be getting a new icon to solve the problem where some players see it as invisible.

-Stronghold of Enthann is very near completion. Look to see more of it in the next few days.

-Tower of Tarhyl is near completion. Look to see more of it in the next week or so.

  03 May 2007 - Woldaff

Brief notes

In now:

* Fix to SNP newbie quest, mage side, Tomin step.
* Clockwork adjusted to drop a bit more loot (a la ASOM) due to the immense investment of time required to reach and kill him.
* Slightly higher cooldown time between Clockwork's abilities.

Next patch:

* South Newport int caster newbie armor quest items now have weight
* Plane of Nightmare very near live status

  02 May 2007 - Thinkmeats

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