Two Zones and an Announcement

-The Plane of Fire has been released for public consumption. Our very own Dev-Cyzaine has spent the last couple months perfecting this as his first zone and I must say it has turned out pretty awesome. It also rings in his being promoted from trainee to full Developer - so be sure to congratulate him if you happen to see him around!

The plane itself is early tier 6 through mid tier 7 and can be reached via wizard port spell or The Ruins of the First City.

-The Plane of Entropy is now ready to accept adventurers. My very own Admin-Woldo created the zone and was demoted back to Dev-Woldo because he wanted his spiel on PoEntropy to be as long as the one for PoFire above. Miraculously even in his demoted state he re-promoted himself to admin and everyone lived happily ever after. (3 words longer).

The plane itself is mid tier 4 to late tier 5 and can be reached via wizard port spell or a hard entrance in Western Plaguelands.

  26 May 2008 - Woldaff

Adventure Band Change

On account band system abuses of people not logging on characters all the way from levels 1 to 65 and power leveling them using high end content instead of level appropriate content you will no longer gain exp from anyone who is not within ten levels of yourself in an adventure band.

This should retain the original use of the band system while weeding out those who would use it to get quick and easy level 65s.

  11 May 2008 - Woldaff

A minor update

Linked Advisor Garathor's spawn timer to Melwin the Malicious's spawn timer. When Melwin spawns, so too will Advisor. Advisor will eventually spawn if Melwin is left alive after Advisor has been killed, but it will take far longer.

Next patch, the worn effect 'Aura of the Dreadnaught' will have 2 points of over-cap flowing thought in addition to its other effects.

Next patch, Wand of Gate's cast time will change to 20 seconds.

  09 May 2008 - Thinkmeats

Forum Skin Competition

We are currently holding a competition to make our new forums as pretty as they are functional. If you think your VBulletin skin creation abilities will pass muster check out this thread for more information!

We are offering a title for the first place entry and fame for other quality submissions that qualify to be listed in the user control panel.

  06 May 2008 - Woldaff

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