Lil' update

Haegra Malath lag/time tweaks (this will be updated if more occur):

* Praetors will now only summon assistance if there are three or more candidates present in the zone, and the number summoned is equal to the number in the zone - 2.

* Edit: EXCEPT THE ICE PRAETOR. The ice praetor summons adds normally! Beware!

* Respawn time of misc. zone trash increased to a bit over a half-hour.

  13 Aug 2009 - Thinkmeats

Bonus Experiance Week!

Over the last week players of all class and level have been participating in our yearly August account drive. This years drive has been a huge success with around 45% more unique log ins than normal.

Therefor as promised there is currently a week long 45% experience bonus on every single zone on the server! Enjoy folks - you earned it.

Be sure to pat the people who helped with the account drive on the back if you are just mooching the exp! Or you could always redeem yourself by joining the account drive a tad belatedly!

The bonus experience ends on Wed the 19th of August.

  12 Aug 2009 - Woldaff

Account Drive 2009

We are trying a new twist on our normal account drive! Check out this thread for details.

EDIT: The bonus exp starts at 5:00 PST on August the 12th.

  01 Aug 2009 - Woldaff

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