Crystal Caverns!

Crystal Caverns, a 45-65 dungeon has been added to the game! You can find the entrance to it in the mines of Thurgadin!

  21 Jun 2007 - Temellin

Brief update

- Expanded the Rust Factory named-boost code to include the key nameds outside the factory. As before, fighting monsters of the named's basic type will cause the named to be more likely to spawn.

- Added zonewide announcements for when the affected Rust nameds spawn. This should make it a bit easier to see when they've spawned per the above.

- Changed the text in the Lujein event in PoNightmare to make it easier to figure out. You guys will be pretty when you find out how simple it was =P

- Fixed a lot of kaezul war stuff.

  19 Jun 2007 - Thinkmeats

Priest Archaic Fragments

With the reboot today(June 12th), Priest Archaic Fragments which drop from Lower Thazeran's Tower named have had additional drop locations added deeper in the zone.

  12 Jun 2007 - Xeldan

Stronghold of Enthann

A few final changes to the zone are going in-

-Increased the amount of trash in the zone by a fourth.
-The Chosen of Enthann will now drop 2 loots 100% of the time.
-Spawn time on trash has been decreased slightly.
-The Enthann trials loot will be upgraded to be in line with the difficulty of the encounter. (Next Patch)
-Multiple chosen loot will be upgraded to be in line with the difficulty of the encounters. I will publish a list of the changes when the patch goes live.

*Note: The zone has been rebooted and respawn timers have been reset as a result of these changes*

  12 Jun 2007 - Woldaff


I've been working on the war recently, so the AI upgrades mentioned below will have to wait. However, I did get time to do a couple non-war things:

-The spell scroll for Alter Plane: Nightmare is now working
-Changed the emote text on 'a lujein clansman' to make the buff's role clearer
-Fixed races/classes on Summoned: Nightmare Arrow

  01 Jun 2007 - Thinkmeats

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