Small update

- Titan summoners have discovered the secret of preserving their elemental guardians even when their elemental barrier is breached by a group of six.

- Denizens of the deep have surfaced in the darkest parts of Lake Starfall, forcing the goblins to relinquish their hold on the sacred place.

  25 Jul 2009 - Thinkmeats

Gradalsh Quest and Rogue Traps!

The ever illustrious Dev-Cyzaine has released the Gradalsh Deity Quest. Trust me when I say - this twisted little gem is one you will want to not try and reproduce at home. What did you expect worshiping a god of entropy?

Secondly after long hours of balancing, coding and scripting the new rogue trap system is live! Not only do rogues now have a much expanded repertoire of trapping abilities but the new system also allows for much easier addition of new (Hint Ikisith Hint) traps by the development team.

Rogues past level 20 can learn these new traps at Rogue Guilds throughout Dalaya. Just don't go blowing yourselves up now... (Notice the Easter Eggs in the trap masters?)

  18 Jul 2009 - Woldaff

Woldo Fixes Things Too!

Pariahs are no longer killed on sight in the Plane of Lore.

(Foolra might have helped... a little bit...)

  07 Jul 2009 - Woldaff

Tyrsell Fixes Things

(Tyrsell did all this stuff but I went through his update notes and edited out the horrible jokes. I think I did the server the better service.)

Fixed Enhanced Control zone crash bug

Fixed crash bug when disarming in a duel

Backend of Rogue poison revamp (Ammo slot procs). Effects coming soon.

Fixed some bugs regarding Mind Shield, and added a message when it goes off

Increased the chance of working of the cleric AA Eternal Benevolence from .02/.04/.06% to 2/4/6%

Reworked the backend for Rogue traps! The new system should be in fully next patch.

  07 Jul 2009 - Woldaff

Lil patch

Changed the Drakes and Gongoerth encounters slightly in Prison Sanctum

Removed the blinding strike from the fungusaurs

  06 Jul 2009 - Thinkmeats

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