Some little things.

*Added a command to display your Pet's equipment inventory: /cm petinv. (And now we know that the Haste slot is a bit fickle; haste items summoned directly onto a pet won't auto-equip, they have to be handed off. Also, items in the Haste slot seem to poof upon zoning. These will hopefully be addressed in the future!)
*Worn item Haste should now work for Pets.
*Improved resist adjusts for several newer Shadow Knight spells.

  27 Jan 2010 - Zaela


Attention Rogues!

Backstab is now dependant on the RATIO of your mainhand piercing weapon, rather than just the DMG. This means that, yes, a 4dmg/6dly (~0.666 ratio) dagger would backstab harder than a 18dmg/30dly(0.6 ratio) dagger.

Raid-level daggers have had their ratios adjusted to be more in-line with other 1handed weapons of the same tier. Also, while a serious effort was made to keep dagger backstab performance throughout the game close to where it was with the old system, ratios have a much smoother progression than weapon DMG, so some daggers will certainly perform worse than they used to, and some better. Improved ratios will probably make up for any lowered backstab damage, though.

Keep in mind that more daggers may be tweaked in the coming weeks to adjust to the new system.

In other news, the new SK reverse DS spells should now have their damage scaled with Specialize Energy/Defense, Affliction Enhancement, Elemental focuses, and tomes.

  16 Jan 2010 - Zaela

A little evil lovin'

A new line of offensive spells has been added for Shadow Knights! The first spell in the series can be learned at level 30. Check your regular Shadow Knight spell vendors for them.

Being a new set of spells utilizing an as-yet unused effect on SoD, feedback is welcome, and adjustment of the numbers involved is very possible if they don't seem quite on-par.

  11 Jan 2010 - Zaela

Runes, Holy Days

Some minor changes to announce this time!

First off, the code behind Runes has been revamped. This should fix any old bugs associated with Runes becoming non-functional or fading prematurely. In addition, if a character has multiple Rune spells running on them, they will now fade one at a time as soon as they are worn through individually, starting with the most recently-applied Rune, rather than fading in one big glob as they did before. (Of course, a sufficiently big hit will still be able to eat through multiple Runes at once and all that.)

Fairly minor change, but enjoy!

Secondly, in-game Holy Days have been expanded--see this thread for details. Also, a bug that was preventing messages related to in-game Holy Days from displaying has been fixed; it should now be much clearer when a Holy Day is happening.

  03 Jan 2010 - Zaela

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