Small Fixes


-Two Tower of Tarhyl trash drops that were broken have been fixed and are working as intended. (Raid the zone and it will sound a lot less cryptic!)

-The Shiritri deity quest should now accept your symbols of torment!

Next Patch:

-The Plane of Earth public transportation system is going in.

  24 Mar 2008 - Woldaff

Manual Patch Files

Manual patch files are available at: - Extract this to your EQ directory to patch to the latest version. This patch file is updated on the hour every hour. So if we patch at 3:15pm, you can download them at 4:00pm.

  18 Mar 2008 - Dynak

Patch-zula the mic rula

* Refiddled with some Emberflow stuff. Be on the lookout for surprises!

* The new tomes will no longer un-set themselves every server tick.

* Added some npcs to Erimal.

* Gave the relevant NPCs to the SNP int caster newbie quest set faces.

* If Summoner Sven does not capitulate on reaching 20% health, added an option to simply hail him to get him to surrender.

* Removed the class requisites on the Cornerstones.

* Slightly changed the way the game checks to see if Mira has a conversation waiting. If you're stuck waiting on her to talk to someone, try going through her dialog options again.

* Added experimental new traps to Rust and Prison Sanctum.

  15 Mar 2008 - Thinkmeats

Quaff This!

-Panther and Bear Potions should now have their correct stats!
-New High-End Potions were added so check your books!
-Fixed some stacking issues (and hopefully didn't cause anymore)

-There is a second fur for Fine Quality Linings now!

  15 Mar 2008 - Tempus

News Page Archived

We have now made it so that clicking on the News tab on the right will direct you to the archived news (thanks Dynak)! If you want to return to the main page click the Shards of Dalaya banner at the top of the page.

  10 Mar 2008 - Jayelle

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