Ikisith Balancing

Ikisith Balancing Mark 1!

Currently Live:

-The two so called "bottleneck" pulls have been toned down.
-Total HP throughout the zone has been scaled back slightly. This should ease the restrictions imposed by the timer.

-Increased experience modifiers have been added to the Yclistinite, Scelerium and Stonemite wings.
-A certain named doggie has had his loot returned to him. Runic spell parts now drop more frequently throughout the zone.
-The chance of getting a special rockling from rockling traps and rough golems has increased substantially.
-Lorry the Crippled now gives the appropriate rewards for her quest.
-The Bone Carvers and Slave Skinners now drop their appropriate rewards.
-Prime Ritualist Ofgats has returned! He is now a 6 man tier 9ish encounter.
-Neltalia is now awaiting rescue - and has rewards appropriate for the task!
-New lore rich items and messages have been added throughout the zone. I hear the slave rebellion will buy any information on Kaezulian movements...

Tears of Elael:
-Increased the zone experience modifier from 18% to 25%
-Quest mobs have been added throughout the zone (that had mysteriously been missing... oops!)
-Loot throughout the zone has been upgraded to reflect the difficulty of the zone.
-You can now bind at any friendly outpost in the zone.

Prophets Landing:
-Baldakan NPCs have had their exp modifiers substantially raised.
-Baldakan NPCs now drop tomes and other loot.

-Fury of the Wild has been changed to Bitter Cold. Bitter Cold is a direct upgrade to Harsh Winter doing more damage and 10% more damage over time improvement while the spell is running.
-Channel Essence has been given a 1000 point instant heal on top of its previous healing over time. Its cast time has also been significantly lowered. It is still the only no aggro heal, long distance heal in the game.

Next Patch:

Class Based Tomes:
Will finally be implemented! Includes new styles for Casters and Melees as well as new class abilities both passive and active! You will however notice that these tomes are now dropping (Albeit non functioning).

-Arcane Acuity will actually make your next spell cast unblockable. Sorry about that!
-Runic: Agent of Kaezul will summon the appropriate pet!
-Runic: Quiver of the Legion will have its negative effects tones down.

  01 Jun 2010 - Woldaff

Lifetap Over Time Changes

Lifetap over time spells no longer have recourse buffs associated with them. Instead, the healing portion is applied directly every time the DoT damage ticks on the target, making it more like a regular lifetap each tick. This will have a couple of effects:

*The healing from lifetap over time spells now scales directly with damage dealt. Previously, the healing portion would not increase from its base value at all.Some higher-level Necromancer lifetap over time spells have been decreased in damage slightly to make up for this enhanced healing.
*Lifetap over time spells no longer take up a buff slot. As a consequence, the healing effect will now end if the damaging effect is removed or if the target dies.

That's basically it. Note that although there is no recourse, the caster of a lifetap over time (or their pet) can still only be affected by the healing portion of one lifetap over time at a time. On the other hand, if the currently-healing lifetap over time ends while another lifetap over time is running on another target, the remaining one should immediately take over healing.

  01 Jun 2010 - Zaela

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