Style Changes

The following style changes are in game as of this posting.


Living Shield now does *much* more in terms of aggro amplification. This should make this a legitimate choice versus Unyielding Stance in situations where good aggro is essential. It has also had its rate of stamina drain decreased slightly.

Unyielding Stance has had its mitigation increased very slightly. This is to help accentuate the choice between mitigation and high aggro generation.


Guardian Stance has had its stamina drain increased significantly. The potency of the stance has also been decreased slightly.

Coming Next Patch-

Melee aggro is being changed so that weapon delay is not directly responsible for aggro.

More tank changes - albeit not as severe as the above.

  01 Mar 2009 - Woldaff

Congratulations are in order!

In the depths of the Shards of Dalaya dungeon/server room there live a brave few who call themselves "Web Devs." These elusive server gurus ply the depths of the Shards of Dalaya webservers making sure that everything is stable and able to perform for our player base. They script applications allowing maintenance, updates and patches to occur. Basically without them the developers would simply not be able to develop.

So why am I boring you with all of this? Because after almost three months of non stop work Miitru has been cleared from his trainee status and is now a full member of the SoD staff.

Web devery can be pretty thankless so be sure to congratulate Miitru and give him a pat on the back for all of his hard work when you see him! Grats Miitru!

  22 Feb 2009 - Woldaff

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