Parser's Delight

Added some damage visibility!

If you have:
-"Dot Damage" filter set to ON, and
-"Spell Damage" filter set to All,
DoT damage will be broadcast as non-melee hits. The old private DoT damage messages will still be around whether you use this or not.

If you are an Enchanter and have:
-"My Pet Misses" filter set to ON,
damage gained from Gift of the Giantkin spells you cast will be displayed to you as non-melee hits in the form of "Yourname empowers Name's attack for X points of damage."

If you are the target of Gift of the Giantkin and have:
-"My Pet Misses" filter set to ON,
you will see the same messages as above, but only as they affect your own melee damage.

If you are anyone in standard range and have:
-"My Pet Misses" filter set to ON,
-"Others Hits" filter set to ON, and
-"Spell Damage" filter set to All,
you will see all of the above Gift of the Giantkin messages for any nearby Enchanters.


  24 Jul 2010 - Zaela

Little Runic Stuff

Made some tweaks/improvements to a handful of first tier Runic spells. Particularly notable:

-SK Runic is currently a completely different spell; this is subject to change, but for now have fun with something that at least works.

-Druid Runic has a different/new/experimental functionality. We'll have to see how with works out in practice to see if it needs any tweaking of its own or if it works out at all.

In any case, have fun with these, you few people who are affected! And make sure to patch!

  13 Jul 2010 - Zaela

Another SK change

It's certainly a good day to be an SK. The second of three changes discussed here, is now live. The important points of the change include:
*All terror spells cost 3x more mana
*All terror spells have faster refresh time
*All terror spells linger for 3 ticks after you cast them
This should allow SK's alot more flexibility during combat, while still maintaining the highest aggro levels of the tanks. We'll be watching these changes closely in case they need to be tweaked. We have a third change in mind that hasn't been discussed yet, but for now it's time to observe.

Coming Soon:
A logistical solution
A change to artifact gatherings
Quest for the People II: This time it's personal

  01 Jul 2010 - Cyzaine

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