Casting Skill Mods

Skill Mods for spell casting-related skills (i.e., Skill Mod: Alteration +5) have been given effects beyond their very minor fizzle-chance reduction. The bonus effects are as follows:

Alteration: small increase to healing spell amounts and lifetap damage per point over 250.
Evocation: small increase to nuke damage per point over 250.
Conjuration: small increase to DoT damage and pet melee damage per point over 250.
Divination: slight increase in the chance to overcome your target's resistances per point over 250.

Abjuration and Channeling currently do not have any bonus effects, though this may change. Also, the exact effects and the amounts of the bonuses are subject to change, as are pre-existing casting skill mods on items. Ultimately, the purpose of this change is to make casting skill mods useful, but not as powerful as weapon skill mods are for melees.

  18 Mar 2010 - Zaela

Stability Month

For the rest of the month we will be aggressively hunting down as many zone crash bugs as we can find. So do your part, and report in as much detail as you can, circumstances that cause crashes, things you were doing when a zone came down, and any other such thing. If we claim to have fixed something, and you find that not to be the case, report that as soon as you can as well!

Todays patch should have fixed these three dears:
Enchanter Shared Mind related crash bug
Pet Invis related crash bug
Pet Death related crash bug (as seen in ToT flare fiends)

But if you think a crash is still being caused by either, report it!

  15 Mar 2010 - Cyzaine

Fomelo 1.6

Finally, all the new tomes of power will show under Fomelo. Tomes show up at the top now instead of in the accordion. Click on Tomes, then hover your mouse over General, Archetype, or Class. (currently, the tomes are being moved around, so don't be surprised if everything is under Class next week.)

Flowing Thought is fixed. Armor Class is mostly fixed. It's a lot more accurate now than in version 1.5, as it's using the same formulas as the game code. Currently it's off a max of 2 points. Yes, the AC shown on your client is wrong. We can't fix the client.

A few minor fixes with the other numbers as well. It will only add an * to the number if you are over the cap. Previously for some numbers, it showed it even if you were at the cap.

Thanks to Rari for creating a few buttons as well.

Update: also, all ancient, runic, and etc, spells now show on fomelo.

  10 Mar 2010 - Miitru

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