Administrator Tarutao

Everyone be sure to congratulate Admin-Tarutao on his promotion to GM Administrator! I have no doubt that he will do an awesome job. Expect to see some GM hiring soon!

  17 Aug 2010 - Woldaff

Some Dread News

A couple changes/additions to the Dreadlands refuge area worth noting!

*After a long absence, the Logistician (if that's a real word) is finally available! Not all classes have tomes available there yet, but enough do to warrant release. A limited Logisitican will be making an appearance in Murk in the next couple days.
*The faction requirement for the DL gate neck has been lowered. A new ally reward is incoming in it's place.
*A new tome is available for pure melee characters! Have fun with it.

Report any issues with the tomes you may encounter to Cyzaine asap!

  06 Aug 2010 - Cyzaine

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