A Balancing Act...

Over the next few nights I will be going around and balancing content that has either been overlooked since 2.0 or has become much easier/harder than intended after recent new releases. I will also be looking through some of the older quest items in order to update them to todays standards.

You can read specific examples of things already done and things to come here.

  30 Nov 2007 - Woldaff


Archaic: Sun Storm is now a rain with appropriate damage and mana costs.

Cmalath 3 bosses now have a chance to drop ancient spells. The summoner himself has a very good chance to drop an ancient spell. Earthshaker in rust now has a chance to drop ancient spells.

Charm spells' resist adjustments now scale more appropriately with level. In addition, two of the necromancer charms were exact copies of each other; this has been corrected. One of the druid charms had no resist adjust at all; this has been corrected. This change will primarily benefit lower-level players.

A word of warning: The thaz augments that have flowing thought will all have their FT changed to a bonus to energy/defense or focus/mind, depending on class. This will happen next patch.

  25 Nov 2007 - Thinkmeats


Tier 1 of Make Poison is live. Visit your local rogue guild for more info. See this thread for discussion.

Be sure to thank your local Ikaa for the effort and time she has put into this.

  25 Nov 2007 - Woldaff

Misc Updates

Rust raid gems are now sellable to NPC vendors for very decent prices.

The items dropped by "Xixiv, Eater of Men" have been brought more in line with his difficulty, as befits the second-hardest named in the zone.

Added rare drops to Astatine, Iridium, Silver, and Mercury's loot tables.

  08 Nov 2007 - Thinkmeats

Smithing Change

Player crafted shields are now available in game! Check your smithing book for more details!

This new content brought to you by your local GM-Tempus.

  26 Oct 2007 - Woldaff

Post-Heartlands Blackscale

The Order of the Blackscale will now bring you to the same maximum rank as the Council of Innovation and Silver Crown. Check out the enclaves in Kaladim, Obsidian Shard Mountains and Greenmist.

Please direct any bugs or problems with the quest to this thread.

Edit- There has been a new quest series added to Greenmist. Be sure to check it out! (October 24)

  21 Oct 2007 - Woldaff

Minor Update

The Dungeon Restoration project visted the Sun Mines today, repairing a long-broken named spawn and reshuffling a certain enslaving imp to a more equitable location.

  17 Oct 2007 - Thinkmeats

Captain's journal, stardate October 12th... point two.

Two new low-tier raid mobs have been added to the game. One is in Darkwoods, the other is in the Northern Wastes of Tarhyl.

The Dungeon Restoration Project kicks off with a visit to the Sorceror's Labyrinth. While the DRP still has more plans for this chilly carnival funhouse, the first step--adding two nameds in the back of the zone--has been completed.

All of the farming portions (ie non-guaranteed mob drops) of the Council of Innovation post-heartlands quests have had a reduction in droprate to bring them more in line with the amount of grind required for Silver Crown quests. The 'event' quests were not changed.

  12 Oct 2007 - Thinkmeats

Plane of Water

I have gone back through all of Plane of Water in an attempt to make the mobs present coincide better with the line of sight issues inherent in the zone. This should make the zone much less annoying while not diminishing the difficulty. These changes will be going in during the next patch.

A sample of the changes:

-Rampage mobs now have replacement abilities. (When casters have to be within 5 feet of a mob to cast rampage is a bit cruel.)
-Many mobs have been shrunk to make walling them out of line of sight harder.
-Revamped many pathers so they do not go through line of sight intensive areas.
-Removed some traps that were spawning mobs in line of sight shadows.
-Replaced some trash to make pulling a bit more about pulling and less about guessing what stalactite is blocking line of sight for the entire cavern.
-Replaced the third loot bonus chance for class differentiation on the last two bosses.
-Reduced the melee damage on Trillent and Guardian of the Caverns. As it happens their slow mitigation was a good deal too high.

Hopefully these changed will make the zones content less hampered by the inherent line of sight and casting flaws in the zone (which are not removable by us.)

Edit- The recent (read a week or so) bug with Plane of Water and Kedge Keep that was causing the zone to crash will also been fixed next patch.

  07 Oct 2007 - Woldaff

Quick note

The Bits 'n Pieces council of innovation quest is once again active.

  04 Oct 2007 - Thinkmeats

I'm a biiiiig update and I need a biiiiig cereal

-The Council of Innovation now offers quests to bring you to the same maximum rank as that enjoyed for so long by Silver Crown adherents. Check their outposts in the Sea of Storms, Thurgadin, and Shadowdale for quests.

-A pair of new tier 2 raid mobs will be live after their items are added to the db, probably in the next patch.

-The "a loyal failures" no longer have variable level, since I found out that dire charm takes an hour to repop even if used on an innapropriate level target.

-Fiddled a bit with PS trash items.

-Upgraded Taraztu's Infernal Trap. It now works on root immune mobs, sports a recast similar to the paladin spell, does far more damage, is harder to resist, lasts half as long, and costs less mana.

-Added "PENDING NO DROP" tags to items from Lenny, Plaguefang, Fluxator, and for some unknowable reason, Ancient Wind Torrent. Take the first three seriously, ignore the last one.

  22 Sep 2007 - Thinkmeats

Lavascale items tweaked

I reviewed Lavascale's drops and tweaked them to be more in line with the encounter's difficulty. Look for the upgraded versions in an upcoming patch.

  22 Sep 2007 - Jayelle

Notes from today's patch

- Thazeran's Tower class-specific armor saw effects added, as well as a few tweaks to pieces for certain classes.
- Sandstone Girdle's focus effect has been changed to "Sihala's Blessing" - a weaker version of Runes of Healing - to not devalue higher tier charm focus effects.
- Legplates of Vituperation can now be worn by Paladins and Shadowknights.

You can check out all of the class armor changes in this thread.

  11 Sep 2007 - Xeldan

Hotfix plus upcoming stuff

Hotfixed and live now:

- Fixed the problem that could occur where Kadrax and Xardak would respawn at different intervals. They should now respawn together.
- Added in part of the back-end for the Thazeran, The Great Guardian encounter. More to come.

Coming soon(possibly next patch, more than likely the one after):

- Thazeran, The Great Guardian will be finished and added to Thazeran's Tower. This is the final encounter in the zone and will unlock quite a bit of lore about Dalaya.

  08 Sep 2007 - Xeldan

Small Update

-Put in a good deal of back end code for the upcoming release of the post Heartlands Blackscale quest line.
-Added back end code for the Plane of Earth. Expect to see Sihala making her big debut soon.
-Changed the clicky effect Fulmination to be slightly more powerful.
-Upgraded the heal component to the clicky Mending Flames but made it self only.
-Lowered the hitpoints slightly on Folerit Redsun in the Tower of Tarhyl.
-Made the spell Burning Feedback undispellable.
-Quests in the Plane of Valor and Plane of Water should now use the new journal system.

  07 Sep 2007 - Woldaff

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