It Comes.

Deck hands scramble to place several large wooden crates neatly in the the spacious cargo hold that surrounds you. Suddenly you feel the crate that you are hiding in being lifted up. You take a moment to consider what is happening but mid-thought you are thrown harshly onto a pile of other boxes and chests - anything to make more room for the objects of the Kaezulian Empires greed you suppose. As the large Iksar deck hands finish their work and begin filing out of the hold to resume their other duties you close your eyes and allow your mind to wander.

Perhaps stowing away on a Kaezulian ship is not the most triumphant entrance into Ikisith, but it is only the beginning. Kaezul must feel the retribution of the Old World and you will be amongst those who inflict it.

After some time you force yourself to fall asleep. There will be plenty of time to begin avenging your dead brethren in the morning when the ship docks in the heart of Ikisith.


Introducing "Shards of Dalaya: Fury of Kaezul" the second full expansion in Shards of Dalayas history. (Working title)


-Kaezulian spells to pilfer allowing all classes to both progress current abilities and add new ones.
-Dozens of new tomes to advance or specialize your character!
-22 completely new zones featuring level 55+ content for both casual players and raiders alike!
-A progressive raid sequence allowing Dalayans to finally confront the Kaezulian Empire in its own territory!
-Dozens of new quests spanning from short experience tasks to epic undertakings.
-A lore-rich storyline that finally reveals the origins of the suffering that has been inflicted on Dalaya for so long.
-Hundreds of new items for you to equip and deck out your character.

Development has already begun. Expect to get your chance to brave Ikisith soon.

  19 Jul 2008 - Woldaff

Next Patch

From the Developer who brought you such classics as:

The Plane of Fire and
The Sleep Depravity Induced Breaking of the Arena
The City of Mercy (In post production)

The Shards of Dalaya staff and Dev-Cyzaine are proud to present-

The Marlow Deity Quest!

Coming to Shards of Dalaya 7-16-08

  15 Jul 2008 - Woldaff

Video Contest!

What is this?! Its a video contest!

Patch Notes:

-New loots have been added to all the mini bosses in the PoTorment Tower Event. This should stop guilds from having the mini loots rot way before being done with the boss.

-Ton of back end stuff for the deity quests. They are finally on the horizon folks.

-Lots of back end stuff for Ikisith. Also congratulations on reading the first ever front page update confirming work on the Ikisith expansion has started.

-City of Mercy is well on its way. Expect a release within a couple weeks.

  13 Jul 2008 - Woldaff

Patch and a Lotto!

On Sunday, July 6th at 5:30 PST (That is 12:30 am GMT) there will be a server wide lotto!

Prizes Include-

-1 Lucky Charm of Power!
-1 Race Change!
-1 Pouch of Rodentary Might!
-1 500 Fame Draw
-5 100 Fame Draws
-1 10k Draw
-2 5k Draws
-5 2k Draws

Only ONE ticket PER person will be allowed. Tickets will cost 50pp each and you must be online during the draw to win. More rules may apply but all will be stated during the event! Be sure to be on early as ticket sales will close within 45 minutes of the above time.

Edit- It has come to my attention that you Yankees are celebrating your fourth of July. In that case pretend this was originally titled "The Couple Days Late 4th of July Celebration Lotto" or "The Week Belated Canadian Day Lotto" or something equally festive!

Now for the upcoming patch:

-Very Difficult and higher treasure maps will now have a small chance to drop relic spell scrolls.

-Vendor prices for trade skill made armor have been increased across the board.

-Spells in the Boon of the Garou line no longer land on players outside of the Enchanters group or raid.

-Planar Raid Mobs have had their timers increased slightly in response to the fact that there are many more planes available to raid compared to when the respawn was first set. We will be watching this and adjusting it as needed.

-All tradeskilled augments have been renamed to signify their statistic and type.

  03 Jul 2008 - Woldaff

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