Sihala AND Tarhyl Augs?!

Our illustrious Dev-Cyzaine has released both the Sihala and Tarhyl Deity quests! The remaining quests are coming down the pike - stay tuned.

As an aside raid respawn timers have been lowered slightly to help with the current bottle neck (how dare you all want to play on our server). In addition to this we are trying out a new and improved respawn randomization schema that may also help smooth things out. Hint: Not all zones are timed exactly the same anymore.

We have a fairly big release planned to drop around new years. Cross your fingers!

  19 Dec 2008 - Woldaff

Raid Commands

New Raid command:
- /cm raiddestroy - completely destroys the raid you are in for yourself and anyone else in it. Usable by all, but don't abuse it or it will become raid-leader only.
- /cm raidremove - Remove character from your raid, regardless of location or online status. Usable only by raid leader.

Miscellaneous changes:
- /cm listreject now shows you the next item you have waiting in the mail.

  14 Dec 2008 - Woldaff

Elemental Damage, Thazeran Augs and More!

Elemental Damage

In preperation for the new items in Ikisith and beyond, the functionality of +elemental damage has been changed! From this point forward every point of +fire damage will increase the damage of fire spells, every point of +magic will increase magic spells etc... This allows us greatly flexibility in items for casters and melee alike. For Rain spells damage is split across each wave, for DoT's the damage is added in all together to the last tic. Spells must cost more than 300 mana to be affected by elemental damage, or be a weapon proc. +elemental damage will not help increase the damage on Festering curse. Please bug report any oddities you may come across regarding this addition.

Thazeran Augs

Quested augmentations in Thazeran's Tower have been adjusted to be balanced for all elements. There should no longer be one best augment per class.

Plane of Frost

A new named has been added to Plane of Frost. Also many items in the zone have been tweaked.

Vendor and Unbinder Changes

-Vendors now accurately state what prices they will pay for items with augments. They now do indeed pay more for items with augments.

-Unbinders now charge correspondingly more to unbind items with augments.

-Vendors no longer cheat you out of a cp on occasion for items without augments!

Plane of Earth

-The S.U.B.W.A.Y system has been tweaked to be much more safe and convenient.

- (Next Patch) A new item drops around the zone called a Phantasmal Husk. Appropriate use of this item plants a "Phantasmal Ward" at your camp. This ward fends away all wandering mobs in a certain radius around your camp for three minutes.

  03 Dec 2008 - Woldaff

The New Patcher!

First a message from Gunder about the new patcher he wrote for us. As he says below switching to the new patcher will be mandatory!

New Shards Patcher!!!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new patcher for SoD. This new version:
- looks much better!
- no longer requires the .net framework which will cause fewer compatibility issues across platforms
- will update itself when new versions are available
- provides us much more flexibility in what can be patched

Look for more features to be added later. You can download the new patcher here!.

There will be a 1 week period where both patchers will continue to work, after which the old patcher will be discontinued. Please download the new patcher and try it out to work out any issues before then.

Special thanks to ChazeXavier for creating the new icon!


As for this weekends downtime we are going to be adding bonus exp to all zones from Sunday the 16th through Tuesday the 18th of this month. Also we are going to be giving a bit of fame out to the top ten levelers on Xardon's temporary fun server that has been up.

We appreciate everyone's patience during the downtime. Although these outages are few and far between we understand how inconvenient they can be when they do happen.

  11 Nov 2008 - Woldaff


There is a spoooooooooky lotto going on in game currently! There are three individual drawings you can enter - be sure to talk to the Lotto Master in Athica to get all the details!

Happy Halloween!

  31 Oct 2008 - Woldaff

Raid Tweaks

The following encounters have been slightly changed to stop unintended actions that make the fights much easier.

-The Eternal Well encounter has been sped up to its previous speed. I am still not 100% sure why it was slowed down but I think it had to do with a code change that went into one of its primary functions. Either way there are no more 10 minute waits between mobs.

-The Generals encounter in Tower of Tarhyl has been tweaked to both make kiting much easier and tanking harder.

-A certain section of the Enthann encounter has been reconfigured so you can not pause the script and med to full. A certain spell has been added to offset the higher difficulty this causes.

-Two encounters in the Plane of Frost have been changed to be less specific class demanding.

These changes were all offset as to not make the fights harder. Instead they take out aspects that allow you to trivialize large portions of the fight by using unforeseen exploitative strategies.

Also to fill a belated promise I give you Ikisith Spoilers!

-There will be 26 zones upon release. Including 5 group dungeons and 7 raid specific zones.
-Currently there are over 100 tomes slated for the expansion with more being dreamed up as we go.
-Check the spell parser for your class. You might find something interesting. (Although not finalized)
-The main quest is going to integrate directly into Ikisith. Have you finished yours yet?

  28 Sep 2008 - Woldaff

Azmaen, Heart of Frost

Shojar's Plane of Frost is looking to make its appearance on Thursday as Azmaen, The Heart of Frost.

Azmaen will span tier 8 and early tier 9 meaning difficulty will be on par with Lower Thazeran's Tower and the Lower Tower of Tarhyl. It is about equal in size to the similar portions of the previous two zones mentioned.

This is step 1 of 2 of our effort to help the congestion currently in this raid tier. Be aware that step 2 is most likely a long ways down the road so be sure to take advantage of the extra options this new zone adds now rather than later.

See ya there Thursday!

  23 Sep 2008 - Woldaff

The Deep

The final zone in the Vah mini expansion has been added - The Deepshade!

The Deepshade is a zone suited for level 58+ characters that borders on Runnyeye. It has a layout slightly different then the normal experience zone so be sure to explore!

Finally its "cash payout" is also different than other zones. You will notice an artificially low amount of actual money coming out of the monsters themselves but should also notice something else balancing the zones rewards.

  14 Sep 2008 - Woldaff

The Vah

Thanks to the efforts of Cvetkaa and her friends in Exodus, the Vah are once again active on Dalaya. Their home zone of tarhylcrags is now live, as is the lowbie dungeon Runnyeye nearby it, and Vah characters can now be created. Be warned that the naming policy will be strictly enforced for these characters, and until we say otherwise, anyone making deliberately terrible names will have their main jailed for a week. Otherwise, play nice and have fun with the new content!

Note: Tarhylcrags is a GoD zone, and requires Gates of Discord files to play.

The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl contains content for characters levels 1-15, along with a large amount of class quests for Vah classes and general quests available to anyone who works up faction with the city (through quests obtainable there).

The Runnyeye Citadel contains content for characters levels 10-35. It is a dungeon zone open to all players, though extremely high-level characters may find themselves very unwelcome indeed...

  12 Sep 2008 - Thinkmeats

Little patch

A new quest for low-tier level 65 players has been added to the Southern Wastes of Tarhyl.

A new quest for high-tier level 65 players has been added to the Fire Grottos.

Bonetower, Siege Golem is once again active in Kaezul's armies.

  12 Sep 2008 - Thinkmeats

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