Tower of Tarhyl Weapon Quest Change

Due to a few people getting the idea that it is legitimate to follow other guilds to complete the last part of this quest (which spawns a hand in mob that stays up for a short while after you slay him) you now are required by flag to kill the mob who spawns the mob you have to hand into. (Cryptic enough for you non raiders?)

Those of you who just could not wait till your own guild is able to do this part of the quest have had their quests reverted to pre hand in status.

  03 Jul 2008 - Woldaff

Online Vendor Search Beta!

Many years ago in the land of our ancestors a ranger named Aeran started work on what would be called behind close doors project "Ruin the Economy phase 3". Many hours were spent on the project but alas - the forces of evil kept it from being released due to small issues with the code.

Recently the torn and broken fragments of the ancient project were found by one who goes by the name of Aomi. Using the lost knowledge of his aforementioned ancestor he has been able to create this.

  07 Jun 2008 - Woldaff

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