Lil Patch

Improved faction hit generated by killing higher-level Cult of Eternal Flame monsters. Adjusted Boomba's Key faction requirement to apprehensive.

Added *Clockwork to the game.

Adjusted the click effect on the Standard of the Vah Rehn to stack more properly with other spells. The click on the Lands of Magic item with the same name remains unchanged (IE, doesn't stack with much).

Added vah quest tree sidequests/dialog options for Sivyana and Tarhyl followers who can't obtain the drops from First Ruins. Hail the monsters you would normally kill to find them. Note that the one to locate the 'a hidden presence' will not be active until the next patch.

Added chances for the Spawn of Bloodfang and the Nazdrich nameds to drop the quest item their trash drops. They are more likely than trash mobs to drop the item, but are not guaranteed to do so.

Improved droprate of the 'chilly flint rocks' item in Everchill Caverns.

  26 Feb 2008 - Thinkmeats

New Server!

We now officially have the new server box up and running. Once we get all the kinks out this should mean a substantial reduction in lag and zone times and a increase in general server capacity.

Be sure to tip your hat to any of our awesome hardware and web team for making this possible. Also special thanks goes to our very own GM-Xar for single handedly donating a large portion of the new hardware.

Enjoy the new server folks!

Edit- Be sure to click "Repatch all" in the patcher if you are having trouble logging in!

  23 Feb 2008 - Woldaff

Tailoring - It's what you're wearing

* Pantherskin Boots now exist!

* Wyvernhide / Wyrmhide had their AC lowered and their other stats adjusted / boosted.

* Tailors check your books as some of the basic recipe concepts (number of hides / number of ointments) for each item have been adjusted.

* Trivials for each armor set were standardized for their respective skill ranges. This should reduce the need to make one single item an obscene number of times in certain skill ranges (See: Sharkskin Shoulderpads).

  21 Feb 2008 - Tempus

Knock knock. Who's there? A lot of new content.

The Plane of Earth is now live and ready to accept raids. It ranges in difficulty from PoTorment through to beginning Sepulcher.

Emberflow Caverns, a new very-high-end xp zone in the 6-man style of cmalath or catacombs, is now live and ready to make corpses. Look for it in Fire Grottos.

A new tree of many quests, the largest in the game by an order of magnitude, is now live. It begins in humble Stinger's Bog and promises immense rewards to any player who manages to complete it all, along with plenty of good stuff for people with less time on their hands, too.

Thazeran himself is now active in the zone which bears his name.

The Eyes of the Father are no longer crossed.

Sea of Storms and Sea of Swords now have new monsters lurking in the depths.

Deepsea bow is now tradable and less bad.

A Bone Girdle has been fixed.

Ganzese the Mercenary wasn't correctly beating players as badly as he was supposed to be. This has been fixed.

The Plane of Earth, Thazeran Himself, and about 30% of Emberflow brought to you by Team Woldaff. The rest is my fault.

  16 Feb 2008 - Thinkmeats


Returned the spawn rates of nameds in First Ruins to their former glory.

Increased the spawn time of 'Earthshaker' and slightly reduced the spawn rate of 'a dead machine' in the Rust.

Zaela's adjustments to Prison Sanctum loot are now in-game.

Added a few more stones to the small mountain of content looming just over the horizon.

  09 Feb 2008 - Thinkmeats

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