If you happen to be of the tailoring ilk be sure to check your recipe books. Somehow things were written in them while they were still in your inventory.

-Changes brought to you by your local GM-Tempus.

  31 Jan 2008 - Woldaff


The empty area in the back of Fire Grottos is empty no longer, as it has been occupied by a new raid encounter intended for low-middle tier guilds.

NPCs who cast complete heal now cast a slightly different spell with a significantly longer casting time, allowing more time to interrupt them.

The Necromancer spell 'embedding darkness' has been upgraded.

Finally, look for a whole lot more content coming soon :O

  30 Jan 2008 - Thinkmeats

More Balance!

Next Patch:

-Thazeran's Tower class armor sets have lost their battle at evading the item nerfs of three months ago. Not all pieces have been struck and total mana/hp lost across an entire set is only around 50-70.

-Sanctum loot is getting an area wide rebalanced to make it worth while for the difficulty of the area.

Bard Armor Changes-

Bard armor instrument mods are getting a bit of an overhaul this upcoming patch. As it now stands bard Thazeran armor instrument mods are a huge leap up from their predecessors (IP puppet, CoD sword etc.) To fix this we are going to be lowering the Thaz armor mods while adding other pieces of armor with both higher and lower mods throughout the tiers. This should both balance the Thaz armor and make them less irreplaceable.

Bind of Equip and Pristine-

Bind on equip and the pristine item code are in game! Check out this thread for details.

  20 Jan 2008 - Woldaff

Beastlord spells undergoing live testing

As some of you may have noticed, two new beastlord spells have entered the game: Harsh Winter, a level 59 spell purchasable from npcs, and Venom of the Wild, a level 64 spell which must be farmed or purchased from other players.

Venom of the Wild is a fast-acting and powerful, but inefficient, DoT spell. Harsh Winter is a mediocre direct damage spell that casts a recourse on the beastlord, improving the damage of all DoT effects that beastlord currently has running for the next three ticks.

In addition, the beastlord spell Rage of the Wild has had its duration cut in half, but has had it's damage-per-tick improvement improved. Specifically, it goes up 18 base per tick instead of 9, but lasts half as long.

Discussion of these new spells goes here.

As a final note, these spells are subject to change for the next few patches while they're tweaked to make sense balance-wise.

  06 Jan 2008 - Thinkmeats

Lil Update

Necro thaz bp's effect works now.

Beastlord thaz bp's effect will be updated to what Xeldan said it would be next patch.

Beastlord test spells coming along nicely, expect to see more of them in the future.

Artificiers in Starfall are no longer aligned with Jayla, meaning that they'll stop butchering pariahs who come to them.

  01 Jan 2008 - Thinkmeats

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