Little Rust update

Finally got around to hardening Silver against server crash and moving his timer over to the new one. All four of the lower-tier encounters in rust will no longer be borked by server crash, and all of them operate on the "unlimited time as long as you're active in the area" system.

Also, changed Mercury so that it's safer to rez in his room. When he was hardened against server crash a while ago, his drones were changed to not reset, but since players are used to adds depopping etc and the inability to rez in the room doesn't add terribly much to the encounter, I just put it back to the way it used to be (adds depop) to avoid confusion.

Lastly, as a side note, Clockwork's encounter will not be hardened against server crash. For a couple of odd reasons, it's essentially not possible to do without drastically reworking the encounter.

  27 Aug 2007 - Thinkmeats

Little update

-Fixed the food and water dropped in Fearstone to be ALL/ALL.
-Meddled a bit with the final two encounters in the Plane of Nightmare.
-Fixed the Orchide Haversack dropped in Fearstone.
-Corrected the color of Fearstone nameds.
-Added more backend for Council of Innovation quests.

  24 Aug 2007 - Thinkmeats

Some fixes!

- Fixed traps to work correctly. Traps in your home plane will no longer trigger on you, all other traps will work again.
- You can now see if someone is afflicted with a contagious disease using /cm stats.

  20 Aug 2007 - Wiz

Disease tweaks

- Reduced the chance of being infected by another player's contagious diseases simply by being near them.
- Contagious diseases will no longer be spread to players below level 10 by other players (nor will players below level 10 spread any diseases in turn).
- NPCs can no longer be infected by players.
- If a player spreads a disease to another player by any means, they will not be able to infect anyone else for two hours (to prevent a single plaguebearer infecting everyone at the bank with several diseases).

  14 Aug 2007 - Wiz

Fearstone Two: Stone Harder

Retooled fearstone:

>Enemies who harmtouch and fear now do not always do so--it's far less likely, for example, to eat three harm touches on a triple-pull of shadowknights.
>Meddled with some of the loot.
>Added four new nameds to the zone.

There are a couple minor issues (nameds are green instead of brown, one named likes to drop unstackable race: none food, etc) that will be fixed next patch, but I figured I'd put it live now because they're not particularly bothersome. Have fun =)

  08 Aug 2007 - Thinkmeats

Small patch

- Added dialogue shortcuts to spare your keyboard the typing (and from being bashed in when you typo the same dialogue prompt five times in a row). See this post for details.
- Contagious diseases (such as rotting plague) can now be spread to you by being near, or trading with, diseased players and NPCs. Watch out who you associate with, they may be a filthy plague carrier.
- Frost King Rymaz Sunbane will now summon his bodyguards mid-fight if they are not killed beore attacking him.

  05 Aug 2007 - Wiz

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