Spawn Timer Changes

Because of the huge influx of new content to the mid level raid content of Shards of Dalaya we have decided to raise the spawn timers on the following zones:

City of Mercy
Plane of Air
Plane of Earth
Plane of Entropy
Plane of Nightmare
Plane of Torment
Plane of Valor
Plane of Water
Sepulcher of Darkness

The increase is moderate and should stop people from farming one of the zones and ignoring the rest in the tier. This change will be monitored and adjusted accordingly - we are not trying to starve guilds for raid mobs.

  22 Mar 2009 - Woldaff

City of Mercy

After over three years of delay.
After three months of being a place for followers only.
After passing through the hands of at least three developers.

Shards of Dalaya is proud to bring you Dev-Cyzaine's sophmore effort.
The City of Mercy
*2 Wings of raiding goodness (Courtyard and Inner City)
*Spans from tier 4-6 (Mirrors Plane of Nightmares)
*Eight tricky and challenging encounters care of Cyzaine and Woldo
*Over 70 new items care of Zaela

  18 Mar 2009 - Woldaff

Warrior Stance Changes

We have maneuvered warrior class stances to allow high end warriors more of a choice as to which stance to use. Each of the three stances are now as follows:

Living Shield (Level 45)-
Stamina Cost: Large
Damage: -10%
Aggro Modified: 170%
Mitigation: 15%

Unyielding Stance (Level 55)-
Stamina Cost: Low
Mitigation: 23%

Vindicator's Stance (Level 65)-
Stamina Cost: None
Mitigation: 13%

This now gives a warrior a "neutral" stance of 13% mitigation while giving them the option to either gain a short burst of aggro with 15% mitigation in the interim or use their much longer term 23% mitigation stance.

Yay for choices!

  05 Mar 2009 - Woldaff

Plane of Lore

Jayla, The Keeper of Lore has begun welcoming adventurer's to her home plane, The Grand Athenaeum. Please be courteous to fellow players and do not spoil any quest information or answers. The Jayla worshipper quest is not yet ready, but should be shortly.

This release signifies Dev-Brendell's first major content available to the server and as such he has been promoted to full developer status! Congratulations Foolra (Brendell)! The server should look forward to seeing much more of his quality content in Ikisith.

  01 Mar 2009 - Woldaff

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