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Yesterday we upgraded and switched our forums from Simple Machines to VBulletin. Unfortunately during the otherwise fairly seamless conversion all forum passwords were corrupted.

Be sure that you click here to reset your forums password before logging on.

Other than that enjoy the new forums! We are still deciding on a final skin and working out a few bugs but when all is done (in the next day or so) the new forums should definitely trump the old.

  24 Apr 2008 - Woldaff

Lil` Patch

The 'Salve of Sihala' item now drops from bosses in poearth.

The back of Surefall now sports a new newbie dungeon, intended primarily for levels 3-15.

Heavy Silk Waistlock now has a type 5 augment slot.

Ray of Light is now a lightsource.

The deepocean monsters now have an unlimited-range aggro message and a longer aggro range. This should make it easier to avoid the lethal glows they live near.

  21 Apr 2008 - Thinkmeats


* The Dungeon Restoration Project has revisited the zones of Mielech C, Sorceror's Labyrinth, and Fire Grottos. Many surprises await spelunkers!

* It is now possible to repair faction with the Plague Survivors in the plaguelands.

* It is now possible to repair faction with the centaurs in Centaur Hills.

* Arrowmaking Rig has been improved.

* Fixed the identify messages of the 'unfair bargain' items for the vah quests.

* Made most vah quest banners equippable to AMMO slot.

* Version three of the Eyes of the Father encounter is online.

* Extended the vah quest drop in Plane of Earth to include most mobs there, but at a far lower chance.

Wizworks--brought to you by Wiz himself!:

* Fixed a bug with fade where the mob would break after it's primary target died.

* Fixed bards mezzing themselves crashing the zone.

* Changed charm pet haste. Charmed pets now recieve half benefit from any haste effects cast on them, but have no cap on how much haste they can have.

  16 Apr 2008 - Thinkmeats

Inner Prison

Ulazzaria and Deyranni in Prison of Admyrrza have been made harder to match the rest of the progression in the zone. They were overly tuned down during the Shards of Dalaya 2.0 changes and have been in sore need of these tweaks since.

  15 Apr 2008 - Woldaff

An Update!

Steamfont has a new low tier raid mob! A game can never have enough Gnomish contraptions gone rogue. (As an aside expect another completely different low tier encounter in the next week or two.)

Lesser Faydark has two new quests for levels 55-65!

Kelethin has been having an ongoing makeover the last few days thanks to our local Temellin. Enjoy the new quests and polish!

The Plane of Earth S.U.B.W.A.Y (Subterranean Uber Beetles Will Assist You) system has been implemented. This should make the far side of the zone a bit less daunting while still retaining difficulty and amount of trash. Also there is now a zone in to PoEarth located in Darkwoods!

The First Ruins has been given factory code! This means that you now have a small chance to spawn named creatures when killing normal mobs around the zone. No longer will you have to wait above a spawn point gritting your teeth in the hopes of a named.

Excess experience earned when paying off the last of an experience debt no longer is eaten! Pats on the back go to Wiz on this one.

Finally I took a few minutes to outline the policies regarding 6 man raid zones.There was a tad of confusion about Cyrtho Malath and Emberflow in particular so hopefully the post clears that all up.

  04 Apr 2008 - Woldaff

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