The Good Patch

Lets preface the good patch by saying EVERYTHING in it is experimental. It is all subject to change or removal if it turns out to not work on a bigger scale then the devs on test server. That being said...

*Death Fatigue no longer drains mana, but it does give a limited silence effect. You can med the duration
*Resurrection bug is a thing of the past. You may now rez people at any time, offline, online, zoning whatever.
*Due to the above, exp debt is now stored on your corpse. You must loot your corpse in order to get the exp debt cleared. Debt is otherwise unchanged
*The Keyring is implemented! To use the key ring, simply click on the door with the appropriate key. The key will remain in your inventory, but you will no longer need to have it, and it may be safely deleted. This ONLY works with actual keys that interact with actual objects. This will hopefully be expanded to key like objects in the future. Use /keys or /cm listkeys to ensure it worked before deletion! No Rent and Tradeable keys will NOT go in the key ring.

The coding team has worked VERY hard for a VERY long time to make all this a reality, so love it or hate it, be sure to give props to dev-zae, dev-meyers, dev-slaar, serverdude-xardon and the rest of the staff!

  11 Apr 2010 - Cyzaine

Auto Range Attack

Over the years we have had many people ask for an Auto Ranged Attack button. After weeks of attempting to code this into the game we have found no good way to incorporate it into our client.

Because of this we have decided to take away the Melee Auto Attack system instead utilizing the "Beg" button in a One Click One Swing system. This is only a temporary solution until we find a legitimate and well integrated way for Auto Range Attack to be implemented.

  01 Apr 2010 - Woldaff

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