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  26 May 2009 - Woldaff

Blind Aggro

After reviewing how all the tanks aggro scales we are changing the way blind aggro is calculated slightly.

As of now aggro generated by a blind spell of any level scales upwards the more hit points an NPC has. This means that while other tanks have spells that scale with level, gear influence and spell set blinds continue to gain aggro even when the aforementioned avenues cut off.

Now this has a very minimal effect on anything but high end raid/group encounters since the HP scaling was balanced when hit points were almost always proportional to level. When you start to throw in huge undercons is when you begin to have problems.

As such we as are going to be scaling the aggro based on a more realistic measure of mob strength. As things are now a blind on a raid mob can do a very large amount of aggro when compared to a hate spell or proc. These changes will level out the aggro on NPCs that have extremely high hit points for their level.

What does this mean for a paladin under level 65? Nothing

What does this mean for a paladin who does not partake in mid-high end raiding? Nothing.

What does this mean for a paladin who tanks mostly in groups? Very little unless you hang out a lot in Emberflow.

What does this mean for a high end paladin? Your aggro will stay the same on 95% of all NPCs. On the other hand you will no longer be winning aggro-off competitions versus Shadowknights on single targets. If it takes more than a few minutes to kill an NPC then expect your aggro to be lessened.

In all honesty at the tiers this change will effect I doubt many players will notice any difference unless they are putting a Paladin and Shadowknight head to head fighting for aggro on a raid mob. This was a relative balance issue that we decided to fix even though in nominal terms the changes will be hard to notice.

  25 May 2009 - Woldaff

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