The Spell Casting Subtlety AA now increases spell aggro for Shadow Knights rather than decreasing spell aggro as it does for other classes. No more permanent innate shooting yourself in the foot! The in-game description will be updated to reflect this change soon, but for now it is confirmed to be working right, at a rate of 2.5/5/10% increase to spell aggro.

  29 Jun 2010 - Zaela

The past week in SoD

Lots of little things over the last 7 days or so, so here's a little recap!

Ikisith re-balancing continues!
*Citadel of the Claw was reopened, with a huge revamp from our Dev-Marza. If you haven't checked it out yet, your in for a very pleasant and challenging surprise.
*Dreadlands quest drops have been adjusted. You should find hunting the flora and fauna of the area A LOT less tedious.
*Beat Hatesfury A? Turned in the Captains Log? You are now eligible for a nice new award. A certain someone is more than happy to upgrade your Seeker Augment for doing such a difficult task. If you already have the 5th seeker augment, you should see it is much improved. If you already turned in the Captain's log, just turn it in now to get your reward.
*You may find runic spell components in some different locations...
*A small outpouring of newbie quests has begun from our new dev trainees. To date Greenmist has gotten a bit of love with more expected for Newport, Halas, Surefall and elsewhere.

In other news, a new Shadow Knight line of spells has been introduced, and is in need of some testing and feedback. You can join the conversation here.

  25 Jun 2010 - Cyzaine

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