Tower of Tarhyl Fixes

-Fixed the problem with Archfiend Ghon's area effect spell. You should no longer get an annoying buff window when hit by his ae.
-Fixed the problem with a Djar Sheikh that had it hitting 32 times a round instead of 2. (One of my better typos I must say.)
-The flag mob for Ansaag should now be working properly.
-The two tribes which were previously not scoutable no longer see rogue hide as a whole. This should make it a little bit easier to see what is going on up ahead while still keeping scouts on their toes.

  30 Jul 2007 - Woldaff

Thinkmeats's Changelog

- Prison Sanctuary is live. Good luck, you'll need it.

  30 Jul 2007 - Thinkmeats

Woldo's Changelog

-The Tower of Tarhyl is now live and ready to be explored. It is a linear progression raid zone starting at about the Inner Prison difficulty level and continuing on from there. You can reach the zone through the wizard spell Alter Plane: Tower of Tarhyl.

-Fixed the brewing combine for Stinky Badlands Brew.

-Next Patch: The item changes in their entirety are going in. Read more about it here.

-Next Patch: The first batch of player made books will be placed in game and added to the Erimal library. Read more about it here.

  29 Jul 2007 - Woldaff

Wiz's Changelog

- Added the first of the new learning codexes that provide a new use for EXP after AAs and levels. These codexes are sold in the Valley of Erimal. See forums for details.
- The entire world should be properly setup with water area definitions that let you skillup swimming and restrict where water-only mobs (like fish) can go.
- Considerably increased the amount of time you have to clear a wave of extremely difficult treasure map guardians, which will also reduce the amount of time it does to get the chest.
- Increased the amount of time you have to clear a wave of difficult or very difficult treasure map guardians.
- Improved the loot of extremely difficult treasure chests and added a ton of new items to the loot selection.

  29 Jul 2007 - Wiz

A big update

* Fixed some spelling errors in Kaezul War item identify messages.
* Fiddled with many pieces of nightmare loot, especially that from Alpha Wolf Jeremiah on up.
* Changed Whirlwind graphic to be a bit prettier.
* Gave Dis's Shank of Betrayal a graphic.
* Platemail of Agility is now Chainmail of Agility, and is usable by chain classes.
* Changed 'Fleshhungry Buzzsaw' to 'Shadowy Buzzsaw', completely reworking the item in the process.
* Made Heavy Pneumatic Hammer clickable from inventory to make it useful as a pulling tool.
* Harmonic Mandible is now usable by many classes.
* Coda now sports Cast Speed 6
* Machine Crown's clicky has improved

  26 Jul 2007 - Thinkmeats

A Little Update

* Grudge and Dis's Shank of Betrayal now have functioning focus effects.
* Many Kaezulian War mobs no longer see invis.
* The lowest tier of Kaezulian War mobs no longer summon.
* Kaezulian War named monsters now have significantly more hp and a bit more damage.
* Added a merchant and a banker to the PoN worshippers' hedge. It's pretty modest for now, but more stuff'll be coming soon.
*Xaxazan`s Ceremonial Patch can now be used by more classes
*Coda now sports a focus effect for caster users

  21 Jul 2007 - Thinkmeats

Small Patch

-Fixed multiple small problems with Stronghold of Enthann loot.
-Fixed the chests in Stronghold of Enthann. They should no longer have a chance to crash the zone when killed.
-Added in a ton of finalizing stuff to Tower of Tarhyl. Release of ToT is approaching very quickly.
-Added in multiple new quests utilizing the new journal system. You can find bits of them in Goblinskull, Newport, Grobb and Oggok.
-Added in some preliminary code for the continuation of the Blackscale quests. The wait is soon to be over!

  13 Jul 2007 - Woldaff


- Itemized two new nameds in the Ruins of the First City.
- Fixed a whole lot of bugs!
- Added a journal system for quests. Only a few quests currently use it, but more will be added as we progress through the Quests for the People Project.
- Kickstarted said Quests for the People Project. See: this post for details.
- Revamped Jayla's Insight. The information gained from this AA is now a lot more structured and well, informative.

  11 Jul 2007 - Wiz

General patch

- Added logic for underwater mobs. In the future, water mobs such as fish will no longer fly out of the water they reside in and chase you over land.
- Fixed just about every bug on the bug list (see for list of closed / dismissed bugs)
- Reset the deities of all players to default (unsworn or class/race default) in preparation for the deity & alignment system.
- Readded a couple of disabled quests from Guardsman Scott in north badlands (eastern badlands tasks).
- Tagged a significant number of quest EXP-turnins NO DROP to put a stop to the alt PLing industry that has grown up around them.
- Increased the cash return when handing in charms to the charm trader.
- Increased the AE range on Modulative Conjuring to 100.
- Added various fixes and anti-lag tweaks to The War.

  10 Jul 2007 - Wiz

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